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We produce content regarding the good and bad of noteworthy companies that we see fit to discuss.

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Benjamin Ward CEO of Scam VS Legit
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Did you know that every business has one sole desire. That desire is to attract new customers/clients to purchase a product/service from either a website or store front business.

By researching, developing then creating product inventory. Also, smoothing out any rough edges with any advertising campaigns.

Companies can enable customers like you for instance, to easily search, click, find and buy it’s wares online. Resulting in the financial growth for that business.

Products and advertising go hand in hand. Without combining and utilising the two in an efficient manner, there would be no real chance for a particular business to rise up within the marketplace.

If these measures can be well managed by a team of experts overtime. A company can gain plenty of brand exposure. Maximise revenues. And slowly become more recognisable as an authority figure within it’s respective industry!

This formula for success is nothing out of the ordinary. Companies attempt to advertise wherever they can through the internet, trying to make you their customer. Here are some very successful companies dominating the online marketplace right now. E.g. Amazon, eBay or Wealthy Affiliate just to name just a few.

So, with that being said. It’s important to have a place where you can go to access resourceful and helpful information. Content which will answer any queries or concerns that you have. At Scam VS Legit you can uncover both the pro’s and con’s of company products/services.

We can fill this void. So relax and settle on in. Heck, kick your legs up on the table if you want, because here at Scam VS Legit you are our top priority. We’ve got your back!

We won’t beat around the bush. We will analyse and provide raw facts based on personal investigation, knowledge and experience.

Bookmark Scam VS Legit within your internet browser located above as a future reference. New content is published, updated frequently within. We are proud divulging the true nature and ambitions of relevant entrepreneurs.

Do you have any company products/services that you are already considering to learn more about? Navigate around Scam VS Legit and see if we can facilitate this desire for you.

We strive to shed quality content so that you can make a confident, yet educative decision on every product/service reviewed herein.


Shedding a Little Light on us

In the very beginning. Scam VS Legit was launched during the 7th of Sept, 2018

We built Scam VS Legit from our teams genuine interest for fellow content creators alike, whom typically advertise there product/services online.

From the get go our team came to a binding agreement. We showcase both the talents and flaws of solo, partnered or well-established multi-million dollar companies through rigorous investigative mental labour. 

We stand proudly behind our brand, dedicating our spare time into building out our leading authoritative website (Scam VS Legit). 

We strive to provide awesome content and an even more awesome online experience for our readers. We’re motivated is to help solve any of your problems!

Our best interest will always be to keep YOU well informed about the many e-business websites etc. Prior to taking the plunge.

With that being said, by no means! Will we ever pressure you into investing into anything from within here, or elsewhere online.

But, if you’ve been convinced elsewhere. Or, Scam Vs Legit has helped educate you to a decisive decision about a product/service.

We will be grateful to grant you the redirection to another internet website by using our hyperlinks.

We are not affiliated with every company product/service we investigate. We try and keep this to a minimum. But, to support the cause and keep us involved in our business.

We take advantage of attaching affiliate hyperlinks into some of our websites content – Affiliate Disclosure Statement.

Not all hyperlinks are affiliate links here. We also have anchor links and an extensive internal linking system set out to maximise our contents exposure.

Before you should link out, We’ll do our best to help you fully prepare and/or steer you to/from another website. So, buckle yourself in and enjoy the ride!


Trusting Information Sources Online 

Search engines cater to a multitude of biased and/or misleading information. But, all us internet users really seek out is nothing more than an accurately detailed description about any given interest we have.

It can be frustrating trying to figure out what is fact or fiction, true or false, relevant or irrelevant content online.

Because of the unreliability of content found in many websites. Our aim here is to have you leaving Scam Vs Legit with the utter reassurance, you’ve gathered enough information about a certain topic so you can confidently explain it to someone else.

We achieve these results by:

  • Not making any assumptions based on unreliable resources.
  • Not scratching the surface of a company pending investigation.
  • Not gathering information from social media, personal blogs or low quality websites etc.

We always take the matter into our own hands. Delving deep down into the core aspects, principals and fundamental building blocks of a company. We achieve results by going directly into the website itself and scrutinising it in every which way possible. 

Want to jump ahead to our most talked about review inside Scam VS Legit? Read about our most valued education resource… WA University!


We Respect Your Privacy

Scam Vs Legit isn’t like the vast majority of websites within the niche. We have no intention to eagerly push you into joining a program, push you into the latest trends or a new beaut scheme promising you the works. We respect your privacy here first and foremost.



Get to Know Us

Chime or holler at us anytime you want. We can communicate in the comment section below. Alternatively, mouse over to our contact page. Either way, we will respond to any question or thoughts that you may feel the need to get off of your chest.

All the best from our team here at,

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