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It’s always important to remain transparent online. So, the team here are disclosing that we have fitted certain products/services reviewed within, with affiliate hyperlinks, so that we can potentially earn affiliate commissions by any purchases that you make.

By clicking on our affiliate hyperlinks. And making a purchase, while tracking is still valid and compliant with the prospective company we have affiliate ties with. We’ll have you know that there will be absolutely no extra costs added to the payment of sale made by you.

So if you decided, not to click on our affiliate hyperlink. And went over to the website yourself and made a purchase from your own initiative. The cost would still remain the same as if you had clicked through our affiliate hyperlink.

We appreciate your support by utilizing our affiliate hyperlinks for swifter access. Maybe even consider it as a bonus to us from providing you with insights into the product or service. Also, It helps us stay in business and continue publishing our relevant and helpful content to our readers online.

Our focus is to educate you on the possibilities that exist within the online world. These expressions published on Scam VS Legit are based from our acquired intellect over time and expressed through and based on our opinions.

If you have any questions, in regard to our affiliate disclosure statement. You are able to ask a question in the comment section below, alternatively head over to our Contact Page.

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