Is Clout Pay a Scam or Legit
Clout Pay Scam or Legit

Attention all social media fanatics and influential’s combine! Clout Pay has been trending on many social news feeds lately. And the website itself has been quite successful at tricking a lot of inexperienced users into believing they will make easy revenue online. All by the con act of issuing you a fake $25.00 payment into […]

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Is Income School – Project 24 a Scam or Legit
Income School Project 24 Scam or Legit

The Income School course is called Project 24 was developed to help replace your current income with a full-time passive income over 24 month period. At least that’s the primary goal behind the ’24’ concept. So it’s more or less referred to as Project 24 months. Why would you be considering using Project 24 and […]

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Is Notion Cash a Scam or Legit
Notion Cash Scam or Legit

At first glance. I was under the notion, that Notion Cash – Use your Mobile to earn was a legit looking website. But as I started to delve a little deeper, within minutes I soon realised things were not meshing up quite as accurately as first hoped. Which is a shame, because I enjoy bringing […]

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Is IndexClix a Scam or Legit
IndexClix a Scam or Legit

Does the company IndexClix sound like another Pay to Click (PTC) scheme to you? IndexClix is all about stats and performing ad clicks over, and over, and over again. Crikey! Luckily you do not have to traverse an entire index page to use this PTC service. Do you think Index Clix is really worth the […]

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Is Consulting Master Academy a Scam or Legit
Consulting Master Academy Scam or Legit

Did you know that the consulting industry exceeds well over $210 billion dollars per year? Clearly, this is one of the most lucrative fields to get involved with. The Consulting Master Academy is considered pro-choice in client acquisition. Founder/CEO Texan buff Jeff Baxter has created a clean cut website promoting his consulting and personal coaching […]

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Is M.A.G.A Checks a Scam or Legit
Maga Checks Scam or Legit

Can “M.A.G.A Checks” Really Make America Great Again!? This is exactly what the slogan states to represent this alluring investment scheme. If you’ve been over at the Maga Checks site by now. Read the conversion script. You are probably aware about all the impressive claims made of people from all ages receiving these Trumpish like […]

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Is Freedom Checks a Scam or Legit
Freedom Checks Scam or Legit

What the hell are these Freedom Checks all about! Or better yet, where did they originate from? The Freedom Checks website is geared toward trying to explain the meaning of the Freedom Checks in basic terms. So you’ll have to register up to unlock more in-depth details about them. This process entices mainly American tax […]

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