Is Kyle & Carson – Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit

Wealthy Affiliate: Starter = $0 | Premium = $49 /month | Premium Plus = $99 /month
  • 96%
    Training - 96.01%
  • 92.8%
    Support - 92.83%
  • 98.3%
    Website - 98.28%
  • 91.9%
    Software Tech - 91.92%
  • 90.1%
    Success Stories - 90.09%

Brief Summary:

Wealthy Affiliate was created to assist both new and experienced entrepreneurs with building profitable e-businesses (websites) online. Mainly specialising in affiliate marketing business model as the number one income strategy. Wealthy Affiliate will also host your websites and offers plenty of additional services/features that contribute to the overall growth and development of your online business.

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Hello reader, welcome to an insightful take on the Wealthy Affiliate experience which is an opportunity like no other! Hmm, let me think for a moment. Has this thought ever crossed your brilliant mind?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam, or legit? Well now. I can answer this sentence into extensive lengths for you. In the past. I have had dealings with this internationally used, smart phone compatible service.

I know there’re areas that I need to improve upon with my online business. So, I will take full advantage of the advanced training, software technology, website securities that are currently available at the Wealthy Affiliate website.

At the same time, I will try to explain why you should take refuge inside this huge juggernaut too!

I am truly surprised and impressed about how much Wealthy Affiliate has improved over the years. I feel obligated to type an elaborate post on the subject.

Highlighting the key benefits, in hopes to raise awareness and prove why this integrated platform is second to none within the industry!

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What is Wealthy Affiliate About Scam or Legit

# Wealthy Affiliate Review
# Kyle & Carson
# Education & Training
# Software Tools & Features
# Help & Support
# Content Creation
# Traffic & SEO
# Scams & Success Stories
# Membership Costs
# Las Vegas Incentive
# Pro’s VS Con’s
# Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)
# Comments

Internet Marketing Education, Tools, Networking & Support!Do you Hunger for the Truth About How People are Really Becoming Successful Online...

If you decide to read this article to its entirety. You will be fully up-to-date with the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You will have a good indication whether or not, Wealthy Affiliate will be a competent resource centre to achieve your own success online.

I believe anyone can benefit in more ways than one by simply utilising Wealthy Affiliate services. I haven’t a single doubt in my mind.

And look, I am fully aware that your time is the most precious resource that YOU have in this god forsaken earth. So I’ll do my best to keep this article helpful and to the point.

With that said. I hope I have not offended you. Please do not judge Wealthy Affiliate off that religious remark please.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

*Parent Company: Niche Marketing Inc.
*Alternate Known Names:

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Wealthy Affiliate University
  • My Wealthy Affiliate
    Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit

*Domain Names:

*Domain Ages:

  • – 31st/August/2005
  • – 13th/November/2010

*Hosting Registrar: 1&1 IONOS  SE
*Launch Date: Sept 10, 2005
*Domain Authority: 56
*Linking Root Domains: 2,680+
*Ranking Keywords: 3,000+
*Spam Score: 8%
*Website Asset Value: $6,110,000 (Scanned on 15/FEB/2020)
*Address/Headquarters: Box 18 2354 Millstream Road, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V9B 6L2
*Marketing Chief/Co-Founder: Kyle Loudoun
*Design Chief/Co-Founder: Carson Lim
*Live Training Chief: Jay Neill
*Technology Chief: Aaron
*Programming Chief: KC
*Contact Methods:

  • URL –
  • Website – Contact SiteSupport for technical issues.
  • Website – Submit a question allowing the community to answer it.
  • Website – Private message Kyle, Carson and Jay within.

*Social Media Presence:

Mr. Kyle Loudoun

  • LinkedIn <|> Kyle WA
  • Twitter <|> @kyleandcarson | 8,954+ followers
  • Instagram <|> @wealthyaffiliatekyle | 7,994+ followers

Mr. Carson Lim

  • Instagram <|> @wealthyaffiliatecarson | 6,173+ followers

*Services Offered:

  • DASHBOARD – By clicking your personal dashboard tab. You can access content covering a wide range of topics. From pending questions need answering, all the way to success stories. It’s a real pay-it-forward community for aspiring and successful entrepreneurs.

  • 2 OFFICIAL TRAINING COURSES – Learn affiliate marketing: access classrooms; brand building; website maintenance; keyword research; search-engine-optimisation (SEO); content creation and conversions; social-media-marketing (SMM) and pay-per-click marketing (PPC) etc.

  • NETWORKING CAPABILITIES – Build relationships by growing your connections list and follow other members for an easier way to communicate.

  • WEBSITE MANAGEMENT – Access your SITE Rubix management suite which contains all your SITE links to: SITE Manager; SITE Builder; SITE Domains; SITE Content; SITE Comments; SITE Feedback and SITE Support.

  • LIVE EVENTS – Access an entire archive of live recorded webinars (WAbinars). New events are held once per week. Many great resources found in the live event history.

  • JAAXY LITE – Irreplaceable software that serves as a major part of your content creation and performs duties such as: site rank tracking; manages keyword lists; analyses your competition; alphabet soup technique; brainstorm headquarters and has it’s own affiliate program.

  • SEARCH AFFILIATE PROGRAM’S – Do you have trouble finding affiliate programs? If so, then this affiliate search tool can tap into an entire database of amazing products and services that you can learn how to promote during your stay at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • LIVE CHAT – Never get stuck again! Do you feel overwhelmed, need a quick response to your questions? Live chat allows every member to answer any questions asked. If you know the answer to a question, pay-it-forward which will boost your overall Wealthy Affiliate rank.

  • HELP CENTER – Here you can get technical help for your websites. Post a question so that members can read and respond to it with an answer. Open the live chat feature here too. Craft a private message to someone connected to your social network, founders included.

  • RANKING ALGORITHM – Activities conducted within the Wealthy Affiliate platform will be tracked by a proprietary algorithmic program. Which calculates your score by being active. Rank fluctuates. The goal is to become an ambassador (Top 25).

  • CREATE TRAINING – Once you have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a number of months. You have the option of creating relevant and helpful training for the community. You can earn credits for creating popular resources which convert into real income. Which leads to.

  • WA CREDITS – The credit dashboard is where 1 WA credit carries the value of $0.50 (USD). If you can earn a minimum of 40 WA credits. You can cash it out for $20.00 (USD). There are other activities to complete, which earns additional WA credits.

  • STATISTICS – Wealthy Affiliate tracks everyone’s stats in detail per account. Such as impressions, clicks, sales, referrals and revenues etc. Wealthy Affiliate uses PayPal to pay each member their individual earnings. This occurs on the first of every month and has never missed a payment to date.

  • REFERRALS – Tracks all personal referrals, both starter and paid premium’s. The conversion rate for someone going from starter to premium sits at a ratio around 8:1 so for every 8 starter members you invite. 1 out of 8 starters should become a paid premium sale.

  • TRACKING – Set up some custom affiliate links to be tracked, comparison tables, embed the SiteRubix website plugin and utilise the PPC conversion tracker.

  • BANNERS – If you want another way to try to earn affiliate commissions. Access your banners tab. There you can copy HTML code of 28 beautiful and high converting promotional banners for Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy. Embed code anywhere you want, legally of course.

  • SUPER AFFILIATE CONFERENCE – If you manage to generate 300 premium sales within a calendar year. Pack your bags, because you will be flown out to Las Vegas to participate in an all-paid-for holiday where you will be rubbing shoulders with superstar affiliates.

*Community Size: Over 2 million accounts created to date.
*Payment/Payout Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD)
*Starter Membership Cost:

  • $0.00/lifetime (1st week get FREE access to Premium features).

*Premium Membership Prices: (Most popular package)

  • Monthly | $49.00 /month – Costing you = $1.55 /day to run an online business.
  • Yearly | $495.00 /1 year (SAVE $93.00 /year) strategic investment decision.

*Premium Plus Membership Fee: (Power users package)

  • Monthly | $99.00 /month – Costing = $3.30 /day to grow your e-business.
  • Yearly | $995.00 /year – (BEST SAVE $193.00 /year) smartest investment decision.

*Note: By choosing a yearly membership option you will be given 100 community credits with addition to a free .com domain name of your choosing which usually costs around $15.00 

*Starter Member Residual Compensation Plan:

  • Monthly Paying Referrals – Earn $4.00 commissions for the first month, $11.75 /month thereafter.
  • 1 Yearly Paying Referrals – Earn $117.50 commissions per yearly sale. 1 yearly renewals remain at the same commission rate.

*Premium Member Residual Compensation Plan:

  • Monthly Paying Referrals – Earn $8.00 commissions for the first month, then $23.50 /month onward.
  • 1 Yearly Paying Referrals – Earn $235.00 commissions per yearly sale. 1 yearly renewals stay at the same commission rate.

*Premium Plus Member Residual Compensation Plan:

  • Monthly Paying Referrals – Earn $23.50 commissions for the first month, then $46.50 /month onward.
  • 1 Yearly Paying Referrals – Earn $465.00 commissions per yearly sale. 1 yearly renewal commissions don’t change.

*Affiliate Program/Programs: Free to use WA’s affiliate program incentive. There’s a plethora of alternate affiliate programs to select from.
*Up-sells: No upsells found, nor will there ever be. Hierarchy puts the success of the community first before their own pockets.
Training:  96.01%
*Support: 92.83%
*Website:  98.28%
*Software Tech: 91.92%
*Success Stories: 90.09%
*Verdict: Too legit to quit. To maximise savings on a ‘Premium’ membership. Take advantage of the annual Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale. Costing only $299.00/year. Works out to be $24.92/month, or $0.82/day to run a long-term online affiliate business!




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Kyle & Carson

In one sentence. Wealthy Affiliate is THE most sophisticated online business building platform available right now.

This may come across rather biased. But first, give me a chance to explain why it’s indeed a fact.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Site
Kyle Loudoun & Family

Wealthy Affiliate is co-owned and founded by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. The dynamic duo have had success prior to Wealthy Affiliate’s establishment.

With there knowledge and experience gained beforehand. They combined forces to become one impenetrable unit. They grew a close bond and reached a spoken agreement.

After finding a direction to run with, they united their dreams and visions as one!

A vision of creating an authoritative brand that offers innovative software technologies, groundbreaking support and updated training materials.

Which in fact, Kyle and Carson have succeeded in doing this for clients using Wealthy Affiliate growing out e-businesses.

This vision has proven to be a successful one for many users committed to Wealthy Affiliate. Potentially, you could jump on board the bandwagon and share in the limitless success.

Wealthy Affiliate’s main focus is to provide help to everyday people, both new and experienced in online business related matters. The service helps by teaching members how to achieve success and continue growing in a successful way.

Success is only earned through trial and error. Learning from one’s mistakes. Kyle and Carson save you the time by not failing. Because you learn from their mistakes made over the years.

Kyle and Carson have been dedicating most of their adult lives into the continual development of Wealthy Affiliate. They’re showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. They plan on shattering any obstacles in there way and reaching milestones each and every year.

Since the early days of 2005, Kyle/Carson, plus the team working behind the scenes. Have enhanced Wealthy Affiliate’s overall resourcefulness and quality of service incrementally over the years.

Back in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate was nothing more than a keyword listings membership service. Now, Wealthy Affiliate has evolved into an entrepreneurs main go to resource for information, training, software tools, security, help and assistance etc.

To this day, these pioneers remain on top of there game. Wealthy Affiliate’s innovation alone is well above the online standard.


Typically, Kyle & Carson spend 60-70 hours each week enhancing Wealthy Affiliate to new heights. Here’s some of their weekly activities…


  • Marketing/advertising.
  • Website development.
  • Creating and updating textual/video content for helping and relevancy purposes.
  • Lending assistance, or advice to both professional and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Providing website technical support.

Depending however you define levels of success. Leaps and bounds can be achieved within a days work.

Kyle, Carson’s level of commitment gives off an awesome vibe. This is quite obvious with a little time spent inside. If you have a plan of action. Wealthy Affiliate can enable you to tackle at it, head on.

Think of Wealthy Affiliate as a long-term business venture, because that’s exactly how it’s designed to be. It houses a diverse multicultural community of helpful, success driven entrepreneurs. Both new and experienced.

Membership sign-ups have exceeded well over the 2 million mark since it’s day of inception.

Most people inside, (particularly long-term serving members) are ready to offer help at the click of a button. Help is 24/7/365, there is a variety of helpful features to choose from depending on your particular set of circumstances.

Surely, you may think it’s easier, or convenient to go search for helpful info that’s indexed within dominating search engines.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam Review
Carson Lim & Family

And the help may appear well written and convincing. But, how would you know if the content from the search engines are accurate and still up to date in this day and age!

Many websites contain content that’s published many, many years ago. Can therefore lose a degree of relevancy.

Major/minor updates to search engine algorithms frequently occur within the online world. If you were to use predated marketing strategies, or implement legal/illegal Black-Hat/White-Hat techniques based on outdated/misleading content published from years ago.

It will no doubt have a negative impact toward your websites overall and/or potential success. Quite possibly temporarily, or even permanently!

So, it’s in your best interest to access dated info to remain stress free while you work on your e-business.

Wealthy Affiliate keeps its education updated when necessary. It’s members can notify if a training resource is outdated by click of a button. Training materials are updated around 750 times per year. System improvements average at 155 fixes each year.

Always remain vigilant outside of Wealthy Affiliate! Information retrieved from low trusted websites could be purely written in a way to turn over a quick buck. Looking to palm off a bunch of BS for fast cash. Instead of providing some rock hard verifiable facts and evidence backing that research.

Getting help from trusted authoritative websites is the best way to go about when scaling your online business projects. Wealthy Affiliate has established itself as a trusted authority within the industry and receives clout from people and search engines.

So ask yourself this question! Can I invest my spare time into Wealthy Affiliate’s opportunity of a lifetime? I know I will inherit specific sets of skills, allowing me to manage a thriving and successful long-term online business!

I state the phrase business! As it’s not only limited to affiliate marketer training.


The Truth About Wealthy Affiliate


Starting out online at Wealthy Affiliate is not just limited to affiliate marketing! Although, it does have its advantages!


  1. Hypothetically speaking. If you owned and operated a land based business rented out in the real world. Had no website, or website related training or experience. Your business would be missing out on a great deal of exposure for your potential audience online.
  2. Utilising Wealthy Affiliate’s services ritualistically. Could allow you to establish an authoritative website, which will promote your brand, product and services.
  3. This brand awareness can be achieved through persistent marketing efforts taught at Wealthy Affiliate. Free and paid.
  4. To list a few marketing campaigns you could run once trained are: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing to name a few popular methods.
  5. Executing these marketing styles can attract a substantial amount of customers for your offline business! Which may lead to profitability and dominance within your competitive industry.


This explanation does sound easy in writing. But the journey is a marathon, not a sprint! No doubt, it takes a serious level of commitment to achieve exponential financial results and success.

Results vary person to person/organisation. It’s solely up to each individual/organisation to take action to reach new heights. Individual skills, commitment and abilities will play into effect.

Education & Training

There is a deluge of actionable business related education and training within the Wealthy Affiliate centre. Educative contents are comprised into categories for safe storage, and easy access.


I’ll elaborate on each educative resource and explain how you will benefit.



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# Online Entrepreneur Certification
Affiliate Bootcamp
Super Affiliate Challenge
My Training Activity
Training HQ
# Classrooms


Online Entrepreneur Certification

5 modules – 50 lessons

Course Description: “This course is designed to help people start out online and grow a business in any niche whatsoever. If you are a complete newbie. It’s recommended to follow this training course first. Master the course and you shall have a traffic producing website that generates you business.” 



Phase 1. Lessons (110)

  1. Getting Rolling (3 Tasks)
  2. Understanding How to Make Money Online (4 Tasks)
  3. Choose a Niche (Tasks)
  4. Building Your OWN Niche Website (2 Tasks)
  5. Setting Up Your Website (4 Tasks)
  6. Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines (2 Tasks)
  7. Creating Your Initial Website Content (3 Tasks)
  8. Creating Custom Menus on Your Website (2 Tasks)
  9. Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content (3 Tasks)
  10. Congratulations and Your Next Steps (2 Tasks)



Phase 2. Lessons (110)

  1. Your Own Domain, Your Brand (2 Tasks)
  2. Move On Over, My Brand Has Arrived (2 Tasks)
  3. Creating Keyword Rich Content (4 Tasks)
  4. Setting Up a Domain Specific Email Account (6 Tasks)
  5. The Traffic Breakdown (3 Tasks)
  6. Making Use of Visuals (3 Tasks)
  7. Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit (4 Tasks)
  8. Making Face as a Real Person (3 Tasks)
  9. Amplifying Your Productivity (3 Tasks)
  10. Boosting Your WA Ranks (5 Tasks)



Phase 3. Lessons (110)

  1. Understanding the MONEY in Online Business (2 Tasks)
  2. Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks (4 Tasks)
  3. Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere (2 Tasks)
  4. Adding Affiliate Links to Your Pages (2 Tasks)
  5. Instant Access to a MILLION Products (2 Tasks)
  6. Leveraging Product Reviews (3 Tasks)
  7. Getting Paid for Ads on Your Site (4 Tasks)
  8. Earning Pennies or Dollars (4 Tasks)
  9. A Brilliant Way to Track & Understand Your Traffic (3 Tasks)
  10. With Help Comes Financial Success (2 Tasks)



Phase 4. Lessons (110)

  1. What Does Social Engagement Mean to Your Business (3 Tasks)
  2. Making Your Website a Place to Engage (3 Tasks)
  3. Using Facebook the Right Way (3 Tasks)
  4. Pinterest & the Visual Social Hemisphere (5 Tasks)
  5. Incorporating a Sound Tweeting Campaign (4 Tasks)
  6. Google Plus or Minus? (2 Tasks)
  7. The Benefit of Being Social at WA (3 Tasks)
  8. Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals (3 Tasks)
  9. Using the Wealthy Affiliate Social Community (4 Tasks)
  10. You Cannot Be a Master of Everything (4 Tasks)



Phase 5. Lessons (110)

  1. Content is YOUR Business (4 Tasks)
  2. Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools (4 Tasks)
  3. Improving Indexing Times and Speeds (5 Tasks)
  4. People Need to Read Your Content (3 Tasks)
  5. A Year is a Short Period of Time, Yet BIG For Business (Tasks)
  6. Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture (4 Tasks)
  7. Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent (2 Tasks)
  8. Injecting Comments with Intent (3 Tasks)
  9. Bing & Yahoo, They Are Still The 33% (4 Tasks)
  10. Articulating a PLAN for the Months and Year Ahead (4 Tasks)


Affiliate Bootcamp

7 modules – 70 lessons

Course Description: “This course is designed for people that cannot decide on a specific niche topic. Or, simply prefer the idea of promoting Wealthy Affiliate to earn residual based commissions, as a main source of income. Personally, I prefer the Affiliate Bootcamp and love earning those monthly residuals.”



Phase 1. Lessons (110)

  1. Getting Started (4 Tasks)
  2. Choosing Your Direction (3 Tasks)
  3. Building Your Website (3 Tasks)
  4. A Website Look Around (4 Tasks)
  5. Activating Your Plugins (2 Tasks)
  6. Getting Your Website Ready for SEO (2 Tasks)
  7. Your Initial Framework of Content (4 Tasks)
  8. Understanding the Keyword Research Process (2 Tasks)
  9. Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews (4 Tasks)
  10. The Exciting Journey Has Begun (2 Tasks)



Phase 2. Lessons (110)

  1. Creating Readable Content that Converts (2 Tasks)
  2. Properly Using Affiliate Links (5 Tasks)
  3. Understanding Keywords & a Day of Selling (5 Tasks)
  4. Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords (3 Tasks)
  5. Take a Break, Catch up (2 Tasks)
  6. Backing up Your Website (2 Tasks)
  7. Enhancing Your Website “Experience” (3 Tasks)
  8. Building MORE Content Through Internal Links (3 Tasks)
  9. Write a Review and Share it (2 Tasks)
  10. Offering Bonuses the Easy WA (3 Tasks)



Phase 3. Lessons (110)

  1. Making Your Site Social With Plugins (4 Tasks)
  2. Making Your Social Profiles Brand Friendly (3 Tasks)
  3. How to Create Socially Engaging Content (3 Tasks)
  4. Social Waste Vs. Productivity (2 Tasks)
  5. Take a Social Hiatus (3 Tasks)
  6. Power Writing Gone Wild (2 Tasks)
  7. Adding Google Analytics to Your Site (4 Tasks)
  8. Leveraging the Jaaxy Affiliate Program (3 Tasks)
  9. Making Promotional Use of Your Sidebar (3 Tasks)
  10. Build, Build and BUILD (2 Tasks)



Phase 4. Lessons (110)

  1. Introduction to Website Design (2 Tasks)
  2. An Image Says a THOUSAND Things (3 Tasks)
  3. Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate Videos for Conversions (3 Tasks)
  4. Creating Logos & Images (3 Tasks)
  5. Give Yourself a Break (2 Tasks)
  6. Creating an Effective Jaaxy Review (2 Tasks)
  7. Research Jaaxy Keywords, Then Show & Tell (3 Tasks)
  8. Pinning Habits Lead to Pinterest Power (4 Tasks)
  9. Creating Your Own Videos (2 Tasks)
  10. A Lesson on Customer Perspective (2 Tasks)



Phase 5. Lessons (110)

  1. Creating Content With INTENT (5 Tasks)
  2. Get Your Comments to Convert (5 Tasks)
  3. Video, a HUGE Source of Traffic (3 Tasks)
  4. From Keywords to LIVE on YouTube (4 Tasks)
  5. A Discussion on Reviews and a Break (2 Tasks)
  6. The Ultimate Referral Tool (3 Tasks)
  7. Incorporating Your Custom Sign-up Forms into Your Website (3 Tasks)
  8. Helping Folks is Critical (4 Tasks)
  9. Create Custom Video Sign-up Pages (4 Tasks)
  10. Creating a 6 Week Plan of Attack (16 Tasks)



Phase 6. Lessons (110)

  1. An Introduction to PPC on Bing Ads (3 Tasks)
  2. Letting Bing & Yahoo Know About Your Site (2 Tasks)
  3. Paying for Traffic on Bing & Yahoo (3 Tasks)
  4. Setting up Your First PPC Campaign (3 Tasks)
  5. Take a Break, Do a Little Math (2 Tasks)
  6. Creating Small, Bite Size Review Ad Groups (4 Tasks)
  7. Setting up Conversion Tracking (3 Tasks)
  8. Capitalising on Hidden PPC Landing Pages (3 Tasks)
  9. Getting REAL Creative With Keywords (5 Tasks)
  10. Refining Your PPC Campaign & Your Journey Ahead (4 Tasks)



Phase 7. Lessons (110)

  1. Blasting Your WA Affiliate Earnings With PPC (4 Tasks)
  2. Understanding the Google AdWords Opportunity (2 Tasks)
  3. Maximising Review Pages With PPC (3 Tasks)
  4. You, the Affiliate, Are Responsible for Analysis (4 Tasks)
  5. Mastering the Flow of Relevance (4 Tasks)
  6. The “Double Down” Approach to PPC (3 Tasks)
  7. To Direct Link, or Not to Direct Link (2 Tasks)
  8. The Mathematical Business Model of PPC (3 Tasks)
  9. Using Concise Pages for PPC (3 Tasks)
  10. Creating a Long Term, Scalable PPC Campaign (2 Tasks)


Super Affiliate Challenge – The 2019 & 2020 Edition

7 module – 111 lessons (Currently in the works)

Course Description: “This course is currently an experiment under construction. It is set up differently than the rest. To access this course you need to be a ‘Premium’ member. At first, we had to apply to participate in this opportunity. We receive communication through private messaging that’re emailed out to our profiles. Stating the new co-ordinance for the monthly training lessons. This course is hyper targeted for making Premium members reach the super affiliate status to be able to attend the Vegas convention.”



Phase 1. Lessons (119)

  1. Choose a theme that you are happy with.
  2. Customise your theme to your liking.
  3. Install the lazy load plugin (Lazy Load by WP Rocket).
  4. Create a logo for your website.
  5. Establish your bearings with
  6. Establish the framework of content on your site.
  7. Manage your widget layouts.
  8. Update any fonts & colours that you like.
  9. Create a new user with a Gravatar account.
  10. Research and come up with 50 low competition keywords.
  11. Set-up your monthly SiteContent WORD goals.
  12. Set-up your monthly SiteContent ARTICLE goals.
  13. Write a minimum of 12 new posts on your site.
  14. Create a 1,500+ word review of Wealthy Affiliate.
  15. Share a BLOG post here from Wealthy Affiliate socially once per week.
  16. Invite any friends or family members you think would be interested (use your affiliate link).
  17. Be active in chat 15 minutes per day (minimum).
  18. Create at least one blog post on your WA blog per week.
  19. Aim to help at least 5 people per day within WA.



Phase 2. Lessons (121)

  1. Set a writing goal of 12,000 words this month.
  2. Research your next 30 keywords.
  3. Create captivating titles for these keywords.
  4. Break down articles for 12 of these.
  5. Write 12 articles, minimum of 1,000 words.
  6. Add imagery to the content.
  7. Join the “What is Your Biggest Dilemma With Content Creation” discussion.
  8. Publish your content (distribute it throughout the month).
  9. Offer at least 30 comments using SiteComments.
  10. Get at least 15 comments (combined) on existing posts.
  11. Get 2-5 comments on EVERY post going forward.
  12. Offer a minimum of 5 comments per day on other people’s comments.
  13. If you have the budget, you can purchase “credits” for SiteComments.
  14. Delete any comments that are spam (that you have accidentally added).
  15. Incorporate affiliate links into your reviews.
  16. Link to your WA review from the appropriate page (non-review pages).
  17. Test creating a custom banner for at least one of your posts using
  18. One WA blog post per week, sharing something of value.
  19. Help at least 5 people per day within WA.
  20. Turn on SiteSpeed Extreme.
  21. Turn on SiteSSL (if you haven’t).



Phase 3. Lessons (112)

  1. Create a ‘Facebook account’ (if you don’t have one).
  2. Create a ‘Twitter account’ (if you don’t have one).
  3. Follow Kyle on Facebook.
  4. Follow Kyle on Twitter.
  5. Create 12 new keyword rich posts.
  6. Share each post to Facebook (12).
  7. Share each post to Twitter (12).
  8. Create a SiteComments job for each post (get at least 3 comments minimum).
  9. Offer 3 SiteComments daily.
  10. Create 4 keyword rich blog posts on your WA blog.
  11. Create at least one relevant graph/chart using Canva.
  12. Add your chart to a post on your site (where it makes sense).



Phase 4. Lessons (117)

  1. Set up a Google Analytics account.
  2. Connect your analytics tracking ID within the all-in-one SEO settings.
  3. Read blog post: “Website Traffic is Like a Mountain, Stream and River.
  4. Watch live class: “Beginners Guide to Google Analytics.”
  5. Set up a Google Search Console account.
  6. Create & submit sitemap to your Google Search Console account.
  7. Set up a Bing Webmaster Tools account.
  8. Create & submit sitemap to your Bing Webmaster Tools account.
  9. Watch video: “Setting up Google Search Console.”
  10. Watch video: “Setting up Bing Webmaster Tools.”
  11. Watch video: Tracking your rankings in Search Engines.”
  12. Use SiteRank to see where you are ranked under 10 keywords (minimum).
  13. If you have Jaaxy Pro/Enterprise, set up automated tracking on 10 keywords (minimum).
  14. Create 12 new keyword rich posts.
  15. Create a SiteComments job for each post (get at least 3 comments minimum).
  16. Offer 6 SiteComments daily.
  17. Create 4 keyword rich blog posts on your WA blog.



Phase 5. Lessons (119)

  1. Leave your comments within the sustain motivation post.
  2. Watch the month 5: masterful marketing walk-through video.
  3. Read “The Customer Purchase Lifecycle” tutorial.
  4. Create a Quora account.
  5. Search at least 5 audience related searches using
  6. Search at least 5 audience related searches using
  7. Search at least 5 audience related searches using
  8. Record all your audience findings as you research.
  9. Record all of your new keyword ideas as you research.
  10. Create a list of “Positive Emotion” hot button (for 3 audiences).
  11. Create a list of “Negative Emotion” hot button (for 3 audiences).
  12. Watch video “Adding Social Media Buttons to Your Website.”
  13. Create one segmented “Pitch” page on your website.
  14. Link existing relevant content to your new segment “Pitch” page.
  15. Install social media plugin.
  16. Update settings to add social media buttons to your site.
  17. Research 15 new low competition (under 100 QSR keywords).
  18. Write at least 10 “keyword Rich” posts on your website (15 ideally).
  19. Add your new target keywords to SiteRank to track rankings.



Phase 6. Lessons (116)

  1. Watch the Month 5: “Masterful Marketing Walk-Through” video.
  2. Come up with a minimum of 10 video concepts.
  3. Create at least 2 videos this month (the more the merrier).
  4. Create a YouTube account (requires a Google account).
  5. Publish all videos to
  6. Watch the “Publishing a Video to Facebook” video.
  7. Create a account.
  8. Distribute video to Facebook.
  9. Distribute video to (optional).
  10. Watch the “Embedding a YouTube Video Into Your Website” video.
  11. Embed at least ONE YouTube video into your website.
  12. Research 15 new low competition (under 100 QSR keywords).
  13. Write at least 8 “Keyword Rich” posts on your website.
  14. Get at least 2 comments per post through SiteComments.
  15. Offer at least 30 comments within the SiteComments platform.
  16. Create a weekly and monthly content schedule (video & articles).



Phase 7. Lessons (17)

  1. Watch the live class “Making Money Q & A Kyle Goes AMA.”
  2. Join discussion “What is Your Secret in Business.”
  3. Create a list of life distractions.
  4. Separate this list into preventable and non-preventable distractions.
  5. Research 15 low competition keywords (under 100 QSR).
  6. Create at least 10 new articles this month.
  7. Create at least 2 new videos & publish to YouTube.


  • NOTE: “Lessons will be added to this list as they roll out throughout the year.”


My Training Activity

Uses an autosave feature that generates a record, history of your activities. Saves you the hassle of remembering how to relocate training lessons or random resources at a later date.


Training HQ

Contains all classrooms, training and text/video based tutorials.

Training HQ is professionally designed. It’s a solid resource centre. Compiled and compact. Neat and simple to search and locate educative articles. Find just about anything you need in relation to internet business.

Live training webinars are followed by a live Q & A session. These are ran once per week, by none other than the Live Training Chief – Jay Neill (Magistudios). Access his training episodes that’re archived for safe keeping within the ‘Training HQ.’




Instead of going through the Training HQ. You can access the classrooms directly. Once you enter a classroom. You can select to read/view


  • Q & A’s from members participating in Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Tutorial based training.
  • Video based training.
  • Courses.

Software Tools & Features

What is Wealthy Affiliate About and is it a ScamDid you know? There is a website builder, domain registrar and hosting provider (SiteRubix) available from within Wealthy Affiliate!

Since you can access all of these in the one location it will save users the time, productivity and money!

Usually. You would need to browse online to find the best deals for these 3 of services mentioned.

It’s common for website owners to be connected to a variety of competing companies. Adding numerous costs to the final bill.

Does it not make obvious sense to have all of these services set up and running from the one location?

Wealthy Affiliate can facilitate this!


Here are some key features included with WA Websites, Domains & Hosting


  • Own and operate 1 to 50 websites.
  • Same with (1 to 50 domains).
  • Sub domains. (Cost nothing, great for starting out).
  • Whois privacy protection and domain security.
  • 3000 website theme designs.
  • 51,973 add ons, better known as plugins.
  • SiteSpeed, SiteProtect, SiteHealth and SiteSSL (website encryption).
  • Increased spam protection.
  • 24/7 managed monitoring, auto monitoring and SiteSupport.
  • Virus and Malware protection.
  • Transfer domains from another company to Wealthy Affiliate’s domain name registrar.
  • Domain renewals and buy domain names with their various extensions like (.com .net .org .biz) etc.
  • Hosting speed of: Amazon c3.large (faster).
  • Instant DNS setup.
  • Bandwidth allocation (500,000 Visitors/Month).
  • Round the clock Enterprise, BotNet daily security threat scans.
  • Daily website backups (just in case you accidentally tamper with, or break your websites source code).
  • Powerful servers, powerful sites.

Help & Support

What is Wealthy Affiliate About does it Work


Everybody needs help throughout life with one thing or another. Don’t pretend you’re bulletproof to this notion. The need for help works the same online. Imagine that you were to join Wealthy Affiliate. But had nobody to communicate with.

It wouldn’t take long until you got confused, stuck. Maybe igniting anger, overwhelm or frustrated emotions.

Does these feelings ring any bells?

Without a helping hand. There’s a high probability you’ll raise your horns and trek on out.

If you had the ability to ask for help. Obtain a quick response. Odds are you would take the advice on board, push forward until you come unstuck again. Wouldn’t you agree?

Wealthy Affiliate remedies the sense of helplessness. By giving members the ability to communicate with each other by the in-built, live chat accessory, Private messaging capability and general messaging possibilities.

In my experience, it takes no time at all for somebody to reply with an answer to a question. Quite often, more than 1 person will send their own unique take in the attempt of resolving your dilemmas.


If you feel unsatisfied with a response given in live chat, or just prefer to ask a person privately. You can do this by!


  • Directly messaging your mentor (mentoring is a choice, not a requirement. This will be up to the affiliate who linked you to Wealthy Affiliate).
  • Private message your followers, or the members that you elected to followed.
  • Private message Co-founders Kyle and Carson (Yes, they are real! They do get involved with the community. The duo offer great insights with their combining 32 years of online business experience).

Content Creation

SiteContent is a branch off the high-tech SiteRubix platform. This program allows users to publish pages and/or posts directly into the world wide web.

Once your content is published from within SiteContent. You can access your WordPress dashboard and make any further adjustments when necessary.

SiteContent encourages bot’s and other spiders to fetch published documents from your site, so they can rank your content within search engine directories.

One of your primary goals will be to rank your websites content on the very first Search Engine Result Page/s (SERP or SERP’S) of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Wealthy Affiliate Truths

Site Content is great, I use it and rate it highly!

You can set up writing and publishing frequency goals.

And as you type out a block of text, or complete a draft copy of content with any post. Click the ‘Check Grammar’ icon.

It scans content for spelling mistakes, improper punctuation and poor sentencing, etc.

You’ll then be whisked through each mistake one-by-one to correct any errors made. This feature is a standout alone. Search engines, in particular the colossal king of kings – Google!

Will naturally emphasise more value (SEO weight) for articles that have been written grammatically correct. Resulting in better positioning within the search engine results pages.



Traffic & SEO

A well planned website can build trust and credibility as it matures over time. Provided that you publish captivating, informative, accurate and opinionated articles that engage with your readers attention span.

The longer you can keep a visitor on your website, the better the content will rank for various SERP terms.

Getting clicks to your website/blog posts can be a nightmarish task in its own right. Particularly starting out, because it usually takes a lot of time to develop a consistent stream of organic traffic to your website.

Trying to obtain an (X) amount of traffic is something on top of anyone’s to-do list. No matter how much readership your website receives. You will probably inherit the addiction for chasing down a wider target audience or demographic.

It’s important to publish a steady flow of SEO constructed articles each and every month. So you can enhance your websites authority, trust and exposure to your respective audience.

If you get too neglectful with article publishing. Your organic traffic could shift into a declining phase. It’s important to keep publishing regularly as you can.

Especially when your site is new. Once your site has matured enough and offering a solid range of helpful articles. You can ease your foot of the gas pedal if you so choose.

Learning how to gain free traffic to your website is a core subject taught at Wealthy Affiliate. There’s a handful of courses you can put into practice that increases traffic to your internet based businesses.

Search engine algorithms understand well written and SEO optimised content. Search engines blow loads of SERP juice over quality content all the time (an inappropriate joke, sorry). It should boost your articles into higher SERP’S for your targeted keywords.

SEO is one of the most underestimated, long-term traffic strategies in any webmaster’s arsenal. So don’t underestimate it’s power. Because paying for traffic is not cheap and is something that you should leave for a later date.

It’s critical to develop SEO skills early on to maximise your brands exposure and business potential.

Failing to insert SEO techniques can render post/pages useless. People won’t find your content as easy. If there is the slightest bit of competition for competitive keywords. You would likely be indexed at page 5 or worse.

SEO that’s strategically structured within an article can influence a trickle of free traffic for many good keyword phrases you chase. Not costing you dollars like Pay-Per-Click traffic can cost per click.

Do you know that you can run a successful and profitable online business by implementing contemporary SEO techniques alone? How do I know this you ask. Well I use this free traffic generation strategy. I don’t pay for any traffic to my website using PPC and alternatives.

Just remember that if you can provide some of the best content within your niche. You will stamp yourself as an authority within your  industry. People will begin to trust you and of course your expertly written content.

Are you curious about SEO? Do you wonder why I keep emphasising its importance? Let me step aside to explain how Jaaxy’s technology will benefit your SEO efforts. Jaaxy is independently operated and integrated within everyone’s profile at Wealthy Affiliate for free.

You get free access to Jaaxy Lite and it’s recognised as a state-of-the-art Keyword Research, Site Ranking, Search Analysis platform. Jaaxy provides a variety of key functions.

It’s primary function is to search, retrieve and analyse readings of important metric data. Which allows webmasters to place appropriate keywords into articles.

Jaaxy can easily search the SERP’S for keyword rankings, returning a visual reading/description of where your pages/posts are indexed within Google, Bing and Yahoo. How convenient.


How to use Jaaxy for Keyword Research


Jaaxy’s software is updated regularly. It only retrieves the most accurate readings of search data found online. A platform such as Jaaxy can be critical for websites long-term success. Jaaxy features…


  • Keyword metrics.
  • Alphabet soup searching.
  • Savable lists.
  • Search history.
  • Search analysis.
  • Brainstorm queues.
  • Affiliate program incentives.
  • Site/page ranking.
  • Help and support.

Scams & Success Stories

Guys and gal’s listen, listen. I, I think we need to address the elephant in the room.

Like any business opportunity online, rate of failure will supersede it’s success rate. Of course programs are worse than others. That’s just the way the make money online (MMO) world works and It’s not gonna change anytime soon.


Aspiring/experienced entrepreneurs fail for a number of reasons:
  • Whether they don’t have enough time of the day to expend good energy on their business.
  • Preoccupied with a busy work/family lifestyle.
  • Experiencing financial difficulties.
  • Lack the right amount of experience and education necessary to succeed.
  • Procrastination.


Whatever the reasons are. Human beings always manage to come up with an excuse to push important tasks over till the following day, days or weeks.

Before they even realise it. It has become lost within their minds and comes across as another small failure. Although, life does manage to find a way of throwing obstacles directly into our paths preventing successful progression.

Whatever our excuses are for failing. Some of us leave negative comments, inaccurate reviews about opportunities prior to giving the prospect a fair go.

This is a common trend triggered by failure. Or fear of failure. If you are not convinced by a product, or service offered by an online service.

It’s beneficial and good practice, to conduct a personal investigation yourself. Search on Google search for relevant reviews and gain insights into company products and services.


I’d also recommend visiting authoritative websites:
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC):
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB):


Even go there now as we speak. See if Wealthy Affiliate has been listed as a fraudulent business! There are extensive listings of companies that have scammed the uneducated or vulnerable.

Scams are found all over the internet. Stay safe and always assert your due diligence. Because brand new companies, but not only limited to, can have a minimal level of credibility and rake as much money out of customers as they can. Then simply disappear.

It could take months, or even years before authorities investigate a company for fraudulent activities. Once you’ve invested into a scam. It’s usually too late to get your reimbursement.

Always look and check for the ‘terms of service’ or any other form of legalities, such as ‘privacy policy’, ‘disclaimers’ If you’re planning to associate yourself with a company. To know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

If you don’t find any of these types of legalities displayed openly on a site. I would not suggest participating in the program, service.

On that note, be mindful because scams online come at you from all different angles. New scams pop up out of nowhere every day.

Have you ever seen some of those attractive advertisements displayed on phoney looking websites, YouTube videos and search engines?

If a video or Advert displays hyped, unrealistic financial gain in a short amount of time. Nine times out of ten, it will be a scam or not very reliable.

Be careful though as desperation, or temptation can lead toward risk taking behaviour. Never trust someone who promises life changing results fast. Check out the price tag before handing over your time and money.

Refrain from clicking that cliche, red shiny button! Sit back and laugh at outrageous headlines claiming to automate a trickle of credits into your bank account. Its bastards like these who could probably get away with murder if they committed to it.

To take a turn from the worse. Some success stories I uncovered from within Wealthy Affiliate.


What does Wealthy Affiliate Teach you

The Truth about Wealthy Affiliate


The H3 tag below will open up a new browser, redirecting you to success stories within Wealthy Affiliate if you are after some inspiration…




Membership Costs

I prefer not to boast about products and/or services. I like to give an unbiased account.

But the fact of the matter is. What can be learned and utilised at Wealthy affiliate is truly amazing for its optional expense.

You can get a lot out of Wealthy Affiliate without any investment at all. And you can remain a free ‘Starter’ member for a lifetime.

During your first week (7 days) you will get access to ‘Premium’ features.

This should give an adequate amount of time to make your decision to commit, or quit the company. Or upgrade to the one and only ‘Premium’ membership upgrade you’ll ever have to buy.

Or, simply choose to remain a free member for the rest of your life.

Your success ultimately translates to Wealthy Affiliate’s business success. as a whole

During the registration process. There’s no demand for credit card details, or upfront payments, or any upsells of any kind to use Wealthy Affiliate’s services.

Your name and email credentials are the only requirement needed to enter.

This process is a very standardised procedure online nowadays.

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM

Las Vegas Incentive

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme


Here are some of the awesome things included at the ALL INCLUSIVE and very EXCLUSIVE Annual Vegas trip:
  • You will be rubbing shoulders with other superstar affiliates.
  • You will learn about plans for Wealthy Affiliate in the upcoming year.
  • The entire trip will be paid for!
  • Be given additional funds to spend however you like.
  • Get accommodation in a beautiful hotel suite.
  • Enjoy a range of entertaining activities during the stay.
  • Delicious food and beverages catered every day.
  • You’ll head home with the latest high end WA Swag pack.
  • Be in the best shape ever, in terms of your business moving forward.
  • More surprises which require you to be there to find out about them.


Do you have the ambition to take part in the annual super affiliate conference at Las Vegas, Nevada?

Do you believe you have what it takes to become a super affiliate? So what’s the catch.

You’ll need to take regular action on the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ training course. Have a high level of commitment, placing a high emphasis on your personal and businesses success. If you do not give up, this event could become your annual reality!

Oh, and yeah. I almost forgot! You need only to refer a total of 300 premium members within a calendar year to attend this conference. I’d love to see you there some time!

I joined in September 2018 and didn’t get my first Premium sale until February 2019. Over the course of 2019 I managed to get 16 Premium referrals. That’s a lot of residual commissions my friend. Maybe 2020 I will make the 300 sale climb. Fingers crossed.

To get referrals you only need to embed your unique, affiliate ID within any of your marketing campaigns or efforts.

By allowing your audience to click your hyperlink, they will be sent over to Wealthy Affiliate and join just like you may also do today. Only 100 premium referrals are required for Vegas for the last 3 months of the year! Your not meant to know that.

Make sure you start completing the  “WA AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP – Getting your Business Rolling” course for the best chance of making it to the Super Affiliate Conference in Vegas.

Final Word


  • Free service to use. Not required to become a paying premium member.
  • Access to a truck load of current training and resources.
  • Numerous software technologies and features such as: Keyword research, page rank check.
  • Utilise the SiteContent platform. Site: manager, builder, domains, content, comments, feedback and support.
  • 24/7/365 live chat, private messaging.
  • Weekly live training webinars (WAbinars).
  • Training roadmaps to success (courses).
  • Ability to connect and network with other like-minded people.
  • Do not have to be a Premium member to earn residual commissions.


  • Too much information to read if you wanted to read everything from within the platform.
  • Since this is long-term opportunity. A lot of members simply give up. To my surprise you often read about how people return later on.
  • Refunds are not normally handed out.

The Wealthy Affiliate Official Review

Wealthy Affiliate is not a Multi-Level-Marketing, Network marketing, Pyramid/Ponzi selling scheme. Glad to get that out in the open for debate. It’s the real deal Holyfield, knock you the (F) out like Mike Tyson of an online business opportunity. Created for entrepreneurs with any levels of experience.

Wealthy Affiliate can help discipline the mind. Provide a direction to run with (road map for success).

So now my friend, the next move is entirely up to you. Are you going to go searching for another program or opportunity that will probably have less advantages then this?

Or are you going to give an opportunity of a lifetime a fair cracking?

Only you can take steps forward with your own life’s journey! Head on over if you are ready to get affiliated! Come experience some of the power that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

I wouldn’t trade up my spot for anybody. Not that memberships are limited or anything like that, thank heavens. 🙂

How to Claim Your Bonus

When you join your FREE ($0.00) starter account, I am going to give you a free bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member within the first 7 days that includes a 59% discount (entirely optional to upgrade).

When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my endearing “hello” and provide some information regarding the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Trust me! There is going to be some AWESOME stuff (hint: It includes my full years of experience and mentor-ship!)

You will never know what you have been missing out all of those years until you step foot inside the Wealthy Affiliate universe.

If you want to get direct access to my profile inside Wealthy Affiliate and see how I can help you succeed with your online business and future goals.

I vow now to put all of my efforts into helping you succeed in your business venture online also (during the hours I conduct my business of course).

Private message me anytime if you need advice/help/someone to talk to. Do remember that no question is a bad question.

It would be an honour and a privilege to serve as your personal helper if you join through my affiliate link today.

My Wealthy Affiliate profile (Benjamin89).

Do know that my intentions are pure. I do not want to pressure you to join.

Only register an account through my link if you’d like my personal expertise and regular assistance along with many other helpful Wealthy Affiliate candidates.

Sign up then log in within minutes that way you can see what all the fuss is about!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)


Jump to…

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Q. About Wealthy Affiliate?
A. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing business portal. There are numerous software tools and features that contribute to the overall success of aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs. Build your brand and stamp your authority in any given niche and the rest is history.

Q. A Wealthy Affiliate University Review?
A. This review you are reading today is about as good as a Wealthy Affiliate University Review you’ll get. It should cover a wide array of aspects and shall be updated whenever core updates and new platforms are rolled out at the Wealthy Affiliate University platform.

Q. Affiliate Scam?
A. Wealthy Affiliate is not an affiliate scam, period! I myself, like many affiliates using Wealthy Affiliate to our full advantage are receiving affiliate income, and getting it paid on time at the start of every month following the ‘Bootcamp’ training!



Q. Carson Lim?
A. C. Lim is the Co-Founder and Design-Chief at Wealthy Affiliate. Carson Lim is a dad, husband. Fond of basketball but his true passion lies within his roles at Wealthy Affiliate.


Q.Does Wealthy Affiliate Make you Money?
A.Wealthy Affiliate does not make money for you personally. Wealthy Affiliate trains you while offering state-of-the-art programs and features that streamline the process of making money online for your new/established e-business. You will have to put in the work to achieve financial results for the short and long-term.

Q. Does Wealthy Affiliate Use WordPress?
A. Wealthy Affiliate integrates the open source website creation tool that is WordPress into the back-office area of your e-businesses. You can access your WordPress account manually. Or save the hassle by logging in through your Wealthy Affiliate account. It has an automatic login function. WordPress is one of the most reliable content management systems (CMS) online, so you know you’re in good hands.

Q. Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?
A. Wealthy Affiliate’s technical team are always countering software bugs, haters and hackers attempts to corrupt the websites data. So it’s always running for members usage. Members do not face any serious threats or issues due to it’s online security protocols.




Q. Get Wealthy Affiliate Account?
A. The process of getting your own Wealthy Affiliate account is made super easy to do. Just search the term ‘Wealthy Affiliate Join’ in your search engine website of preference. Or enter the domain – and you will be on your merry old way.


Q. How Does Wealthy Affiliate Make Money?
A. The Wealthy Affiliate online business system makes money every time somebody goes from ‘Starter Member’ to a paying ‘Premium Member’. This is the only way the company grows it’s financial resources. A smaller percentage of sales come from instantaneous ‘Premium Membership’ registrations. A lot of income Wealthy Affiliate receives is from the efforts of the affiliate marketers promoting the website.

Q. How Does Wealthy Affiliate Pay You?
A. Wealthy Affiliate pays all residual commissions earned on the 1st of every month through PayPal. You can adjust your minimum payout threshold to automatically withdraw any earnings at multiple limits. I.e. $10.00, $25.00, $100.00, $200.00, $300.00, $400.00, $500.00 and $5,000.00. 

Q. How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?
A. Once registered. You have the flexibility to perform numerous functions at anytime of your choosing. But starting out. It’s best to follow either the ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ course. Or the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ course. These courses are designed to get you up to speed and on the trajectory toward online success. Remember to ask for help when stuck.

Q. How Good is Wealthy Affiliate?
A. Many speculators suggest that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most unique and resourceful affiliate business building companies found online. It’s mind boggling how inexpensive this place really is. It’s one of the cheapest methods for running a legitimate online business within millions of niches.

Q. How Legit is Wealthy Affiliate?
A. Wealthy Affiliate has effectively ran with no real serious legal repercussions. They have not been pressured by any major authorities, other than MOBE who filed a class action lawsuit against Wealthy Affiliate for allegedly defaming their brand. Which ultimately ended up backfiring on the My Online Business Education business.

Q. How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?
A. There are currently three Premium subscriptions available. They are paid in full in U.S. dollars. If you live outside the U.S. Currency will convert from your countries exchange rate value. Which could end up costing you more, or less to be a Premium member. For example, I live in Australia. If I were to pay for the monthly billing of (USD) $49.00/month. It would really cost me approximately (AUD) $71.16/month. The upside to this is. If I make any commissions with Premium sales. I end up turning a (USD) $23.50/month commission into a (AUD) $34.13/month commission. These numbers will always fluctuate because that’s the nature of currencies.

Q. How Much is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?
A. Monthly billing costs $49.00/month. Six monthly billing costs $234.00/6 months. One year billing costs $359.00/year. Strategically speaking, going yearly will save you the most money on investment.

Q. How to be Successful With Wealthy Affiliate?
A. To become successful at Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll need to be prepared to put in the hours and overcome all mental roadblocks along the way. It helps to be obedient to one of the two training courses.  And focus on 1 website at a time. If the courses are followed correctly and consistently. You should have a traffic producing website that earns revenue by the time you finish these courses.

Q. How to Join Wealthy Affiliate?
A. Fill out a simple registration form within the Wealthy Affiliate homepage. Do note that some Wealthy Affiliate affiliates promote the company via their websites, and/or other sources. If there is a hyperlink attached to it, then you could literally join Wealthy Affiliate from many different mediums found across the internet.

Q. How to Cancel Wealthy Affiliate Membership?
A. You are entitled to cancel your membership at anytime. There are no lock-in contracts, or cancellation fees. To deactivate and remove an existing account from the Wealthy Affiliate database. Simply click on your personal ‘account settings‘. Scroll down to the ‘Subscription Settings‘ and click on your ‘Membership‘ tab. Lastly, press on ‘Stop Billing & Cancel Membership‘. From there, just follow the prompts.

Q. How to Use Wealthy Affiliate?
A. Apply yourself to the training courses. Use the live chat for help when you’re troubled on something. Choose your niche topic. Build the foundation of your niche topic following your own domain name and website theme. Simply continue learning, scaling and growing your affiliate business for as long as you like.


Q. Is My Wealthy Affiliate Legit?
A. Once you create a starter, or Premium account within Wealthy Affiliate. You will always have to login through the My Wealthy Affiliate part of the website. The My Wealthy Affiliate section is where your profile is stored and is where all the magic happens.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?
A. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely 100% not a pyramid scheme! And here is why. If you promote Wealthy Affiliate’s service and manage to get paying Premium referrals. And then your paying Premium referrals decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate also and generate premium sales. You make absolutely nothing for their efforts. You only make commissions based on what you can bring to the table. Down lines are non-existent!

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?
A. Since when is paying for an online service a scam? You get access to some unprecedented training, website builder’s using WordPress with optimum security, community of like-minded people, resources galore, help and engagement when ever you seek it. Just naming a very few benefits included.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit?
A. People seek out differing views, or opinions about Wealthy Affiliate’s as they are questioning it’s legitimacy. Only problem is, there is a plethora of positive reviews on the Wealthy Affiliate subject, versus the negative ones. Indicating that Wealthy Affiliate is of course legit.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Not?
A. Wealthy Affiliate covers all that you need to know about the business practice in their ‘privacy policy‘. Also within it’s ‘Terms of Use‘. Read them as you join the program so you’ll learn exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What?
A. As we know by now, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam site. Everything accessible within the website is conducted from a legitimised standpoint.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate Available in Nigeria?
A. Not exactly! The free ‘Starter’ membership option has been cancelled for Nigerian IP addresses. Mainly due to scammers and abusive members from the African region. Do know that, if you’re from Nigeria. And are serious about taking on the Wealthy Affiliate challenge. Prove you’re serious to learn and join up as a ‘Premium’ member.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate Drop Shipping?
A. Wealthy Affiliate is not tailored for drop shipping education. Wealthy Affiliate’s focus is affiliate marketing primarily. There are short-courses created by Premium members on the drop shipping subject. If you were planning on building a drop shipping business and already pertain the knowledge on how to do so. You can always utilise Wealthy Affiliate’s,  free, ‘Starter’ membership plan and develop your drop shipping store with it’s professionalised website building software. Plus host it for free. You’ll just have to purchase a domain name.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate for Beginners?
A. Wealthy Affiliate was created for beginners who are looking to earn revenue online, through means of affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for beginners who are serious about learning the fundamental stages of the affiliate business life cycle. Even experienced marketers and successful entrepreneurs can benefit greatly using Wealthy Affiliate’s services in more ways than one.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?
A. The free starter membership has stood for the test of time. It can be wise to join Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member. That way you get the whole first week to try out the Premium features. Giving adequate time to decide if Wealthy Affiliate is the right business decision for your particular set of circumstances.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?
A. When it comes to top notch education, support, success rates to name a few reasons. Wealthy Affiliate is an industry leader within this space. They are always innovating, updating and adding more value to the platform each year.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate?
A. Overall, it would be hard to find a better quality platform that specialises in the affiliate marketing realm, live webinar events, website building, website security, technical website support, affiliate programs, authentic comments engine, residual income opportunity, cheap membership rates, 24/7 live support, success stories etc. Running out of space for all the perks within.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate Outdated?
A. It is true. From time-to-time some training lessons can become outdated in ways. Such as the appearance of software can change from updates that occur outside of Wealthy Affiliate’s control. Or even within the platform itself. We’ll have you know that there’s the option to notify the team at Wealthy Affiliate about any content that needs updating. Updates do occur when absolutely necessary.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate Real?
A. Wealthy Affiliate is a well-branded website, or virtual software created through HTML code and such. You cannot physically touch it. But, it can be navigated by online visitors. And operational by current members.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate University a Scam?
A. It’s hard to say, because there are no domain names under ‘Wealthy Affiliate University’ that are connected to the official owners of the Wealthy Affiliate brand. If referring to Wealthy Affiliate, it is not an elaborate hoax.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?
A. There is so much value offered, even using a free starter account. If you decide to upgrade to Premium. The costs are a mere pittance in contrast to the abundance of resources given. Be mindful, as it takes time to scale an online affiliate business. But when it kicks off it doesn’t take long to get a return on investment.

Q. Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money?
A. Put it this way. If you follow the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ course. All you really need is 3 long-term premium referrals to cover your monthly expense. 3 alone is enough to also profit every month. In the meantime focus on scaling your business. If you can get at least 3 premium sales. No doubt that you could turn that 3 into 6, 6 into 12. So on and so forth. 


Q. Jay Neill?
A. Jay Neill (Magi Studios) is a well respected personality type within the Wealthy Affiliate universe. With his thick Canadian accent, easy to follow instructions and quirky charm. He has helped hundreds of thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members that follow his live training videos. Catch J. Neill every Friday/Saturday performing an 1.5 hr long webinar which is presented live from within Wealthy Affiliate. The days will depend on your country of residence and time zone.

Q. Join Wealthy Affiliate?
A. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is made easy by filling out a simple username, password and email form. These credentials are required, otherwise there would be know way of telling each member apart. Remember to scan the ‘Terms of Use’ before accepting your account.


Q. Kyle Loudoun?
A. K. Loudoun is a father, husband and passionate human being that believes if you can help one person out. You can change their life. If you can help many people, you can change the world! Proving why he is one of the top helping contributors inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Q. Kyle Wealthy Affiliate?
A. Kyle Loudoun is the Marketing Chief and Co-Founder at Wealthy Affiliate. You will also catch him participating in a live webinar presentation a few times a year. Offering words of wisdom from the experience he has gained over almost 2 decades of entrepreneurship.

Q. Kyle Wealthy Affiliate Last Name?
A. Many users of Wealthy Affiliate do not know the surname of Kyle. Kyle does not mention his surname within any training courses. Although, it can be found if you know where to look. Kyle’s mysterious last name is, you guessed it. ‘Loudoun’.

Q. Kyle Wealthy Affiliate Net Worth?
A. Co-founder Kyle Loudoun isn’t a hype guy who publicly brags about how much money he earns. Although, it would be safe to speculate that Mr. Loudoun has earned millions of dollars during his lifetime, with just the Wealthy Affiliate asset itself.



Q. Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?
A. You can earn residual commissions by advertising the Wealthy Affiliate service through whatever means online. Your referrals will have to become a Premium member though.

Q. My Wealthy Affiliate?
A. My Wealthy Affiliate is accessible to all verifiable members of this online community. As soon as you login. You will be using the My Wealthy Affiliate section of the site.






Q. Reviews of Wealthy Affiliate?
A. Reviews on Wealthy Affiliate are in large supply. They are becoming quite of an encumbrance. Majority of Wealthy Affiliate reviews are created with the intention of getting you on the Wealthy Affiliate – affiliate invitational listing. To then assist and convert you into a sale.



Q. The Wealthy Affiliate Review?
A. Are you kidding yourselves people. This is ‘The Wealthy Affiliate Review’ you have all been looking for. Our review of the Wealthy Affiliate system is very thorough and in-depth. 

Q. The Wealthy Affiliate Scam?
A. In this day and age when there is so much hype and BS all over the internet. Particularly in YouTube advertisements. Majority of peoples perceptions are made out to believe that earning income online is a quick and easy process. Wealthy Affiliate is a confronting reality check to this notion.

Q. The Wealthy Affiliate University?
A. Wealthy Affiliate is not an actual university and you will never be able to earn an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree in affiliate marketing.

Q. The Wealthy Affiliate University Review?
A. The inaccuracy of the term Wealthy Affiliate University is used too frequently. Users of Wealthy Affiliate are always looking for less competitive keywords to rank under to get a healthy stream of organic traffic to their Wealthy Affiliate reviews.

Q. The Wealthy Affiliate Video?
A. There isn’t any specific Wealthy Affiliate video that suckers people in by talking misleadingly and hyping everyone up. This is because Kyle and Carson are looking for affiliates that are serious about learning the ropes of affiliate marketing, various marketing strategies and website development skills. It is not all sunshine and daisies!  




Q. WA Affiliate?
A. WA is simply the acronym meaning Wealthy Affiliate. You see WA riddled in and outside of the website all the time. Everyone quickly understands that WA refers to Wealthy Affiliate. These famous two letters are seen all the time in posts, questions, chats, profiles and training etc.

Q. Wealth Affiliate?
A. This search tends to be performed by someone that is new to the Wealthy Affiliate concept. It could also be a simple typo error. Either way, It’s not a registered name of the trademark.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate?
A. Is the branded name/company responsible for allowing members to have a fair chance at learning how to earn an affiliate based income stream using online assets (websites) at very low costs.

Q. Wealthy Affiliates?
A. A term that best resonates with the financially successful affiliates, who based their niche on promoting the Wealthy Affiliate service as their main source of affiliate income.

A. This URL is the official domain name created for the Wealthy Affiliate brand. was registered on the 31/08/2005 and is valued at approximately = $2,408,800 according to ‘Worth Of Web’ which was analysed on the 20/01/2020

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program?
A. Anyone using Wealthy Affiliate can advertise the service, even if they’re completing the ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ course. It’s free to promote Wealthy Affiliate, and the commission structure is a recurring payment. As long as your Premium referral remains an active paying client. You will always be compensated for your efforts.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives?
A. Wealthy Affiliate coasts down it’s own railway within the affiliate business industry. Remaining on top of their game for years now and we are yet to find a better service online. But with what we have seen until recent months. The next best place to get an affiliate education would be at Income SchoolProject 24.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Android App?
A. There is an android app that was released on the 03/04/2019. There has been 1000+ downloads/installations since released. It’s far easier to get familiar through the desktop/laptop version of Wealthy Affiliate. Once you get your bearings of the desktop version and want a quick way to access your account on the go. Then i’d recommend downloading the application. You can also access Wealthy Affiliate on mobile through the search engines so having the app is not a requirement.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Average Earnings?
A. Your earnings can only be tracked if you participate in the ‘Bootcamp’ training course and are kept confidential. There is no discussion found about the average earnings of a ‘Bootcamp’ participant. Any earnings made outside of Wealthy Affiliate is usually kept quiet. Unless the Wealthy Affiliate member decides to blog about their earnings in the form of a success story.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Average Income?
A. Wealthy Affiliate does not calculate an average income for a reason. Every participant is unique, which translates to all kinds of financial gains and loses. Do know there are a decent quantity of members who are raking in six figures each year.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate BBB?
A. BBB is the acronym for Better Business Bureau. Which records info and complaints with businesses online. You can find very few complaints filed against Wealthy Affiliate and it’s parent company Niche Marketing Inc. At the BBB.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Benefits?
A. You will no doubt benefit greatly by spending sufficient time working on your online business in Wealthy Affiliate. Those that join Wealthy Affiliate with the expectation of making huge income gains within days, weeks or even months will likely not last. If you remain patient, disciplined and diligent. You will benefit with Wealthy Affiliate from the get go. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal?
A. Each year you can take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount. If you’re happy with the services provided at Wealthy Affiliate and know you will be staying for years to come. It would be a wise investment to upgrade to the yearly – Black Friday deal of the year for $299.00
This works out to be only $0.82 per day to run a fully-fledged, online business. That’s the reality here guys.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Blog?
A. By clicking on your ‘Dashboard’ icon. You will access the blog roll within Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is open for all members to contribute to the huge source. So expect to see 100’s, if not 1000’s of blog posts published here daily. All blog posts content/context are categorised appropriately. Keeps things funky fresh, organised and easy to locate.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp?
A. The ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ program is a good training resource to follow if you feel you don’t quite have a hobby or interest that gets you excited. It’s considered the more advanced course of the pair. And has an extra two modules than the ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’. If you truly believe in the value that Wealthy Affiliate holds. Then following the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ course would be a good path to take.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Comments?
A. Comments are a great way of giving website content credibility. It also can tip a few droplets of SEO juice over your page for SERP rankings. So Wealthy Affiliate has taken things a step further and released the SITE Comments platform. By viewing, reading and commenting on 2 articles inside SITE Comments. You get a free comment back in return on an article of your choice. There are metrics in place so that you can only receive quality comments. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Community?
A. The communal spirit contained in Wealthy Affiliate is positive, encouraging, helpful and success driven. Do you want to be apart of that rush? Get started as soon as you can to feel what It’s like to be surrounded by like-minded people situated all around the globe. Negativity is not a common practice. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Complaints?
A. People that use Wealthy Affiliate with the expectation of making money fast will often take offence when the reality sinks in and defame the Wealthy Affiliate brand on social media forums, or take their disgust to investigative websites such as the Better Business Bureau etc.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard?
A. The dashboard area is the go to place, when you feel like reading, liking and commenting on community postings. Each category is arranged accordingly and structured in a way to gain access to the most relevant, top posts. You can even pin your affiliate summary stats by the top of the dashboard list. Also, follow new ‘Starter’ and/or ‘Premium’ members, continue where you left of with your training course etc. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Discount?
A. Everybody that signs up to use Wealthy Affiliate’s services is entitled to only paying $19.00 for their first month of premium membership. Provided that they upgrade to Premium within the first 7 days of activating a starter account.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Download?
A. The only downloadable thing with connection to Wealthy Affiliate is by installing the app version of the company on your smart phone, tablet, or notebook in the android application play store. It would not be necessary to download content from the site anyways. As people would take advantage by downloading a heap of helpful and engaging content then terminate their accounts. Stealing information that is not there’s to re-sell, re-distribute, re-use elsewhere.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Earning Potential?
A. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can earn as much revenue as you can manage. There are no income capping like with a daily slave wage or annual salary. There are multiple ways you can add additional income streams into your internet affiliate business. Like joining an advertising service such as Google AdSense. They can place advertisements throughout your websites content and site structure with an ‘auto ads’ feature. Then your traffic will trigger ads as impressions. And if you get ad clicks the earnings can stack up pretty fast.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate FAQs?
A. You will not find a list of official Wealthy Affiliate faqs within the website because there is a forum that has tons of questions asked and answered on a daily basis. We hope our list of frequently asked questions suffice.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Forum?
A. The Wealthy Affiliate Forum was introduced way back in 2005. It’s not commonly referred to as the forum of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s more known as the personalised dashboard area. The Wealthy Affiliate forum is very active and interactive.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Free VS Premium?
A. This query tends to be the debate of which membership level is the best option to suit your current needs. Naturally, you want to start off as a free starter member until you are ready to transition to a fully fledged Premium member, as all benefits are contained within Premium.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Free Training?
A. As a free ‘Starter’ member you get total access to the first 10 lessons of modules 1. In the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ and ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ courses. You can find free training resources within the forum that’s created by members. If the member allocated the training as a ‘Premium’ resource, you cannot access the content.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Free Websites?
A. As a Free ‘Starter’ member you are entitled to creating 2 sub-domain websites. As a ‘Premium’ member you can host up to 50 domain websites.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate History?
A. Major changes to Wealthy Affiliate that occurred throughout the years:
2005 – They founded a keyword list membership site costing $29.99/month.
2006 – Education taught members how to use the keywords listings to drive traffic to a website. Price jumped from $29.99 to $39.99/month. 2007 – Constructed their own hosting infrastructure called SITE Rubix.
2008 – Invested heavily in SITE Rubix hosting to upgrade the quality of service.
2009 – ‘Premium’ membership was launched. Introduced a split payment method of $47.00 to $97.00.
2010 – Re-launched the WA blog.
2011 – Live chat feature was introduced.
2012 – Free ‘Starter’ member, WA notification icon, ranking algorithm and Jaaxy keyword tool was rolled out.
2013 – The hosting platform, private messaging, classrooms were launched.
2014 – Bookmark function was added to find favourite posts and training’s with it’s memory.
2015 – SITEComments was launched.
2016 – SITEDomains and domain name transfers to WA had enabled.
2017 – Free secure sockets layers (SSL) was added for ‘Premium’ members. SITESpeed, training, design and mobile compatibility updates.
2018 – Old keyword tool was replaced by Jaaxy Lite.
2019 – SITEComments 2.0 was relaunched. Affiliate programs feature was added. SAC training was incorporated.
2020 – Premium Plus membership was introduced!
2021 – WA had undergone a complete theme layout remodel to improve user experience and functionality. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Images?
A. Wealthy Affiliate has an enormous collection of images that you can search to copy and paste them into your websites content. There are hundreds of categories and subcategories to browse through. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are not plagiarising, or committing any copyright infringements on other people’s original images found elsewhere.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof?
A. Screw all the hype! I am going to be up front and honest with you about my income earned promoting Wealthy Affiliate as a ‘Premium’ member. Today’s date is 24/JAN/2020 and I have earned $1,187.50 (USD) in total. This gets converted to Australian dollars, so I have earned approximately $1,734.08 (AUD) to date, promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program. I have also diversified my income by joining Google AdSense and have earned $1,215.88 (AUD) in Ads revenue. The total income earned together comes at a grand total of $2,949.96 (AUD) to date. I only work at this part-time and spend weeks at a time doing minimal work.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Info?
A. To get a thorough understanding of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, plus particulars related to the business and services offers. Jump Back to the Review portion of this article.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy?
A. Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy keyword research and tracking component is free to use for all ‘Premium’ members. This software tool helps you find low competitive and high search volume keywords that are easier to rank under. Jaaxy guides you to uncovering a free source organic traffic to your website. Saving you thousands of dollars if you were to buy your traffic each month. Jaaxy is simply an irreplaceable notch under the old belt. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Jobs?
A. Wealthy Affiliate does not list jobs on the site as a job service provider would typically do. Your job as an affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate is to build up a new, or existing online business to a stage of earning a steady and reliable source of income. It is not wise to quit your job until you are earning a reliable full-time income or higher. And it should not be all based around the money component either.  

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool?
A. The Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool was integrated within the Wealthy Affiliate website once upon a time. Until recent years. Jaaxy Lite has replaced the generic keyword tool and is far more robust in terms of accurate data reading and it’s free to use as a Premium member.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson?
A. Kyle and Carson are very active within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Whether helping out by answering questions, or participating in live chat. It’s great seeing the leaders getting involved with their clients. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Landing Pages?
A. By clicking on your ‘Links & Tracking’ tab you can access the 4 already designed landing pages where you find your affiliate ID already embedded into the HTML code. This gives out you credit for all your invites. You also have the power of creating your own custom landing pages. Which can be hugely beneficial at converting by specifying your message from the page/post you have linked out from. How convenient.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Lawsuit?
A. Co-founder Kyle had created a review, twas backed by evidence exposing My Online Business Education Ltd. (MOBE) for fraudulent business practices. On the 23/12/2015 Wealthy Affiliate was served with a MOBE lawsuit. By Mid-June 2016 Wealthy Affiliate received a second lawsuit. Long story short. After spending over half a million dollars mounting a defence. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had sued MOBE for bilking $125 million dollars out of their clients. Wealthy Affiliate had won their legal battle too.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Legit?
A. There are no fraudulent activities condoned by the Wealthy Affiliate counsel. The training courses can literally educate members to become self-sufficient in the space of affiliate marketing, website related matters and building out a passive income online.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate?
A. All fingers point to legitimate at Wealthy Affiliate. There is so much beneficial material available for such a low price tag. You would think that it’s only a matter of time until Premium prices rise to match the value held inside.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Lessons?
A. There are hundreds of lessons in total out of the three training courses. Once the ‘Super Affiliate Challenge’ training course has ended. Depending on success rates. It wouldn’t surprise me if it replaces the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ training course as they both are geared toward the same purpose.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Logo?
A. There are a couple of variants of the WA logo. But it always displays an image of those famous two letters – WA! As a member, you are allowed to take screenshots and use images to add a visual aesthetic to your content if you publish an article around the Wealthy Affiliate system.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Marketing?
A. Wealthy Affiliate teaches it’s clients how to market products and services using various online marketing strategies. From initial content creation with incorporating SEO signals. All the way to the more advanced PPC marketing model.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Membership?
A. There are only 2 levels of membership and it has been this way since the inception back in 2005. Generally, these are ‘Starter’. Which has always been free to use. And ‘Premium’. Did you know the monthly payment plan is the most expensive form of investment you can make?

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Member Review?
A. After creating an ‘about’ post/page while following the ‘Bootcamp’ course. The next article to create is your own Wealthy Affiliate member review. This content will be considered a pillar article that drives invites to the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate MLM?
A. Anyone that says Wealthy Affiliate is a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) company is wrong! MLM’s focus on building a series of down lines. And if there isn’t any actual products to sell then it’s illegal. If you promote Wealthy Affiliate to earn residual commissions. You only earn commissions through the sales you make. Not from the peoples, people you invite to the platform.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Mobile App?
A. There’s a mobile application available at the Android Play Store. It hasn’t had many downloads, purely because the desktop and mobile versions of the site are very good. The app is the same as the smartphone browser version. So it’s entirely your choice if you want the mobile app or not.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Monthly Fee?
A. As a ‘Premium’ member. Your first month costs $19.00 then $49.00 each consecutive month thereafter. It is your responsibility to remove your credit/debit card, PayPal details from your file if you want out. Do this before your next monthly billing is due to avoid an extra costs.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Nameservers?
A. How do I point Domain Name System (DNS) nameservers from one hosting company to Wealthy Affiliate’s nameservers? Go into your account settings, likely technical settings. Where it says Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2.
Type: into Nameserver 1.
Type: into Nameserver 2.
You are now hosted at Wealthy Affiliate’s SITEHosting, free of charge if you have an account already created.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Negative Review?
A. Scourer the internet and find reviews expressing reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is not as good as it’s made out to be. There are a heap of negative based Wealthy Affiliate reviews in existence.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Network Marketing?
A. Another meaning for network marketing is pyramid selling. An industry that has produced multi-millionaires, but rarely does unless you are at the top tier of a respective network marketing company. Wealthy Affiliate has zero connection with the network marketing business model. You are solely an affiliate member of the company whether you decide to promote it or not. That’s it.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Niche?
A. When you get to the training lesson where you’ll have to decide on your niche topic (a distinct audience type). It’s important to remember to select a niche that’s narrowed down, in a market/industry that you’re passionate about. Or, at least interested in learning about. You don’t have to be an expert yet to get involved in a niche, simply because you will become an expert, plus an authority within the niche over time as you progress forwards on your online journey aside Wealthy Affiliate.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Niche Ideas?
A. Fortunately, there are millions of possible niches to get involved in. Some are more competitive than others, but does not mean it should be a niche to be avoided. You are taught how to find low hanging fruit in any given niche. Which is essentially targeted keywords that receive search volume each month with very little keyword competition.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community?
A. Each Wealthy Affiliate member adds a degree of value to the predominantly positive and motivating community of like-minded people that use this online business website. This community is always ready to lend a hand to new and inexperienced members.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Owners?
A. Wealthy Affiliate is owned and operated by parent company Niche Marketing Incorporated. Therefore, controlled by co-founders Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. The deadly duo!

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Phone Number?
A. You will not find phone numbers listed of the team inside Wealthy Affiliate. All communication is conducted online. But according to the BBB. They have recorded a list of phone numbers. Whether they are accurate or not, here they are: (250) 483-5293; (604) 588-9974; (703) 209-4563; (250) 220-6286.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Platform?
A. Platform is a term that essentially means website. So the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the actual same meaning as the Wealthy Affiliate website.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Products?
A. Don’t see Wealthy Affiliate as a product based company. View it as a service based business. Because you are not paying for a ton of different products that end up costing you thousands of dollars. You are paying for the one service as a whole! That is if you even upgrade to a ‘Premium’ account.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Profile Description?
A. Every Wealthy Affiliate member has their own unique profile. Where they can write a profile description about anything they want to. You could write you profile in a way that highlights your career achievements. You could even incorporate a sales pitch among it if you are in the right niche. By filling out a profile picture and adding an image leads to better networking capabilities and adds a trust factor.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Programs?
A. A recent innovation at Wealthy Affiliate has introduced an affiliate program feature. It showcases many popular affiliate programs from the corners of the internet. It’s packed with info on commission rates, overall ratings and recommendations. This does give Wealthy Affiliate members a good idea of what to promote in any niche respectively.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Pyramid Scheme?
A. We’ve been through this. Those who blatantly claim Wealthy Affiliate to being a pyramid scheme are simply mistaken. They are generally misinformed. Another reason people say that Wealthy Affiliate is a network marketing, or MLM pyramid is because they are trying to promote  another companies product and/or service and/or their own. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Real or Fake?
A. Are you wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate, or a illegitimate service? Wealthy Affiliate is 100% real and has the resources to take you from a complete newbie to a successful internet based entrepreneur. Keep in mind that it doesn’t happen overnight. But, every little effort you make puts a piece of the jigsaw puzzle together. One day at a time moves you one step closer to your online business goals!

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Refund?
A. Refund’s are discretionary based in most cases. You need to contact Kyle by private message at:
or Carson at: then initiate a private message. You shouldn’t pay for the service unless you understand how it works anyways. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Refund Policy?
A. People tend to forget to cancel their Premium membership – monthly, 6 monthly or yearly billing cycle in their personal account settings area once they are finished with using Wealthy Affiliate’s services. They simply get frustrated and demand an instant refund when they were not responsible enough to terminate their payment. Cancelling your own billing cycle and membership at Wealthy Affiliate is the member’s responsibility. There is not a refund policy at this point because users access a ton of resources and programs and simply want to leave. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Results?
A. Results at Wealthy Affiliate are not typical and do vary person to person. Everyone walks down there own path in life and make there own decisions. Obviously, those that make it to the ‘Super Wealthy Affiliate Conference’ have dedicated a ton of energy to earn that annual invitation.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Review?
A. A Wealthy Affiliate review is one of the first pillar articles members will create when following the ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ course. Reason being, this will be one of your main focal points to drive your traffic to, to convert any cold leads into Wealthy Affiliate members. 

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Reviews?
A. With a simple search in Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines. You will uncover hundreds, if not thousands of Wealthy Affiliate related reviews of people expressing their insights into the Wealthy Affiliate experience.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Scam?
A. In no way, shape, or form is Wealthy Affiliate a scam! You have the power to accomplish so much success without having to pay for the one and only membership upgrade.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit?
A. This question is often searched by those that don’t quite know if Wealthy Affiliate can be trusted or not. Wealthy Affiliate definitely sits on the legit side of the fence.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Sign-in?
A. The only way you can use your Wealthy Affiliate profile and access resources within the site is by signing in. You can even access you WordPress back-office area through your SiteRubix management tool.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Sign-up?
A. To sign-up go and visit
Get immediate access by filling out the initial subscription form. Literally takes 30 seconds to complete.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Success Rate?
A. The success rate of a Wealthy Affiliate member can be determined by these key attributes. A willingness to learn and evolve over time. Putting in consistent work and effort. Never giving up from the fear of failure.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories?
A. The quality and quantity of success stories found within is in abundance. The people who write about their success achieved following Wealthy Affiliate education are not paid, or told to do so. They post these milestones as a way of paying it forward to the community which has a positive effect on the doubters and naysayers.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Support?
A. If you want direct support from the top dogs at Wealthy Affiliate. All you need to do is click on their profiles. They’re easy enough to find since they are ranked at the top of the list. Now, initiate a private message. Further contact info can be found at the review section of this article.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Terms and Conditions?
A. You can access the Wealthy Affiliate terms and conditions at the following page:
It is important to read these before signing up to know what your rights and responsibilities are as a member. I know they are boring to look at! You can open the privacy policy from here too.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials?
A. There is an abundance of testimonials, or success stories talking about an individual’s success whilst using the Wealthy Affiliate service. You can easily find heaps by browsing through the Wealthy Affiliate search bar, blogs inside and out of Wealthy Affiliate. Testimonials are not in short supply.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Tips?
A. Remember that at Wealthy Affiliate, it is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t expect to win in a marathon without putting a few band-aids on your nipples. Don’t expect to earn instant riches overnight simply because, unless you are already well trained or professional, knowing exactly what you’re doing. It takes time to master a consistent revenue stream/s

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Top Earners?
A. Kyle and Carson. Jay Neill, Nathaniell, Roope Kiuttu, VitaliyG, Alex Sol, Jerry Huang, Lil Mama, Chris Myles, Tim McKinley, Ian. P, Eddy Salomon, Dylan Rieger, David Harris, Steve Razinski and Michael Rogers should be enough names to get you inspired. Most of these names have reached super affiliate status and were invited to one or more Las Vegas – Super Affiliate Conferences.  

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Trial Period?
A. People need to know there are no official trial periods offered at Wealthy Affiliate. You can join the site at the ‘Starter’ membership level and remain a free starter member for life. Never having to upgrade an account to the ‘Premium’ level.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Training?
A. There are 3 types of training materials you can utilise at Wealthy Affiliate. Official training courses created by Kyle. Live training classes held by Jay. Communal training short courses (tutorials) created usually by long-serving Premium members that generally know what they’re talking about.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Tutorial?
A. There is a multitude of tutorials found within the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard area. Which is basically a forum full of relevant information. Throughout the training courses, each lesson is created in the way of a tutorial. Using text and video.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Unbiased Review?
A. You would normally find an unbiased review of Wealthy Affiliate when somebody is not promoting the service for a profit. These reviews are limited in supply and are usually created for educational purposes only.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate University?
A. The term ‘Wealthy Affiliate University’ has been adopted over some time from the abundance of education and resources available from the Wealthy Affiliate website. It is not an official branded domain registered apart of Wealthy Affiliate’s services.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting?
A. Whether you’re a ‘Starter’ or ‘Premium’ paying member. Both levels can gain access to free website hosting provided at Wealthy Affiliate. All you need is a subdomain, or brought a domain name so that you can link it up with WA hosting. Just click over to SITE Domains to link your domains to the WA ‘nameservers’. You can even transfer your domain purchased elsewhere to the Wealthy Affiliate website. Who’d a thought?

Q. Wealthy Affiliate University Reviews?
A. Find listings of reviews created by individuals promoting Wealthy Affiliate under the improper name of Wealthy Affiliate University. Access them within popular search engines. Social media platforms, websites etc.

Q. Wealthy Affiliate University Scam?
A. People who’re seeking whether Wealthy Affiliate University is a scam or not. For starters, Wealthy Affiliate University is a misconception from the well branded Wealthy Affiliate name.

Q. What Does Wealthy Affiliates do for you?
A. Educates users in the art of affiliate marketing and traffic generation methods. Including sub-domains, purchasable domains, build and maintain websites, link hosting to it’s name-servers, receive fast and accurate communication, network capabilities and earn revenue as a result.

Q. What Does Wealthy Affiliate Sell?
A. Wealthy Affiliate sells the ‘Premium’ membership service as mentioned. It’s optional to upgrade your Jaaxy Lite account to a more advanced level (N/A). Plus it has recently introduced the cash credit system. 1 WA cash credit carries the value of $0.50 (N/A).
Let’s say you purchase 40 WA cash credits for $20.00 (USD). Spend your 40 WA cash credits on: SITE Comments; SITE Feedback and SITE Domains. Any purchased WA cash credits can be cashed in and sent to your PayPal account.

Q. What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach?
A. Affiliate/internet marketing. On/off page search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies. Content creation following the CIAO principle. Building a website foundation. Maintaining and scaling a website. Importance of social media and building your brand. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Understanding website analytics to know your target audience. Important topics discussed during live webinars etc.

Q. What do you Sell on Wealthy Affiliate?
A. It’s against the rules to promote your own products, or publish your own affiliate recommendations within the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard forum area. You go to Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to promote products/services as an affiliate marketer elsewhere.

Q. What is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?
A. A Premium membership is the only time you’ll ever need to purchase anything at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a one price fits all kind of deal. Becoming a Premium member would suggest that you are serious about building an online asset in affiliate business.

Q. What is the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp?
A. The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp program can become a very lucrative course for the right type of individuals. You learn everything you need to know about creating highly converting articles, which can open up to consistent residual based commission stream as the reward.

Q. What Exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?
A. Wealthy Affiliate is simply a bustling website that caters to a number of software technologies and resources which are regularly updated. Members will have a competitive advantage over the competition in the open playing field of affiliate marketing.

Q. What is Wealthy Affiliate About?
A. Offering a unique way to learn how to earn income online as an affiliate/internet marketer. It’s not just limited to affiliate marketing.

Q. What is Wealthy Affiliate University?
A. There is no such place as Wealthy Affiliate University yet. Someone has brought the most relevant domain name extension and has done nothing with it.

Q. When Was Wealthy Affiliate Founded?
A. Wealthy Affiliate’s opening occurred in 2005. During its infancy, the site was very raw in terms of design, software/services offered. Since 2005 Wealthy Affiliate has assisted over 2+ million people. The community of entrepreneurs is growing at an exponential rate.

Q. Where is Wealthy Affiliate Located?
A. According to Wealthy Affiliate’s privacy policy. It’s parenting company – Niche Marketing Incorporated. Is located in Victoria, British Columbia of Canada. All the way up in the great white north of Canada hey!

A. Will either open up search results tailored to Wealthy Affiliate. Or redirect you to the Wealthy Affiliate website if you are a verified member.




Before I leave you. Do not hesitate to contact me before making your final decision.

How can I be of assistance to you?

NOTE: If there are any members from Wealthy Affiliate reading this article – “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit.”

By all means, jot down your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below, so that we can help encourage aspiring entrepreneurs.

Have a lovely day…



36 thoughts on “Is Kyle & Carson – Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit”

  1. are the comments through wealthy affiliate to help each other’s posts? I bet it is! I was with them in 2017. They have the worst and outdated training on the internet. The training was relevant in 2007 and that’s when they had no competition. Now free YouTube videos offer far greater value than the misleading training. I know my review wont be published but I don’t care.

  2. I agree with the guy you called a troll. Well I didn’t read it all but I was suspicious simply because there were not any negative reviews. So I thought it was curated and this fake or scam. Plus I wouldn’t trust reviews on your page for affiliate marketing because I’d imagine all you affiliate marketing guys just bolster each other with praises and comments. So it’s like who can you trust with these things. Also Jesus Christ, the amount of fluff in these reviews, come back to reality and be concise. Condense the info.

  3. I cancelled my account about a month ago and they took my membership fee out anyway.
    By doing that they are not trust worthy in my opinion and should not be trusted by anyone.
    If you are thinking about joining do not! Because Kyle and Carson are crooks and should be incarcerated and should not be trusted one bit!

    If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate, do it at your own risk!
    Because they are crooks and should be treated as such!

    • You must have not cancelled your account and monthly billing in the settings. There is very little risk and so much reward to be gained at Wealthy Affiliate. It just proves that Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone. Not many people have the patience to build a long-term and sustainable affiliate business online. It took me 5 months before I made my first affiliate commission. My tune changed as I continually began earning residual commissions from there onward. I’ve been a proud member for nearly 2 years now.

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  5. Super good-looking website, like my dream, oh yeah! And very thorough, informative and helpful review for many people who are struggling when trying to find LEGIT ways to earn money online and/or to quit the 08-05 job and start some online businesses. Last but NOT least, it’s more than welcome to have people like you and sites like yours to avoid possible scams that happen to be in this industry. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Let me start off by saying, I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member myself.

    That said, I love to read peoples reviews and get their perspective when I come across them.

    I’ve been with them a little over a year and a half. They were pretty impressive when I joined but they have made huge strides in the time that I’ve been here.

    I’ve tried a lot of different “opportunities” out there and WA is by far the best I’ve encountered.

    To anyone reading this review, do yourself a favor and sign up for the free Starter account. You’ll be amazed at what you have access to and, if you don’t like it, all you’ve lost is some time to check it out.


  7. Wealthy affiliate is absolutely a legit platform where you can learn not only how to build-up your eye-catchy website, but also learn about variety of necessity aspects of online marketing such as keyword research, creating quality content, SEO and much much more. When we talk about keyword research, Jaaxy keyword tool comes handy and does play a huge role on your business, when you compare only this one tool with any other tool in the market, you will then soon realize what we are talking about here. I am not going to mention of its Content Creation Tool, helpful community, etc. As you have mentioned it on your article with detail. In my perspective, each one of Wealthy Affiliate’s tool is equated with another whole platform in the market.

  8. Thanks for sharing this incredible review about the Wealthy Affiliate. I’m really very honoured that I am involved in this. By reading your post, it is very clear to me that Wealthy affiliate is a platform for those who are very disappointed with their little earnings offline. They can solve their financial problem by Wealthy Affiliate marketing. 

    Thank you again for this informative post. I will share this post with my friends and family. 

  9. What a great interesting review on Wealthy Affiliate. Where ever did you get some of that info? Training materials are updated around 750 times per year. System improvements average at 155 fixes each year? I have been a member so I can attest this is the best all around platform out there for training, let alone the hosting and SSL, email and domains! No where can you get so much for so less. Wealthy Affiliate definately over delivers on value.

  10. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate Marketing for about 3 months now and I can honestly say its money well spent. The tutorials are great and there is also a thriving community to help you along the way.  

    What I love about Wealthy Affiliate Marketing is that you can work at your own pace and if you have any problems experienced marketers are always on hand if you need them.

  11. HI Benjamin,

    I have read your informative product review about the wealthy affiliate program and I understood every necessary information about it. I have no doubt about this program that this is one of the best platform for learning and earning opportunity. Since I have already joined this as a premium member and earned daily while I am learning, I will give it a ratings of 10 out of 10. I am learning other opportunity also. Thanks for sharing this great review.

  12. Awesome Information! What an incredible blog post!I really love the way you structured out your review on wealthy affiliate. Your article is so expository and so comprehensive. Wealthy affiliate has been a very reliable platform. I cannot help but agree with everything that you had written here. Thanks for this enlightening review.

  13. I came across Wealthy Affiliate through a friend of mine. Since I’ve been involved in online marketing and SEO for over four years, I had to take a look at it and to be sincere, I was surprised how a platform can offer such range of services…. 

    Was it legit or scam?? 

    This question never ceased running through my mind for the first 20 minutes that i was perusing the platform. One good advantage of being on the internet for a long time in the line of online marketing is that, one will be able to distinguish a legit site from a plethora of scam sites flooding the internet. So I was never afraid of falling victim if it was truly a scam platform.. 

    After checking and cross-checking several information about the platform, I knew for sure that it was legit and instantly I had confidence on the platform and the services offered on it. I registered and became a premium user that same day and since then, I can proudly say that I’ve benefited alot from wealthy affiliate.. 

    How I wish I came across a detailed post like this analyzing wealthy affiliate, it would have saved me the time I spent cross-checking the site. Nevertheless, it was worth it and I’ve never regretted ever joining weathy affiliate 

  14. Good overview of Wealthy Affiliate! And I have to say, a very honest one. By the time I got to Wealthy Affiliate, I had tried so many scams, I had decided to give up.  The only reason I tried Wealthy Affiliate was because of a graph I saw at how much someones’s website traffic had increased after becoming a member of WA. I have not been disappointed!  The training has taught me so much. And there is always help available.

    If someone out there is debating on whether or not to give it a try, just do it!  It’s FREE to try it!

  15. This is a thorough indepth review of Wealthy Affiliate, mate. Great job you’ve done here, highlighting and analyzing each part of what makes up the Wealthy Affiliate Experience. Honestly, if anyone is still asking if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or legit after reading this review then the person was never interested in making money online. 

    This review touches all the wealthy knowledge, support and information that comes from being a member of this enormous community. So many opportunities, one just has to find their passion and apply all the knowledge with diligence and persistence, not forgetting consistency. Beyond, the sky is the limit. 

  16. I’ve been searching for ways to make money online and heard about Wealthy Affiliate. Compared to most other online marketing education platforms, this system has so many positive reviews. I’m glad they have a free membership, so I will try it first and decide for myself. I will be glad if you can answer one question though: how long usually people start making money online since joining the platform? Thank you for your information.

    • It all comes down to the individual at the end of the day. I have been marketing Wealthy Affiliate for about 6 months now to date, and managed to get my first referral at about 5 months in. 

      But, I also work as a commercial cleaner 25 hrs per week, so I can only put so much time in to advertise Wealthy Affiliate from my website!

      The difference is, you can choose to elect 2 courses, where one of these courses focuses on Wealthy Affiliate advertisement. My website is based around the Wealthy Affiliate concept! 

      You don’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate if you select the ENTREPRENEUR course that will allow you to follow your passion or interest into online success!

  17. Having been a member for almost 5 years now, I can confirm that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam. The main product that they are delivering is education followed by hosting service and a keyword tool. These are all valid stuff and you can even try free for one week before deciding to sign up for Premium. 

    But just like any education platform, the results of the student varies. Those who are fast learners, gain more than those who don’t or can’t commit enough time to pick up the skills. Unfortunately, many people tend to gauge the platform’s quality based on the amount of money that they earn online. This is a very poor reference because there are so many other factors that can determine the outcome. Education training is just one of them. 

    Programs that don’t deliver and has a lot of marketing hype, just to take your money – those are the scams that one should be watching out. 

    • Uh no it is based on how much money they can earn online why else do you think people do this Jesus Christ you act like it could be a hobby or enjoyable pastime or that it has merit and value in and of itself. No, affiliate marketing is not intrinsic, nor a virtue, it’s a means to an end and thus about how much money you can make but nice try though.

  18. Thanks for sharing this article on wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is an online business platform that has stood the test of time and is still in existence and will continue to be. If it were to be a scam it won’t have stayed for over 10years. I have never regretted joining this platform. Wealthy affiliate is legit. 

  19. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. I gave it a full trial when a friend whom I trusted so much introduced me into it. Wealthy affiliate gave members benefits to learn and earn as much as possible. Different tools are available and also videos are online to make success with Wealthy Affiliate possible. Thanks

  20. Thanks for this interesting post,  I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for two months now and so far its been awesome and i have had no reason to doubt the fact that they are here to help people in creating their various online empire. The training is exceptional as well as the community which is always standby to help with any questions. WA is here to stay and I hope it stays that way.

  21. Awesome. This is the most exhaustive coverage of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve ever seen. This much of information is hard to find even in official WA website. That’s fantastic! 

    As I was reading, I thought you’re also going to cover each training module and tasks, but thankfully, it wasn’t there. There are so many things I came to know about WA from your article. And, you’ve righteously said that, succeeding in online business is not everybody’s game. Only committed people succeed, not only on this platform, but in our entire world. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article. 

  22. This is a great article! I love your expository skill.

    I have been looking for an online source of income for a very long time! But all I found were scams, until I found Wealthy affiliate.  Then it happens I found Wealthy affiliate with its free membership and I thought wow, if its free there is nothing to lose. You can only pay the “small fee” if you understand it and are ready. So any newbie reading this should take this as a testimony from me that Wealthy affiliate is not one of the scams out there but a real platform on which you can launch yourself even as a novice in online business……. Waste no time try the free membership and see what I am saying. Is there any other means of earning income that you know? And willing to share of course? (#smiles)

  23. Thanks for taking the time to put together this lovely piece on Wealthy Affiliate.  It is normal for people to be cautious of programs going by the thousands if not millions of online making opportunities available on the internet. However, WA is totally different, I had heard of WA for more than 6 months from a friend. i wanted to be sure of its legit before i opt in. Over the months, all my fears concerning WA vanished on their own. WA is real and has been around for more than a decade. Great piece.

  24. Wonderful post about Wealthy Affiliate, I have been on the site for few months now and it’s been awesome all the way. Its absolutely legit and I’ve been earning some cash with hardwork and was able to develop my websites to standard. Nice going through this post for reassurance, keep up the good work. 

  25. Thanks for taking your time to give a full review about wealthy affiliate program and most of the things it has to offer. 

    Wealthy affiliate is a place to be for anyone who want to make money online through affiliate marketing or engage in legit online Business. One thing about affiliate, is you don’t have to know anything about building a website or how to write article. Everything you need to know about how to be successful in affiliate marketing is on wealthy affiliate. But there is a something I always tell people. It is not a good rich quick scheme. It involves learning and training at the beginning but as time goes on success is achievable.

  26. Thanks for this insightful take on Wealthy Affiliate. Without an iota of doubt, Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome program, especially for newbies who are interested in learning Affiliate marketing. 

    As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, the support I receive from Wealthy Affiliate is enormous. I think you really did it justice to wealthy affiliate with this article. Seeing it’s free to sign up, I think everyone should sign up and take action!

    Thanks for sharing, quite informative!

  27. Hello and thank you for this informative and thorough article. It was really a pleasant read.

    I can completely agree with you. I am also a member for almost a year now and I’ve managed to create two successful blogs with the help, training and community of Wealthy Affiliate. And to think I was a complete newbie in this field and did not even knew how to write an article.

    What I like the most about the amazing community that it is available for you 24/7. You can always ask for help or blog about your problems or share your success stories.

    Thank you for sharing this and good luck on your path.


  28. To understand if wealthy affiliate is scam or legit. You can check their payment record for years. If you want to know if there program works or not you can subscribe to the one week absolutely free trial. They unconditionally provide first 10 lessons free. If you feel it is useful and works you can go for full-time subscription. Any affiliate program if we work hard at success we can call it legit. If we do not work hard and fail, we call it a scam.

  29. How can wealthy affiliates be called a scam. It’s not possible. I have never seen such a legitimate platform elsewhere ever since I joined the online world. One thing that amazes me about this platform is that I earn while l learn. The learning tutorials are so detailed that even a no brainer can comprehend. I love WA. 

  30. You know, I have yet to read a bad review of Wealthy affiliate, and even though I was scammed by so many other “make money online” programs (too many to list), I gave Wealthy Affiliate a try because they offered a free membership. I thought, “Well, if they’re letting you join for free and not forcing you to upgrade until you want to, they must be legit.” Wow, was I correct. They are truly legitimate, and not only that, but they have taken my business to a level I didn’t even think was possible. So I’m here as a testimonial to your readers to say that they should just go ahead and sign up for the free membership, give the program a good try, and then if they find the value you and I did, at that point if they want more that the program offers in the premium membership (heck it’s only $49 a month anyway), they can go ahead and upgrade.  

  31. Well, you left nothing out. You promoted Kyle and Carson plus Wealthy Affiliate. In addition you almost gave away all that we as start up and premium members are privileged to experience. If anyone reads your blog and does not go premium immediately. Then they are looking for something out of this world.

    • Howdy Russell, 

      I feel, giving credit out is necessary when it’s due. If you really believe in something as I do with Wealthy Affiliate. You can cover a review in more detail. I agree with your statement. I have yet to find anything that comes close to Wealthy Affiliates affordability, training, tools and services as a whole. 

      I’d love to hear anyone tell me otherwise.  

      • This “review” is not a review. This is an ad. Do you think you put in enough links to the thing you were shilling? I find it very interesting that when I click on the ads directing me to the site to sign up, that it is your picture I see. I find it very interesting that 90% of the ads on this site lead to Wealthy Affiliate. I find it very interesting that you shoehorn Wealthy Affiliate links into other “reviews” of other similar “get rich quick by working from home” schemes which also read like ads. I find it very interesting that that every single comment is positively gushing over Wealthy Affiliate, with not a single negative comment in sight. It’s all just very interesting. It kinda reeks like a sca. . . Nah, it couldn’t be. If it’s not, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t let this comment be posted for all to see.

        • Congrats, you are the first genuine online troll we’ve had at Everyone has there own way of constructing reviews. I don’t see how it doesn’t fit the criteria of a review. Maybe you could shed some ideas how it should look like. Thank’s for your unique disposition and sincere concerns about Wealthy Affiliate Nimajneb. Hope you have a pleasant day! :’)


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