My Experience as an Internet Marketer (Financial Results)

It’s no hidden secret that internet marketing is currently one of the more prominent ways of earning a living online.

Recurring income is by far the best kind of income you can earn as an affiliate and it’s what I make every consecutive month.

I want to show where I learned it all part-time, so you can take your slice of the pie.

As you progress through the page, I will show you payment proof from when I got started and all the way to the present.

I’m not here to boast, I simply want to show you what is possible for those newbies or experienced affiliates.

I won’t be putting up extravagant income claims, or fake screenshots of payment proof.

These are some of my actual financial results and I am very proud to display them for you today.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business for FreeThere are many reasons why you should be excited about developing yourself a long-term and highly sustainable affiliate marketing business.

Especially, since I can point you to a genuine affiliate platform that I use personally which has everything you need from training, support, websites, hosting and an evergreen community of positive and influential people.

As an added bonus, if you join through my free referral link, you’ll get me as your personal mentor for free for as long as you remain a member.

What’s great is that you do not need to actually invest into the platform to earn revenue.

You are given an over powered vehicle without having to pay a dime for it, unlike the many other programs available online.

As an affiliate you can build a single niche website or multiple.

You are taught how to make these virtual assets lucrative by following the training course.

The ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ course and lessons are updated frequently and they’ve been molded for simplicity sake for the past decade.

Take a read of an honest review here about it.

As an affiliate/internet marketer you will eventually become skilled in multiple disciplines making you a webmaster or so called online guru.

You will understand keywords, promote products/services and even learn how to think outside of the box which will set you apart from the competition.

Every serious member who joins learns how to become an expert with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and keyword research.

As this combined strategy offers free organic traffic for your online business where your affiliate promotions will be clicked and purchases will be made.

This is all made possible thanks to the major, minor and mini search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Organic traffic for your e-business is smart since it is 100% free, which saves you a ton on advertising costs.

Have I grabbed your attention yet?

If not, that is okay because everyone has to start somewhere right.

Without being too cliche, you cannot expect to build a skyscraper without first laying down the structural foundation first.

This analogy applies when building out an online business.

The foundation is your website.

Websites are capable of becoming multi-million dollar businesses if are steered properly by the right hands.

So what better way is there then to get started by cementing down those important foundational building blocks and embarking on your new venture costing you $0.00 (FREE) Membership Registrations Go Here.

You will get rolling down a proven path to success by following a systematic and trusted program that has worked over and over again by millions of entrepreneurs.

Search engines will love you!

Competition will hate you!

And among your peers, jealousy and envy is something that can come with the territory.

How to Start a Affiliate Marketing Business for Free Remember, consistency is key and as you slowly gain recognition as an authority within your specific niche (target audience).

You will no doubt be earning regular commissions like clockwork.

Through smart work and sacrifice you can set yourself up for a financially stable future if you treat it like a long-term habit.

I got my first taste of residual income and plenty more since because I felt it was counterproductive to work for someone else slaving away with a soul sucking J.O.B (Just Over Broke).

I just new there had to be a proper method of earning income online and with some luck and proper research I found a platform that has been spitting out successful entrepreneurs for almost 2 decades now.

So if you want to become an internet entrepreneur like me and many others, you’ll know what to do…

Affiliate Marketing Education, Tools, Community & Support!Do you Hunger for the Truth About How People are Really Becoming Successful Online...


These Are The Types Of Emails I Get When I Earn Commissions

Earn Income Building An Affiliate Marketing Business For Free

I’ll Open Up A Few To Verify The Commission Amounts I’ve Received

Commission Type 1)


Commission Type 2)

Domain Credits Earned at Wealthy Affiliate


Commission Type 3)

Payment Proof That Wealthy Affiliate Works


Commission Type 4)

Payment Proof of Recurring Commission At Wealthy Affiliate


Commission Type 5)

Premium Plus Commission


Commission Type 6)

Premium yearly commission

The beauty of those commissions is that the currency used is valued in United States Dollar (USD).

Since I reside in Australia the exchange rate for those recurring $23.50 (USD) commissions convert to around $34.00 (AUD) for me, this is subject to change as is the nature of currency exchanges.

Not bad considering I get them on a monthly basis.

Don’t see why you can’t get them too.

Here is another perspective, or insider statistics of these payments I have received over the past calendar year cycles.

This Is A Screenshot Of The Actual Platform’s Dashboard Of Statistics

Year 1)

How to Earn Income as an Affiliate Marketer

Year 2)

payment statistics

To put this into perspective I will convert my earnings into Australia’s currency.

The grand total of each year from this one system comes to $3,792.00 (USD) earned.

For me it is actually worth around $5,060.72 (AUD).

For some it might not seem like much, but if you look closer it shows that my earnings have just about doubled in 1 year.

If it keeps following the same trajectory. Imagine what it would look like 10 years from now.

Keep in mind this is just the online income I earn as an affiliate.

At this platform I am recommending to you, you will learn how to incorporate many passive income strategies into your internet business.

I.e. Lead Generation, Ads Revenue etc.

I will show you more payment proof about these as well

Gain Instant Access now to start learning how to become a success online like I and many more others just like me.

What are you waiting for?


Are YOU Ready To Learn How To Build A Thriving Long-term Internet Based Business my friend? I Highly Recommend That YOU Get Started Off On The Right Foot With Proper Guidance. I Will Be Your Personal Mentor For A Lifetime…


How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Business

These Are The Types Of Emails I Get When I Get Leads For Chad Kimball

Leads From Chad Kimball


I’ll Open Up An Email To Verify The Sale Earned Per Lead

$50 Lead From Chad Kimball

So let’s crunch the numbers:

$50.00 (USD) x 16 = $800.00

$800.00 (USD) converted to Australian dollar = $1,068.78 (AUD) as of today.

These earnings are accumulated over 4 months since i’ve been gaining leads for Chad.

Example Of Ads Revenue Earned

I’ve taken advantage of the ‘Google AdSense’ network to display advertisements within my website/sites.

Incorporating ads is just another way to earn for producing quality content for your audience.

For E.g.

Back in the day (3rd/JUL/2019) This site earned my business $25.98 (AUD) in 1 day.

This is definitely the true sense of the phrase – earning money on autopilot.

All you gotta do is place ad code where you feel is appropriate in your site.

Then let your visitors trigger ads.

Isn’t this the real way of earning income on autopilot.

Visitors trigger Ad impressions which pay in there own right. If the advertisement gets clicked, you can at times earn on average a few dollars per click depending on multiple factors.


The Best Way to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business


By The Next Day the $25.98 Had Reached $32.76

The Easiest Way to Start With Affiliate Marketing


Here Is An Actual Screen Shot Of Ads Earnings To Date

Ads Payment Proof

So there you have all my earnings to date. If I were to add the hours put in over the past 2-3 years it would be considered at the work rate of a part-time job.

A part-time job that I completely own and run with nobody telling me what to do.

A part-time job that is heading in a successful direction that is highly likely to becoming a full-time job / hobby someday.

I’d admit, there have been ups and downs, highs and lows (not many).

But, financially I have earned $8,325.45 to date that is growing at a rate of 2x (doubling) each year.

All I or you need to do is just keep following what works.

Just fully commit yourself to the platform.

And expect to keep reaching milestones and breaking down road blocks along your journey.

So my earnings for the past year equals a total of $5,240.22

Not bad for a side hustle.

Keep in mind that I have only been getting leads for 4 months.

On that note, I dare you to do one better!

If you mindset is golden and can harness this stuff as a serious career which I lack that work horse ability.

You could be earning a lot more than me in a few years.

At least from my experience and perspective of how much more success I know I could have experienced by applying my time wisely to my internet business.

A Few Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Business Model To Start With

  1. Minimal upfront costs that can take a short amount of time to get a return on your investment (if any required).
  2. No need for direct face-to-face selling, door knocking appeals or holding group seminars.
  3. Don’t have to fork out a hefty upfront investment, as you would typically do in traditional business offline.
  4. Don’t have to create your own product to sell. Simply just promote other merchants product or services for commissions.
  5. Work your internet business anytime, anywhere, home or abroad.
  6. Once your well-established, your internet affiliate business will work and earn while you sleep.
  7. You role as an affiliate is to simply become the middleman/women. You connect the dots (product A to customer A).


How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Blog


How to Make an Affiliate Marketing Business


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I’ve helped over 604+ associates to date.

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I look forward to helping you achieve your goals, every step of the way.


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