How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business for Free

It’s no hidden secret that affiliate marketing is currently one of the more prominent ways of earning a living.

By means of a passive/residual income online.

Recurring income is by far the best kind of income you can earn as an affiliate and it’s what I make every consecutive month.

As you progress through the page, I will show you some of my payment proof, not to boast, only to show what is possible.

And no, I won’t be putting up extravagant income claims that I have just copied and pasted from elsewhere.

They’re some of my actual financial results and I am very proud to display them.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business for FreeThere are many reasons why you should get excited about developing yourself a long-term and highly sustainable affiliate marketing business.

Especially, since I can point you to a genuine affiliate platform that I use personally which has everything you need from training, support, websites, hosting and an evergreen community of helpers for a dirt cheap price.

Also, you get me as your personal mentor for free during your stay.

What’s great is that you do not need to actually invest into the opportunity to access the community and features it has.

You are given the power to learn a hell of a lot of information without having to pay a dime for it, unlike the many other programs available online.

As an affiliate you can build a single niche website or multiple.

You are taught how to make them lucrative by following the training every step of the way.

As an affiliate marketer you will eventually become a webmaster.

You will understand keywords, promote products/services and even learn how to think outside of the box which’ll set you apart from the competition.

Every successful affiliate marketer learns how to Search Engine Optimise (SEO) their content.

As this strategy alone offers free organic traffic to your affiliate promotions via the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It sure beats paying for your traffic like those lazy Pay-Per-Click (PPC) affiliate marketers do, because they cannot provide value within their content.

PPC is definitely a good thing to learn once you understand SEO, knowing firsthand what it’s like to experience regular free customers visiting your site.

Does any of these terms I.e. SEO, PPC sound foreign to you?

That’s okay because everyone has to start somewhere right?

Without being too cliche, you cannot expect to build a skyscraper without first laying down the foundation.

The same analogy applies when building out an affiliate business via your website.

So what better way is there then to get started by cementing down those important foundational building blocks by embarking on your new affiliate business venture using a free service provider.

Everybody should be allowed to get rolling down the right path, straight out of the gate.

That way your site can gain traction as soon as possible and before you know it.

Search engines will love you!

Competition will hate you!

And among your peers, jealousy and envy is something that can come with the territory.

Remember, consistency is key and as you slowly gain recognition as an authority within your specific niche (target audience).

Your affiliate business will earn regular and almost predictable commissions through your hard work and sacrifices made.

Did you know that I got started quite similar to how you might start your affiliation today.

I was a complete newbie with no concrete knowledge of how earning is legitimately made possible online.

Having that fear of failure in my mind.

I didn’t allow fear to dictate my success online.

I knew that by learning from those little mistakes made, or big failures along the way.

They would only set me up on the path toward success.

It’s no different to when we learned how to crawl as a baby, took those first few steps as a toddler and finally started walking on the good foot as a child.

I’m sure you can relate and I bet fell and hit my head smack dead on the canvas from time to time, but more to the point.

How to Start a Affiliate Marketing Business for Free I got my first taste of residual income because I had a sense of curiosity with what it would be like earning a living online.

If I didn’t initiate that search within Google on that specific day.

I may have never found out about the amazing platform that has equipped me with the arsenal for becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Since you’re here.

It’s likely that you typed keywords through a search engine.

Because I prefer not to pay for traffic. I stick with good old SEO.

By doing my initial due diligence like you’re doing now.

I soon discovered an incredibly high-tech and powerful affiliate marketing community that’s filled with well over 1.5 million aspiring and fully fledged entrepreneurs.

Whom of which, are based in many countries and unheard of locations around the globe.

Affiliate Marketing Education, Tools, Community & Support!Do you Hunger for the Truth About How People are Really Becoming Successful Online...

The quality of service they constantly provide has kept their cutting edge platform running in the forefront of the industry and still to this very day.

They’ve been successful in business for well over decade (15+ years).

They’ve enhanced and refined many processes down for simplicity’s sake, making the tedious of tasks, doable!

To this day, the overall service has slowly moulded itself in a way of becoming one of the most helpful entrepreneurial communities out there.

And I ain’t sugar coating shit either.

Here are a few personal screenshots I’ve just taken showing what I am currently earning as a member.

Since my e-business, or affiliate business is still in it’s infancy.

There is so much room for it to grow, not only financially, but the contents it provides.


These Are The Email Confirmations I Get When I Earn Commissions

Earn Income Building An Affiliate Marketing Business For Free


I’ll Open Up A Few To Verify The Commission Amounts I’ve Recieved

Commission Type 1)


Commission Type 2)

Domain Credits Earned at Wealthy Affiliate


Commission Type 3)

Payment Proof That Wealthy Affiliate Works


Commission Type 4)

Payment Proof of Recurring Commission At Wealthy Affiliate


The beauty of those commissions is that the currency used is valued in United States Dollar (USD).

Since I reside in Australia the exchange rate for those recurring $23.50 (USD) commissions convert to around $34.00 (AUD), this is subject to change as is the nature of currencies.

Not bad considering I get them on a monthly basis.

Each one slowly adds up bit by bit.

So you can clearly see where the potential comes for growing a full-time internet business as an affiliate marketer.

Here is another perspective of the payments I have received over the past calendar year.


This Is A Screenshot Of The Actual Dashboard For My Statistics

How to Earn Income as an Affiliate Marketer

To put this into perspective.

By converting the grand total of $1,333.00 (USD) into Australian dollars.

I have actually earned a total of $1,936.51 (AUD) over the past year with this one income stream alone.

Not too shabby.

I’m content with it.

Sure, more would be nice but that’s where I need to continue scaling out my affiliate business to increase the income.

I will continue to grow it over time and like I said, my site is still relatively in it’s humble beginnings.

If I was to add the amount of time and energy I have invested into this project.

I would considerate it as a part-time job level of responsibility.

Again, my foundation is made so it’s only onward and upward from here.

If you decide to take charge of this exciting opportunity.

You have the ability to gain instant access to technical support for your upcoming affiliate projects.

You can also receive fast communicative responses from myself and multiple other members in often times seconds of submitting a question.

No matter what the line of questioning is, expect to get a detailed response from multiple people.

Help can be made possible through the interactive live chat feature installed inside the system, or by private messaging through your network.

This kind of support is rare to come by nowadays.


Are you absolutely sure you want to learn how to build a thriving long-term affiliate marketing business my friend? Than I highly recommend you get started off on the right foot. I will be your personal mentor for a life-time as an added perk.


How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Business



A Few Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Business Model

  1. Minimal upfront costs that can take a short amount of time to get a return on your investment (if any required).
  2. No need for direct face-to-face selling, door knocking appeals or holding group seminars.
  3. Don’t have to fork out a hefty upfront investment, as you would typically do in traditional business offline.
  4. Don’t have to create your own product to sell. Market other people merchandise for commissions.
  5. Work your affiliate business anytime, anywhere, home or abroad.
  6. Once well-established, your internet affiliate business will work and earn while you sleep.
  7. You are simply the middle man. Connecting the dots (product A to customer B) and being compensated for your efforts.
  8. Ability to leverage ad networks for an additional income source and there is more ways to monetise your affiliate business.


How to Create an Affiliate Marketing Blog


How to Make an Affiliate Marketing Business


Another Monetisation Strategy To Incorporate Into Your e-Business

I’ve taken advantage of the ‘Google AdSense’ network to display advertisements within my site at spots of my choosing.

Incorporating ads through means of ‘Google AdSense’, or ‘Mediavine’ is another way to earn with your affiliate business.

This very website had earned my affiliate business $25.98 (AUD) back when I took the screen capture on 3rd/JUL/2019.

Isn’t this the real way of earning income on autopilot.

Visitors trigger Ad impressions which pay on there own and if the advertisement gets clicked, you can at times earn a few dollars per click.


The Best Way to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business


By The Next Day the $25.98 Had Reached $32.76

The Easiest Way to Start With Affiliate Marketing


Begin doing what I do today!

I will become your personal mentor!

I’ve helped over 250+ affiliate business start-ups to date.

So if you want to receive extra care on the side you can always ‘REGISTER TODAY FOR FREE’ and be connected with me for the duration of your stay.

I take care of my own invites and look forward to helping you achieve affiliate success every step of the way for many years to come.


Learn How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business



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