Is Clout Pay (Paid 4 Clout) a Scam or Legit

Attention all social media fanatics and influential’s combine! Clout Pay has been trending on many social news feeds lately.

And the website itself has been quite successful at tricking a lot of inexperienced users into believing they will make easy revenue online.

  1. All by the con act of issuing you a fake $25.00 payment into your account.
  2. Performing easy Click Per Action (CPA) tasks on Clout Pay’s task wall.
  3. Referring newcomers through your Clout Pay referral link.

Don’t fall for this data harvesting scam. Clout Pay is one of many so called “social media influencer platforms.” Those of you with massive friends lists and/or followers are the reason for spreading Clout Pay around like genital herpes.

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Internet Marketing Education, Tools, Networking & Support!Do you Hunger for the Truth About How People are Really Becoming Successful Online...

We will take a look into what Clout Pay actually is for anyone that is questioning Clout Pay’s legitimacy. You might be surprised at what you find out. Don’t take it personal if your temporary high of easy money online is shattered. is currently worth around = $20,373


Come on down and see what Scam VS Legit thinks about the viral – social platform currently called Clout Pay.


Taking in an estimate of – 4,354 visitors / day


We all want a little clout throughout life. What better way then to get recognition referring friends and acquaintances to make easy income online.


Clout Pay Review

*Brand: Clout Pay
Clout Pay Review*Website Address / URL:

  • (Dashboard has no SSL)
  • (New domain name)

*Founded: 2019
*Domain Age: 28th/May/2019
*Founder: Hidden for a good reason (work it out)
*Price / Cost: $0.00 (Free)
*Address / HQ: 197 Street Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia 6000 Australia (Likely a false location)
*Contact Info:


*Training: 11.03%
*Support: 16.83%
*Website: 29.12%
*Software Tools: 07.89%
*Success Stories: 47.31%
*Up-sells: Nope
*Verdict: Personal information collection agency used for reselling / spamming.


About Clout Pay

Clout Pay Legit

In the footer of the website it displays that Clout Pay has been operating between the years 2015 – 2019.

Funny. According to a reliable source, it says that Clout Pay is less than a month old. Wonder why Clout Pay is lying about it’s age. This isn’t a good news thus far.

About Clout PayAt the footer section I see 4 images of well-known social media platforms like Facebook Twitter and Pinterest.

Might go see what people are saying about Clout Pay on it’s business pages. That’s strange. Each link redirects me back to the homepage at Clout Pay.

Clout Pay must be legit right? Why don’t they have any concrete social media accounts. Considering it’s supposedly been active since 2015? A bit strange don’t you think?

Well, I still want to register because I like the idea of making: $500.00 on average every day. How do you earn at Clout Pay:

  1. Earning an easy $25.00 for signing up.
  2. Earn $2.00 every time somebody clicks on a referral link.
  3. Referring people from social media accounts by incorporating a unique affiliate link for $10.00$15.00 / person.
  4. Make $10.00 for downloading mobile apps via Google Play Store.
  5. $25.00 per survey. That’s the highest paying surveys I’ve ever seen.
  6. Oh ah, $30.00 for completing CPA offers from the task wall.
  7. $50.00 for crafting up a Clout Pay YouTube review. Now enough of the niceties.
Wait! I see a testimonial which reads:

“Clout Pay is a great network with really high payouts! I have been a member for over a year and never have missed a payment.” ~ Jayson D. Clout Pay Payment ProofEarned $193k+

Hang on. I thought this website is only 1 month old. How could someone make 193k in just 1 month of work. Man. I’m hook, line and sinker with this program and want some of the action! Heck, give me a slice of the Clout Pay pie.

I see that Clout Pay claims to receive it’s revenues from sponsors like McDonalds, Target, Wendy’s and Fortnight – Battle Royale.

I think this is worth asking a few questions to the owners before I surf on board the Clout Pay wave. Where’s the contact page? Oh, there it is. Time to click it and ask a few questions then.

Hmm, WTF is this! The contact page is: Not Found – The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server.

Now I’m fed up with this retard. How am I to trust this so called No #1 social media influencer network if I can’t even touch base with anyone.

Well I am desperate to pay for my living expenses, so I really have no choice but to try to make some quick cash overnight. I guess I’ll join up to Clout Pay.

What’s that. The dashboard area page does not have secure socket layers (SSL). Is it too late to cancel my account, now that I have provided my personal details? There’s no way in hell I’m going to add my PayPal details then.

Is Clout Pay a Scam

To put things into perspective for you. Here’s a quick reality check. Have you had experience running an online biz / website following some kinda business model in say? Affiliate Marketing, Multi-Level-Marketing for instance?

If you have, you are obviously aware that when starting out and building a website requires a ton of work to make an ethical flow of income online.

Clout Pay was established almost 1 month ago, since the creation of this article. They promise to credit you money for doing the simplest of tasks and referring new fools to the website.

Are you paying any cashola to use Clout Pay’s services? No you aren’t! How on earth will Clout Pay grow a business income with no incoming cash flow from willing participants?

Is Clout Pay a ScamThis is not an ethical opportunity in any language. Imagine if every citizen in Australia (25 million +) knew about Clout Pay’s method of earning a living online.

They’d think if they were able to make $500.00 per day for pushing a few buttons and referring people for a couple of hours. There is no need to head off to a life draining 9 to 5 job to earn a lesser $200.00 a day.

Could you imagine how that would affect the Australian economy, it would spell disaster in any country for that matter.

Whether Clout Pay gets only a small portion of people at around 100,000 to sign up. Or a whole country of 25,000,000 members.

Do you think the secret identities behind the fraudulent site will pay $25.00 per head for just registering to the service? You’d be crazy to believe so!


E.g. #1

$25.00 x 100,000 = $2,500,000 (2.5 million dollars)

E.g. #2

$25.00 x 25,000,000 = $625,000,000 (625 million dollars)


Now we have signing up / registering phase out of the way. It’s now time to throw paying new referrals into the mix. Each referral claims to pay a maximum of $15.00 per head.

You get a fake $15.00 credited to your profile for spreading the viral network of false hopes and dreams. Now Clout Pay will have to pay out the new referral an additional $25.00 on top of it for just registering.

Are you starting to see how this just doesn’t make sense and is not at all realistic. It’s a sham, scam, whichever way you name it.

Clout Pay Is It Real


Forgot to mention the additional fake income they claim to make be completing CPA tasks. That apparently take around 3 mins per task right.

Making up to $30.00 for completing a simple registration from, downloading a smartphone application, or clicking on a couple of advertisement banners here and there must make Clout Pay legit right?

By completing these CPA offers in your account dashboard. Is actually a way of making revenues for the deceitful scum operating behind the scenes.

So not only are they taking whatever details that you add to your profiles, then doing who knows what with your personal information.

They are also making additional income on the side by tricking you into thinking you are making dosh when performing CPA tasks, on their task wall.

When in reality, they are crediting you fake amounts into your Clout Pay account. While the unverifiable owners are knowingly sitting back and laughing at your stupidity.

Watching all this extra income flowing into their own income stream set-ups. So how do they get away with it? With all the different names inserted into offers, IP addresses recorded, and various residential details logged all around the world (Mainly US citizens).

As soon as people catch on about this fraud site! Mark my words. They will copy the website contents within. Then paste it over to a new domain URL / web address.

All they gotta do is change around a few minor details to make it look like a completely new website. Only to then recommence the data harvesting scam all over again.

I know I’m coming across with heaps of attitude. And probably pissing some of you off with the tone of what I am saying today. But at least when you come across another one of these so called social media influencer sites found on social media.

I hope you will remember my words and read between the lines! All in all, the message I am trying to deliver to you is that Clout Pay is a data stealing scam.

Now It’s Called Paid 4 Clout

[UPDATE] | So it’s been almost a month since the creation of this post. And now I’m back here to substantiate on a prediction I made at that time.

I called out that Clout Pay will change it’s domain name and branding to something else, and it has done just that. They’re trying to cover up for all the heartache and disgruntlement it caused many members.

Paid 4 Clout ScamJust like I had predicted. CloutPay deserted the original domain name of ‘’ and now goes by the name of ‘’.

You may be already aware of this change. If so, you’re likely curious why the sudden change has happened.

If you were to search online for the previous name –, or any relate-able keyword term in the search engine. Once clicked, you will be redirected over to the new web address going by –

There are no subtle differences to the new website. You can tell the owner has just executed a simple exportation of website data. They basically saved a file of CloutPay’s website data and transferred the files over to a new domain location.

This sudden change of branding will surely convince people to fall for this newer system. Not fully knowing of any consequences that may occur once provided personal details.

If you were to join up with Paid 4 Clout. You will succumb to spam contents sent to you via email and mobile for a starters.

Do not fall for this new revamping of Paid4Clout. It is still the same shakedown as before. You will not be Paid for Clout!



Final Word


  • It’s free to waste your precious time hanging out on Clout Pay.
  • You get to make easy money benefiting only the creators at Clout Pay.
  • One of the most lucrative affiliate programs, claiming to pay $2.00 for a simple click of a link.
  • Appealing program, but is it real?
  • You can earn more income than your teachers at school at the young ripe age of 13+ years old. Or can’t you?


  • Forfeit your personal details.
  • After pending a 14 day wait for payment. You will be told to wait an additional 2 weeks before payment will sent. Only to then get locked out of you account.
  • I repeat! Upon withdrawing it will say that you have been caught falsifying clicks and referrals. You won’t get paid.
  • Misleading website, coaxing the innocent by the notion of becoming rich overnight.
  • Your referral links and daily actions will ultimately contribute to the spread of this online disease.

Clout Pay Download

Sorry to disappoint any of ya! But there are plenty more social media influencer sites out there. How can they all pay out millions of dollars each month for simply joining and doing minimal work.

Why do they all look the same as each other? It only really costs around $15.00 / year to purchase a domain name. Hosting is rather cheap too when you can trick people into doing CPA tasks.

Hey, don’t get any ideas and become a scammer like those at Clout Pay.

Here’s a couple of reviews done in the past that are spit images of Clout Pay if you want to see the similarities.

  1. Viral Pay (Changed it’s domain and branding to Viral Dollars, then to Referral Pay ).
  2. Notion Cash.

Before we conclude this review. I want to at least offer a genuine opportunity for only those who are serious about earning a real passive income online.

Now I’m not going to say that it’s as easy as joining then doing a few simple tasks like you would do at the fraudulent company – Clout Pay.


This is a Real Online Platform that Specifically Teaches you How to Slowly Develop a Passive / Recurring Income Online by Creating & Building up an Affiliate Marketing Business Around your Passion / Interests. Please Do Not Click the Banner Unless you are Serious About Learning how to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer and Putting in the Necessary Work for Success. FREE (Websites & Hosting) Included.


Clout Pay Real


If you want to learn more about this popular resource I can provide an honest and ethical review about it. You will truly be able to compare how a legitimate website should look and provide for It’s members.




You made it this far, so before you go. Did you think this article was an enjoyable read. What did you learn today? Are you going to trust Clout Pay. Or do you see what the platform is really doing to the vulnerable. Let others know of your concerns. Did you get rejected from receiving payments from Clout Pay’s scam? Share on social media to expose this data harvesting scam and prevent others from falling into the hype.

Referring friends to Clout Pay will end up losing you clout…

Quick Recap of Clout Pay $0.00 (FREE)
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

48 thoughts on “Is Clout Pay (Paid 4 Clout) a Scam or Legit”

      • My status is CONFIRMED payment was due November 16th. I have received nothing yet but i see multiple payments to people scrolling across the screen and the chat option no one is available. I have called them all hours of the night. Much success to you and your son. I’m also a Veteran and thank him for his service.

    • Nexux Pay seems to be in It’s infancy, but, could easily explode if people get behind it and start dropping referral links throughout social media. I’ve done a review about Nexux Pay to warn the people about this social media influencer scam. Different name, different branding. But still the same cover up ya’ll. Check it out if you’re curious!

  1. This is bullshit! I really thought this was real. I worked really hard on getting my referrals. I’m trying to get my drivers license reinstated and it cost $350 bucks. I worked really hard and was suppose to cash out tomorrow and I get on there tonight and they say something about fraud, this sucks so bad. ????

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  3. Clout pay is definitely a scam. There is no actual payout ever. And it’s impossible to delete your account.

  4. I did it just to see what happens. I did all it asked I cashed out my payment schedule was for 7/8/19 then it said it changed to today 7/28/2019. Funny thing is I can’t log in anymore it said nothing matched. Sad they doing this to people.

  5. I like everyone else has fallen for this, I live with fixed income and wanted to believe in this, I just cashed out yesterday only to learn it’s nothing but wasted time for their gain! This has to be put to a stop! I do know that the play spot is a legit gaming app that DOES pay out! Thank you for the insight into this scam.

    • I been using paid4clout six’s weeks and I made it where I can cash out at $325. And my payment was due on 7-18-19 but I never got the payment to this day. Then I was told if I dont get it, contact the account manager and let them know through Skype or email. And it says the email does not work at all and they do not have a Skype. If I knew that they was fake I wouldn’t even use they website at all.

  6. Well seems like it’s BS because all of the comments I read here is exactly what I’m going through so clearly it’s a scam. Dates changed of payout then nothing. What bothers me the most is, not only did I waste my time. But I made others waste their time as well. They’ll soon have a class action lawsuit against whoever though. Only a matter of time. Its being investigated.

    • That’s awesome news. I hope Clout Pay, I mean Paid 4 Clout gets brought to justice Renee. I’m not sure what kind of penalties would apply though because you are not investing any cash into this platform. Do you know what legal action can be taken?

  7. So my friend actually said that she got paid from it and she told me that it was sent to her cash app. But when she went back to try and make more it wouldn’t let her. But she had emailed them and sent the Skype screenshots of the payment dates and things like that and they sent it.

  8. I was supposed to be receiving my money net14 which was 07/19 yesterday and I never received it. Why did Clout-pay make this up if they know you are not getting anything towards it, just a waste of my time! ??‍♂️

  9. Okay a few questions since no one will email me from Cloutpay. Why was my account deleted? Why was my payment date changed way after I already cashed out? Since my account was deleted will I still get my money I earned from my account?

    • Your account was deleted because the scammers behind CloutPay probably no longer need your services. I’m sure everyone has a monthly cycle before there accounts are terminated and untraceable.

      You’ve likely provided all the help you can offer to them by doing tasks from CloutPay’s task wall. And they get to keep all the personal details you provided to them which can easily be sold off to the highest bidder, so to speak.

      The payment date gets prolonged so you stick around completing tasks for them awhile longer. They trick you into thinking you will get paid eventually. Be weary from now on because there are heaps of these social media influencer sites popping up online.

      You can tell if it’s the same phoney referral / CTA scheme like CloutPay, generally because they are all identical in the way the site operates.

  10. This clout pay is definitely a scam. I’ve done everything it asked me to do. When I went to cash out. It gave me a date after date saying I’ll get my money. Its been a month and never received anything. I contacted Kim on Skype who was supposedly the account manger and never received a reply. When I went to sign in the next day my user name and password wasn’t active. I could not sign in. It said my user name wasn’t available and it also happened to many people I know who tried this Clout Pay. Ive been getting non stop calls from telemarking and spam emails with viruses and hackers. I URGE PEOPLE DON’T TAKE THIS BAIT ITS ALL LIES. There is a ton of videos and resources on YouTube and they tell you it’s a scam and nobody has ever been paid!

    • This just about hits the nail on the head. If anyone reads your comment Jareed, and still stubbornly believes Cloutpay is legit. They’re kidding themselves. Everyone seeking confirmation. Do take note of his comment. Sorry to hear that you wasted about a month of your life with the CloutPay bug sapping your mind.

  11. The Facebook page is gone. When I try to log in through the website it says my credentials don’t match and my email is not recognised. Before then they changed my payout from 7/8 to 7/24. My greed caught up to me. Eyes wide open now though!

  12. Now my account is an error. Says wrong details. But when I click lost my password, it says my email doesn’t exist. Fell for the Dayum scam!

    • I wish you found a genuine review such as this one before wasting your time over at CloutPay. Evidence highly suggests Clout Pay is false and won’t payout. Your comment is great for others to see how disingenuous Cloutpay really is!

  13. I just emailed the link hello @ and it sent the email to me. Yea I’m pretty sure Cloutpay is a scam that gets people to sign up for offers and take fake surveys!

  14. I just signed up for this site and I have done some referrals that I was not credited for. Who do you speak with in reference to this? Also, I see that they have changed the payment option, does this site really pays you money?

    • So far there is no evidence provided from anyone using CloutPay to suggest payments are being given at CloutPay. At least published with this article. Unless someone can prove that payments are been given through CloutPay. I’m convinced Clout Pay is a scam and won’t pay out any earnings.

    • You are banned because CloutPay is a scam! You won’t be able to withdraw money via cash App credit card. Sorry about that. At least you did not have to invest anything into this misleading service.

    • With going off of the comment provided. If you’ve missed your 5th referral. It’s probably because the software used to track each members profile statistics. Is not reliably accurate. There are a other websites online covering a review of Clout Pay and saying that it’s a legit social media influencer application. So, if you manage to make a successful withdrawal once qualified to redeem your earnings. Can you please reply with some proof of that payment for many others wondering if Clout Pay is as legitimate as they say.

        • So did I. It now says as of today, that all payments have to go by NET30 now, so now we’ll be waiting 30 days to find out. Funny how it changed from 14 to 30 when I just cashed put yesterday. I honestly just wanted to see if it worked, since a friend had posted about it. Ugh after reading all of this I’m kinda feeling a little dumb. ?

          • Well mine went from net14 to net30 too. Now It’s saying the 25th instead of the 9th. But by then I’ll will have lost everything depending on cloutpay ???

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