Is Jumpcut a Scam or Legit

Would you jump the fence or cut the queue? Let us first discuss the Jumpcut system for the time being, then you’ll make a smarter move! Is Jumpcut a scam or legit? We have all the details right here within the one article so just keep reading.

Though alternatively, if you know what kinda info you are seeking regarding Jumpcut then why not save time and jump down the rabbit hole of this post to a specific subheading.

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What is the Jumpcut AcademyJump to…

# Jumpcut Academy 2.0 Review
# About Kong Pham
# The Jumpcut Viral Academy
# Is Jumpcut Academy a Scam
# Is Jumpcut Academy Worth it
# Jumpcut Automated Income Machine
# Jumpcut Success Stories
# Jumpcut Refund
# Pro’s VS Con’s

Internet Marketing Education, Tools, Networking & Support!Do you Hunger for the Truth About How People are Really Becoming Successful Online...

Are you seeking permittance into one of Jumpcut’s tailor made electives? Spots can be limited during peak seasons and you may have to wait in line for a few days before given any real notification of acceptances.

Nah, the truth is. In order to advance to the paid training courses at Jumpcut. You first need to sign up, await and watch either one of the 101 crash courses that’s delivered to you via email over a couple of days, just lubing up your entry a little bit.

There are currently 3 premium courses you could divulge. 2 more courses are pending release later this year by mid/end of 2019. Here’s a quick overview of them to appease your curiosity:

#1 Viral Academy

This will provide appropriate education on how to scale a mass following with your current, or new YouTube channel venture. This claims to be a step-by-step course that allows you to grow your brand into a full-time income producing machine.

Worksheets = 26 | Videos = 26 | Duration = 5 hrs 27 min


#2 Automated Income Machine

Allows students to develop, then package their own digital intellectual properties online. Turning product into valuable assets, provided it offers value for your target audience. Only then will it potentially transpire into an automated online business.

Worksheets = 44 | Videos = 78 | Duration = 13 hrs 22 min


#3 Art of the Startup

Taught by Justin Kan who is the co-founder of Twitch. Justin will explain while walking you through the concept of how you go about starting up a new project from scratch. An idea that could cement down the anchors firmly and keep it afloat for potential success.

Worksheets = 11 | Videos = 17 | Duration = 3 hrs 37 min 


#4 Contagious Content

Uncover the secrets to amassing a widespread following on any social media platform located on the world wide web. One without the headache of paying for recurring fees and advertising.

Released —> Winter: December 2019 


#5 Facebook Advertising Agency Accelerator 

Learn contemporary, modern day Facebook advertising strategies and inherit real insider methods used by successful Facebook specialists within Jumpcut.

Released —> Spring: March 2019


Jumpcut Academy 2.0 Review

*Brand: Jumpcut
*Website URL:
*CEO & Founder: Kong Pham
*Headquarters: 1905 North Wilcox Ave, #708, Hollywood, California 90028 US
*Year Founded: June, 2014
*Contact Details:
What is Jumpcut Academy About*Training: 47.20%
*Support: 41.06%
*Website Builder: 00.00%
*Hosting: 00.00%
*Software Tools: 11.56%
*Success Stories: 73.22%

  • $997.00 one-time payment
  • $1,182.00 over 6 months at $197.00 per monthly cycle

*Up-sells: Highly likely
*Verdict: Above average help for the below average Joe


About Kong Pham (CEO)

Chief Executive Officer Kong Pham of Jumpcut is a Vietnamese descendant whom can speak all 3 dialects.

Kong Pham’s spiritual animal (or insect) is the cockroach. Due to the fact that all cockroach species have the biochemistry to survive nuclear warfare.

Kong Pham feels he has the mental capacity of surviving a barrage of anything negative, time consuming or jeopardising for the future of his Jumpcut business.

About Kong Pham

Mr. Pham had dropped out of college. Decided to become an entrepreneur, which over time eventuated to becoming the fully fledged CEO of his internet business and brand – Jumpcut.

He’s palette enjoys a bite of Korean food and is always down for busting out a cold brewski, whilst brainstorming ideas with other co-workers headquartered within Hollywood.


The Jumpcut Viral Academy

Social Media Secrets
  • You are an influencer (5 min 40 sec).
  • Roadmap to a profitable YouTube career (12 min 26 sec). Includes worksheet.
  • Fail your way to success (8 min 56 sec).
  • Do not f**king procrastinate (11 min 22 sec). Plus worksheet.
Launching your Channel
  • You average Joe (4 min 1 sec).
  • Finding your channel direction (8 min 49 sec). Includes worksheet.
  • Coming up with a magical idea (11 min 19 sec). Plus worksheet.
  • Equipment: what matters and what doesn’t (9 min 3 sec). With worksheet.
  • Production 101: How to make something you’ll love (16 min 41 sec). Has worksheet.
  • The YouTube Startup guide (worksheet only).
  • YouTube marketing Strategies: bonus (worksheet).
Viral Marketing Masterclass
  • Intro to growth hacking (8 min 52 sec). Includes worksheet.
  • The traits of virality (7 min 16 sec). Plus worksheet.
  • The remix strategy (8 min 15 sec). With worksheet.
  • The infotainment strategy (15 min 19 sec). Has worksheet.
  • Content scorecard (11 min 0 sec). Worksheet included.
  • How to “Think Big” (7 min 55 sec). Again, worksheet.
Influencer Intel
  • Why you need a hacker’s mentality (10 min 24 sec). Includes worksheet.
  • Set a goal for yourself (13 min 12 sec). Plus worksheet.
  • Getting your first 10,000 subscribers (17 min 24 sec). With worksheet.
  • How to locate blogs for free promotion (8 min 39 sec).
  • Building your audience with online (19 min 25 sec) Has worksheet.
Paid to Promote
  • Priming then pitching (5 min 25 sec). Includes worksheet.
  • Case study: 6 ways to monetize (8 min 17 sec). Plus worksheet.
  • How to make bank with brand deals (53 min 39 sec). With worksheet.
  • Information product blueprint (18 min 32 sec). Has worksheet.
  • Advanced marketing for infoproducts (worksheet).
  • How to triple your revenue with merch (15 min 7 sec). Worksheet included.
  • 6 figure crowdfunding (10 min 16 sec). Again, worksheet.
  • The resource bible – an appendix of all tools to use (worksheet).

Is Jumpcut Academy a Scam

If you subscribe to any of Jumpcut’s subscription forms. Just about every day or so you will receive a couple messages that try to entice you to buy into the Jumpcut Academy community of entrepreneurs.

I’ll have you know that the emails sent to your inbox are not secure using a Chrome Operating system (OS) or chrome browser. At least this occurrence is happening on my Chrome OS.

By clicking on any corresponding hyperlinks attached in the emails sent from Jumpcut. It attempts to redirect over to  But quickly halts with the warning:

“your connection is not private – Attackers might be trying to steal your information at for passwords, messages or credit cards.”

This is the only discrepancy I have with Jumpcut’s site for now.

These messages are carefully crafted with the intent to sell. These mostly cheesy, hyped sales pitch messages tend to redirect over to alluring video sequences (if you can reach it) that attempt to convert you into a Jumpcut student.

This type warning from Google LLC is often triggered when accessing a URL address that has not got the safety encrytion set up  using Secure Sockets Layers (SSL).

It’s considered a threat within this day and age. If you are ruthless enough to progress and ignore the warning. I’d suggest to open a new chrome browser/window within incognito mode.

Then type the exact URL address that was attached inside the messages in your inbox. This way, you can click on the ‘advanced’ option which allows users to proceed to the video series with some degree of caution!

You need to paste the full URL address that could look quite similar to this below…

Is Jumpcut Worth itIf you type in just the short version of the URL address…

It will open up a page at Jumpcut which advertises: With a join letter for a so called Marapost Marketing Cloud.

This seems a bit unusual for a business that appears legit.


Is Jumpcut Academy Worth it

If you are interested in learning how to carve out a successful YouTube career, or understand what it takes to grasp the mindset of a successful online business man/woman.

If you attain a unique disposition, a preexisting drive or aptitude for harnessing the types of course lessons and assignments offered at Jumpcut.

Then this might be a viable opportunity for you.

I’m sure, you could just as easily find cheaper alternative out there by performing a simple search on Google or here at Scam VS Legit.

Jumpcut Viral AcademyNot only that, searching around on YouTube yourself for help and advice will often provide top results catering for any queries you input anyways.

I read a question on Reddit with a replied comment that stated most of the videos offered at Jumpcut are quite similar to the lengthy explanatory sales pitch videos that are designed to make you a customer in the first place.

There is evidence of success within Jumpcut. But are you willing to spend around USD $1000.00 before even getting started. That’s the question, and a big question at that!

Although Jumpcut does boast to be a part of the 7 of the world’s biggest YouTube influencers. If that’s true than your surely learning from some of the best out there.


Jumpcut Automated Income Machine

Like Jumpcut’s Viral Academy course. By signing up to the Automated Income Machine. You will receive your video training blueprint mini series each day tailored to understand and comprehend how to build an internet business using Jumpcut training and services.

It wouldn’t surprise me that once you create your digital product. You would list it on websites like Clickbank to allow affiliate marketers to advertise and sell your product for you.

Anyways, lets get back on topic.

Welcome to the Automated Income Machine
  • Welcome and congratulations! (12 min 28 sec).
  • The 3 entrepreneurial misconceptions (12 min 39 sec).
  • The problem and solution opportunity (10 min 50 sec).
  • 3 key components of information marketing (4 min 20 sec).
  • Discover your core motivators (worksheet).
The Roadmap to your Big Idea
  • The personality-based business model (17 min 0 sec).
  • How to leverage your passions, skills, and interests (19 min 13 sec).
  • The Passions-based brainstorm questionnaire (worksheet).
  • Skills-based brainstorm questionnaire (worksheet).
  • Discover the {business} idea scorecard (14 min 48 sec). Includes worksheet.
Audience Immersion Secrets
  • The secret to breakthrough marketing (13 min 15 sec).
  • The immense value of a detailed avatar (10min 5 sec).
  • Audience immersion resources (worksheet).
  • Diving into your audience’s mind (13 min 56 sec).
  • The avatar approach (7 min 24 sec).
  • The framework worksheet (worksheet).
  • Meet Allie — an avatar example. (worksheet).
  • Gathering audience research (worksheet).
Content Marketing Masterclass
  • Audience first, product later (10 min 44 sec).
  • Why content is king (20 min 11 sec).
  • {Step 1} make amazing content (10 min 56 sec).
  • Make great content (worksheet).
  • 69 types of killer content {with examples} (worksheet).
  • Anatomy of great content (worksheet).
  • 5 content goals {with examples} (worksheet).
  • Bonus lesson: infotainment (14 min 59 sec).
  • Bonus lesson: traits of virality (7 min 17 sec).
  • {Step 2} lead magnets (8 min 32 sec). Includes worksheet.
  • {Step 3} promoting your content (5 min 6 sec). Plus worksheet.
  • Special guest expert: James Shamsi teaches Instagram (24 min 6 sec).
  • Special guest expert: Brian Swichkow teaches Reddit (24 min 6 sec).
The Overnight Expert

The Jumpcut Viral Academy

  • How to position yourself as an authority (6 min 3 sec).
  • Why people buy: the #1 factor that drives all spend… (8 min 1 sec).
  • The limitless impact of “bridge builders” (5 min 20 sec).
  • How to be wildly influential in life and business (3 min 53 sec).
  • The art and science of storytelling (3 min 56 sec).
  • The 4 roads to influence: life advice (5 min 50 sec). Includes worksheet
  • Resource: life advice example (worksheet).
  • The 4 roads to influence: the common enemy (5 min 55 sec). Plus worksheets.
  • The 4 roads to influence: shared values (4 min 49 sec). With worksheet.
  • The 4 roads to influence: give value (4 min 29 sec). Has worksheet.
  • The 6 commandments of storytelling (25 min 35 sec).
  • Assignment: implement the 6 commandments (worksheet).
  • Assignment: your marketing arsenal (worksheet).
Digital Product Workshop
  • The importance of research (7 min 57 sec).
  • The product package: creating the ultimate course (21 min 33 sec).
  • Profitable product brainstorm (worksheet).
  • Product research, part 1: Competitive (8 min 31 sec). Includes worksheet.
  • Product research, part 2: Customer (8 min 36 sec). Plus worksheet.
  • Survey scripts (worksheet).
Advanced Digital Product Creation
  • How to design truly transformational products (1 min 38 sec).
  • The hurdle-based outline strategy (9 min 32 sec).
  • The 7 golden rules of information products (15 min 3 sec). Includes worksheet.
  • The 4 elements of an irresistible offer (4 min 32 sec). Plus worksheet.
  • Advanced pricing psychology (6 min 40 sec).
  • The art of risk reversal (3 min 0 sec).
  • Assignment: your money back guarantee (worksheet).
  • Tip of the scales with bonus content (3 min 28 sec).
  • Assignment: brainstorm your bonus assignments (worksheet).
  • Find your features: how to craft killer products (0 min 58 sec).
  • Assignment: Determine your product’s features (worksheet).
  • Zig when they zag: how to discover your USP (3 min 26 sec). With worksheet.
  • The 4 step fullproof course creation process (7 min 47 sec).
  • The quickest, easiest way to film your course (5 min 23 sec).
  • Assignment: our equipment recommendations (worksheet).
  • The 3 pass process (2 min 12 sec).
  • Writing worksheets (1 min 20 sec).
  • Recap (0 min 57 sec).
  • Bonus walkthrough: Outlining a course (12 min 9 sec).
Information Marketing Overview
  • Intro to the marketing funnel (23 min 48 sec).
  • Content email writing masterclass (19 min 22 sec).
  • Drafting content emails (worksheet).
Lucrative Marketing Funnels
  • The sequence of beliefs (7 min 20 sec). Includes worksheet.
  • The two product launch styles (4 min 7 sec). Plus worksheet.
  • The welcome sequence framework (6 min 22 sec). With worksheet.
  • The 7 step sequence for killer email marketing (6 min 35 sec).
  • The “open and close” launch strategy (1 min 54 sec).
  • The golden rule of advanced copywriting (6 min 21 sec).
  • 7 psychological sales secrets (13 min 54 sec).
  • Assignment: write your marketing email sequence (worksheet).
Product Launch and Sales Mastery
  • The six selling assumptions (30 min 50 sec).
  • How to write breakthrough sales copy (34 min 3 sec).
  • The universal sales structure “cheat sheet” (worksheet).
  • Write your sales assets (worksheet).
  • Digital product platform basics (6 min 45 sec).
  • An intro to advanced tactics for growing your business (21 min 3 sec).
Roadmap to a 7-Figure Future
  • How to create “customers for life” who buy all you… (7 min 31 sec).
  • Grow your business with the “value stacking” strategy (17 min 6 sec).
  • How to structure your backend product catalog for… (6 min 2 sec).
  • The right way to approach pricing with multiple pro… (4 min 38 sec).
  • Creating the ultimate upsell (5 min 42 sec). Includes worksheet.
  •  The customer mountain: discover the secret of high… (7 min 29 sec). Plus worksheet.
  • How to conduct high-impact split tests that truly g… (5 min 6 sec).
  • Affiliates & joint ventures: what you need to now (3 min 1 sec).
  • 6 advanced business development tactics (9 min 39 sec).
Successful Mindset Secrets
  • #1: embrace the hacker’s mentality (18 min 43 sec).
  • #2: 80/20 your time (14 min 58 sec). Includes worksheet.
  • #3: discipline is better than motivation (13 min 23 sec).
  • How to: use discipline to create lifelong habits (worksheet).
  • #4: always be learning (9 min 25 sec).
  • #5: love the struggle (13 min 2 sec).
  • #6: the best way to be greedy, is to be generous (10 min 48 sec).
  • Final thoughts (3 min 0 sec).

Jumpcut Success Stories

Success is happening here at Jumpcut. To name a few testimonials within the website:

Laurie & Kevin

The Icing Artists

Baking cakes for over 2.5 million people on YouTube.
  • Total: 2.8M subscribers.
  • 90K monthly subs.
  • May 2016 – Nov 2018
Mikey & Amir

Habit Nest

Unlikely students turned habit hacking startup success.
  • Total: 249K followers.
  • 3K monthly followers.
  • Apr 2015 – Jan 2018
Harshyt & David


From starving artists to full-time YouTube musicians making $1,900 per video.
  • Total: 82K subscribers.
  • 3K monthly subs.
  • Dec 2016 – Nov 2018


The 20-year old YouTuber makes over $150,000 annually with his hilarious fashion reviews.
  • Total: 510K subscribers.
  • 18K monthly subscribers.
  • Oct 2016 – Nov 2018


DIY YouTuber destroys her business school debt with viral beauty hack videos.
  • Total: 569K subscribers.
  • 18K monthly subs.
  • Aug 2016 – Nov 2018


Viral YouTube animator with over 450,000 subscribers proves the doubters wrong.
  • Total: 576K subscribers.
  • 21K monthly subs.
  • Jul 2016 – Nov 2018


Jumpcut Refund

There is a catch for claiming your 100% refund guarantee. If you decide to purchase into any of the premium training packages. You better be absolutely sure about giving it your all to make it succeed.

Because in order to meet the eligibility for a full refund, no questions asked. You must first have met specific criteria:

  1. Spend a minimum of 5 hours each week implementing the training. There is no way around this. You need to prove that you are creating fresh content, attempting marketing strategies or developing product inventory.
  2. Complete the premium course, along with all of the actionable assignments to their entirety.
  3. Have e-mailed within 365 days of the purchase date.


If you have met all of these steps above and failed to make any significant progression, personal or financial success using Jumpcut. You should be eligible to claim your full refund.

If you enrol (make a payment), watch some of the video lessons and realise that the work required of you is too difficult, too time consuming or unfavourable to your liking and expectations. You will and cannot be issued a refund.

Once you agree and click to enrol you are bounded by contract. If you do not, cannot, simply refuse to make a payment or the payments as agreed.

Legal action can be taken against you where the matter will be passed to a collection agency or attorney. Damaging your credit history and rating.

Make sure you read the 365-day-guarantee refund policy provided in the hyperlink right before clicking to enrol into the Jumpcut program just to re-clarify this info!


Final Word


  • Some modern day YouTube channel growth psychology and strategies.
  • Access to Jumpcut’s exclusive community where you can access help and advice, feedback or some motivational insights.
  • Full refunds can be issued, but require you to put in the hard yards first to make your business/brand successful.


  • Have to await a 5-day email training course for both the Viral Academy and the Automated Income Machine before gaining true access into the company website.
  • Jumpcut will market/promote products or services within the official website and be compensated with affiliate commissions. For an online business offering training courses, this is a very sad way to treat it’s members.
  • There is no trial period for the premium courses on offer. You really have to take the risk and hope it works or you are stuck in a paid contract.

Jumpcut Review Chart

I noticed that in the video training series sent to my inbox. The messages written were produced in a way that conveyed a sense of desperation and cheesiness to the subject matter. You must be over 13+ years of age to invest into Jumpcut!

There is a ton of video training and assignments to keep you busy. Overall, there is a lot to gain out of Jumpcut. Particularly if you give it your best shot.

Video training’s created inside are put together remarkably, as you would expect with a business such as Jumpcut. As it educates it’s students with this type of content creation.

At the end of the day. Jumpcut is a decent opportunity. But the costs for the service is particularly steep. Looking into it further. It says there are #3 course upgrades. That suggest there is up-sells to take full advantage of the entire Jumpcut platform.


~If you are Looking How to Make a Legitimate Path Toward Financial Success  then this BANNER could Very well Change your Life~


Jump Cut Academy


With that said, I’d recommend anybody who is after a very affordable and robust entrepreneur training community. To check out this review and compare it against this review. I am sure you will see who is the clear winner.


~~~Get HELP & SUPPORT to Financial Freedom~~~


Do you feel as though you have learned something today? If you found this article useful, don’t forget to share it to the online community of opportunity seekers. Do you think that Jumpcut is worth it? Let us know any thoughts you may have in the comment engine below!

Are you keen to pay into Jumpcut Academy 2.0…

Quick Recap of Jumpcut $997.00 or $1,182.00 (Over 6 Payments)
  • Training
  • Support
  • Software Tool
  • Success Stories

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