Is Lukas Tsimopoulos – The Visionary Blueprint a Scam or Legit

Lukas Tsimopoulos, a 20-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Visionary Blueprint, earns six figures.

Earning six figures is not simple.

Typically, it is the outcome of a huge and prosperous firm or the climax of a long career leading to a senior managerial position in a large organisation.

According to popular belief, such a profit would necessitate a business founded on a grand concept and cultivated over time, with substantial investments in finance, logistics, and organisation.

Common sense implies that the ability to consistently produce a six-figure profit is a lengthy process.

However, if you enrol in this course, will your time be of any worth, or is it a massive scam?


The Visionary Blueprint

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Lukas Tsimopoulos Review

*Brand: The Visionary Blueprint
Lukas Tsimopoulos Review*Alternate Known Names: The Blueprint Course – eCommerce Mentoring Program
*Domain Name:
*Domain Authority: 2/100
*Linking Root Domains: 9
*Ranking Keywords: 4
*Spam Score: 8%
*Address/Headquarters: Australia
*Founder: Lukas Tsimopoulos
*Contact Methods:

  • Email

*Resources/Services Offered:

  • Course

  • Email messaging

  • Facebook group

*Cost/Price Tag: $1,997
*Training: 54.27%
*Support: 34.60%
*Website: 45.06%
*Technology: 21.31%
*Success Stories: 30.96%
*Verdict: Just another common eCommerce business building product

What is The Visionary Blueprint About

Dropshipping is referred as a form of retail fulfilment that eliminates the need to stock inventory.

A dropshipper can simply acquire inventory from a third-party supplier, who will then ship the product directly to the client.

You may be having constant doubts about whether or not The Visionary Ecom Blueprint Course is worth your time and money.

Lukas Tsimopoulos Visionary Ecom Blueprint Course is a multi-week online curriculum.

Lukas is a highly successful Australian entrepreneur who has established many eCommerce enterprises.

He is allegedly a multimillionaire and teaches others how to do business successfully through his Visionary Blueprint course.

It is often absurd to believe that you can literally make money from your phone/laptop at home without ever leaving your house.

It’s a ludicrous thought that is partially unrealistic.

As he collects businesses and fortune, Lukas retains his youthful enthusiasm.

The course promises to teach students of all experience levels how to generate money online through e-commerce.

However, the course has garnered mostly unfavourable online evaluations.

However, why: The primary objections appear to be that the content is out-of-date and that Lukas is a con artist, based on rumours circulating about stolen screenshots of search results and other instances of fraudulent behaviour he has been caught

indulging in.

To make a conclusion about Lukas, you need to conduct independent research and employ critical thinking.

It is reasonable for many individuals to hold contradictory views.

When selling designs for others, it goes without saying that you must first establish your own credibility.

Lukas Tsimopoulos opts instead for Fake Paid Articles.

These bought articles have assisted him in standing out from the crowd and achieving verified status on social media.

He has been known to copy screenshots of students’ successes and present them as his own on social media, pretending to have made millions of dollars when, in reality, he simply steals the work of respectable entrepreneurs.

Who is Lukas Tsimopoulos

The originator of The Visionary Ecom Blueprint Course is Lukas Tsimopoulos.

He is a young Australian entrepreneur living in Adelaide.

In just a few months, Lukas, who is only twenty years old, has consistently earned six figures through his online enterprises.

In a single month, Lukas has earned a maximum of more than $100,000.

Lukas’s financial accomplishments are significant not only because of his youth but also because he was able to achieve them through enterprises he operates entirely online.

This allows Lukas to work at his own pace and from any location he chooses.

His Instagram account has 198k+ followers.

However, does he offer genuine value through his social media?

According to my modest perspective, none.

Lukas is a knowledgeable businessperson.

However, he did not receive his business education from a university business degree.

His decision not to continue his public education after high school was intentional.

Early in his life, he realised that the majority of what he needed to learn was already “learned.”

More precisely stated, as Lukas himself indicated in response to a query about his greatest obstacles, he argues that it was essential to “Unlearn everything you’ve previously been taught.”

Lukas was able to find success through the drop-shipping retail business concept.

In contrast to conventional online retail approaches, drop-shipping is distinctive in that it enables sellers to trade different products without actually possessing physical inventory.

Instead of maintaining his own inventory, the drop-shipping retailer acts as an intermediary between the customers and the principal suppliers, providing both sides with extra convenience and transactional ease.

As an added benefit, the store need not be overly concerned about stock and logistics.

Instead, emphasis might be directed on sourcing dependable suppliers, selling products to prospective customers, enhancing the customer sales experience, and providing customer support.

However, Lukas did not begin drop-shipping and experienced quick success.

When he was 14 years old, the young entrepreneur began dabbling in business by selling things on eBay.

Eventually, Lukas chose to pursue his online companies full-time, specialising in the sale of health and beauty products and earning his first few thousand dollars.

After gaining a deeper understanding of dropshipping, Lukas was able to transform his strategy and experience in both his revenues and his popularity in the realm of online business.

Who is The Visionary Blueprint for

This e-commerce course from Lukas is designed for novices who wish to enter the realm of online retailing.

It covers everything from establishing your store to selling your stuff.

The Visionary Blueprint Course/Cost

Access to the course requires a one-time payment of $1,997, and the following is a list of what you receive:

  • A committed full-time trainer (Lukas himself).
  • Personalised instruction, direction, and an executable plan.
  • Mentor within reach (direct personal access: questions, feedback, and more).
  • Beginning to advanced Facebook advertising strategy and training.
  • Modern, unexplored product research techniques.
  • Insights from an expert with over three years of Shopify dropshipping and private label experience.

Lukas Tsimopoulos Course

On eBay, Lukas was selling a variety of things. He says that he began his internet activities out of pure boredom.

Years later, after having grown his product line and customer base, he discovered the Dropshipping method.

And from that moment forward, his firm grew into multiple companies.

Lukas covers everything, including altering your present thinking, finding winning products, setting up your Shopify store properly, developing engaging Facebook advertisements, and scaling your stores.

The training is easy and straightforward to follow.

The best part is that you can simply contact him via WhatsApp or Facebook messaging if you have any questions or worries.

Additionally, he has an active Facebook group to keep you motivated and on track.

The Visionary Ecom Blueprint Course does, in fact, provide decent foundational information for individuals seeking to enter e-commerce.

It addresses issues such as product research, online store creation, and traffic growth, among others.

The essentials are indeed addressed.

The Visionary Blueprint eCommerce course program sections include:

  • Developing a Winning Attitude.
  • Proven Product Offerings.
  • Developing Your Initial Online Store.
  • Creating Ad Creatives With High Conversion Rates.
  • Facebook Advertising Plan.
  • Must Do’s” Prior to Launching Your Online Store.
  • Completing the Gaps.
  • Case Study Chapter.
  • BONUSES: Templates and more.

Each of the training modules detailed in the preceding section has a large video library.

The course is designed to teach you, as a novice, how to construct your own online store using the eCommerce business model.

The Visionary Ecom Blueprint course by Lukas Tsimopoulos costs $1,997.

The issue here is that Lukas does not deliver adequate value for such a high price, as there are alternatives that provide more for the money.

However, the quality is somewhat dated; therefore, there are unquestionably superior alternatives on the market than spending money on something so dated.

Is Lukas Tsimopoulos Legit

The Visionary Ecom Blueprint Course is not a total fraud, but neither is it fully legitimate.

Is Lukas Tsimopoulos LegitLukas is a dishonest individual who engages in misleading marketing methods.

You do receive video training for your money, but you may want to examine alternative options before buying Lukas’ obsolete course, which offers nothing new or groundbreaking compared to better and more affordable programs on the market that still provide up-to-date knowledge through 2022.

If you are contemplating enrolling in this course, I advise you to rethink.

Final Word


  • The fundamentals of establishing an online Shopify store are explained.
  • It is a 12+ module course that demonstrates some steps.
  • Lukas Tsimopoulos is often a competent presenter. Lukas has made millions online, presumably through selling this course, so he has some commercial skill, despite the questionable techniques.


  • The standard is obsolete in 2022
  • It is more expensive than comparable courses with superior material.
  • In the past, Lukas has been discovered participating in questionable conduct.
  • Online reviews of Lukas’s program are divided.

Lukas Tsimopoulos Scam

After considering the program and the evaluations, you must eventually make your own decision.

You are totally responsible for deciding whether to invest in his program, but based on web research and evaluations, it is not the best alternative available.

If you are contemplating enrolling in this class, I advise you to reconsider.

This is my view based solely on publicly available information.



The Visionary Blueprint: $1,997
  • 54.3%
    Training - 54.27%
  • 34.6%
    Support - 34.6%
  • 45.1%
    Website - 45.06%
  • 21.3%
    Technology - 21.31%
  • 31%
    Success Stories - 30.96%


Lukas Tsimopoulos is an aussie that is simply trying to grow his brand and person to be recognised as a multi-million dollar entrepreneur. His current product for sale is ‘The Visionary Blueprint’. Lukas has plenty of room to grow before he is recognised as a serious contender.

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