What is the Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review


Set Yourself up Before Starting Keyword Research

Once you establish your website theme, linked your domain name and hosting account securely together. It’s critical that you have a plan or direction to run with.

Normally, by this stage you would have already refined down a particular niche that is considered a passion, or regarded as an interest for yours truly.

This way you can stand the best chance of succeeding in that ever growing competitive online market.

If, you have not got this directive-thingamajig sorted out just yet, do not panic! This idea/vision can do, and will likely evolve overtime. So don’t expect to have it all worked out from the get go.

Remember this. E.g. If, you have decided to run with a broad niche like the health sector.

Never delude yourself into thinking you’ll dominate this field by building out a website catering to many facets of health. Unless of course, you are 100% clear of what you’re doing.

Achieving something as drastic as this would involve a considerate amount of revenue to invest within the business first and foremost. Then a professional team that’s willing to pump out quality articles day in and day out (naming one task).

As a general rule of thumb, we want to invest the least amount of funds as possible when we are just starting off. If, you are reading this page today, you are likely new to keyword researching and comprehending the process.

So then, you need to incorporate this technique while being patient, publishing trustworthy, credible and accurate contents inside your content management system.

Mastering this skill will set in place certain metrics that make your articles visible toward the top of the Search Engines Results Page’s (SERP), at a later date mind you, FREE of charge!

We should want and need to understand how important it is to implement efficient Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques during the initial stages, to secure a long term and vastly successful internet business, if that is your main goal.

Remember – Quality content is the life line of any successful website in today’s day and age.


How can I implement proper SEO you ask. Well, it all starts with a quality software tool. To name a few SEO terms in correlation with this software.


  • Keyword research tool
  • Keyword planner tool
  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • SEO software tool
  • SEO keyword generator

With a bit of textual/video training. And a little practice you will soon love the process of SEO and searching for those low hanging fruit (low competition keyword’s).

You’ll be sifting for these golden apples to give you a competitive edge on the rising competition.

Do note that, not everyone knows about this software tool, let alone fully understand how to use it properly. To get the most comprehensive SEO keyword research tool available on the market today, than I need no further introduction…


# Jaaxy – The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool!

Jaaxy Keyword Tool


So how will Jaaxy help me you might ask? Put simply,

  • Jaaxy calculates accurate keyword data that is current and up to date, it cannot and is disallowed to access older metrics compiled from a year or two ago.
  • It allows you to track any number of published articles inside your site, so that you can see where your pages/posts are ranking within the Google, Bing and Yahoo’s SERP’s.
  • I might add, Jaaxy has a very lucrative affiliate program on offer if you so desire to promote this brand using marketing methods.

These couple of points only scratch the surface of Jaaxy’s interface. With what you have read could be meaningless thus far, if you are new to the concept of keyword research and ranking high. But don’t worry.

If this is overwhelming you, or above your head continue reading as I will explain how it works in simple terminology.

I will guide you through the process so you can understand exactly how keyword research is conducted using Jaaxy software to hit those first pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo baby.


So Why use Long Tail Keywords?

My friend, do you even know what a long tail keyword phrase is? They are essentially the bread and butter of any website kicking off and are continued to be used, regardless of any levels of success online.

If, you do not target long tail keyword’s in the earlier stages of your e-Business. Your content would be facing an uphill battle against authoritative websites, or even generic websites in your respective niche.

Until you can prove your contents value, and build trust with people and search engines alike. Your not going to easily be able to out rank already well-established and trusted sources of information that offer a great deal of value, unique and engaging content.

That is why, if we act smart and prepare for it in advanced. And seek out these long tail keyword’s which yes, offer less traffic (visitors), but have far less Quoted Search Results (QSR – competition).

We deploy these long tail keyword’s in the infancy of internet business. To help establish our credibility online. Once we have been operating for maybe a year or so.

Then we will stand a much better chance at targeting shorter keyword phrases that generally offer an abundance of website traffic.


How to Use Jaaxy to Find Low Hanging Fruit



===|> FREE TRIAL RUN <|===


Since we, referred to the ‘Health Industry’ at the beginning of the page. We’ll still run with this example. Together, we will both understand what the big deal is with this low hanging fruit technique.

Whether you do, or don’t trust Jaaxy as your personal keyword research/site ranking software. Keep this advice locked inside your mind regardless, as low hanging fruit will work on any platform system.


    • (Keyword) – A phrase that people type into the search engines to narrow down and pin point specific information.
    • (AVG) – Means the average number of searches that this keyword received during the previous month.
    • (Traffic) – Estimate of visitors that will likely enter your website, provided that you reach the first SERP for that targeted keyword term.
    • (QSR) – Stands for ‘Quoted Search Results’ This means the number of competing websites indexed for that exact keyword phrase.
    • (KQI) – ‘Keyword Quality Indicator’ Uses coloration to determine the quality of that search term. GREEN = Great! YELLOW = OK. RED = Poor 🙁
    • (SEO) – ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is a metric used to calculate both traffic, versus the competition. It will populate a number between 0 to 100. 100 being absolute perfection, so you know it’ll be a golden nugget if targeted!
    • (Domains) – Simply scans to see if that specific keyword phrase has any available domain name extensions like .com, .net, .org to name a few.


Moving on to the meat and veg of Jaaxy. Let us type in the keyword ‘Health’ and hit search. After analysing this keyword’s data, we are provided with some key metrics for this particular keyword.

What's the Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO


KEYWORD (Health) | AVG (511905) | TRAFFIC (87024) | QSR (310) | KQI (Poor) | SEO (0) | DOMAINS (unavailable)


Wow, even I am shocked at how bad this keyword would be to target for SEO


So look at the metrics and try to make sense of it. It has an unfathomable amount of traffic. But the competition is super intense and unrealistic. I suggest when started out you should go with QSR under 50


How to do Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization


KEYWORD (Health Plans) | AVG (3393) | TRAFFIC (997) | QSR (227) | KQI (Normal) | SEO (68) | DOMAINS (find more)


Now that, the search term has increased in length. It starts to find a balance. We are heading in the right direction.


As you can see, the data captured has provided a better result. But, it is not exactly low hanging fruit just yet, nor would it be a wise choice to target it.


Google Website Position Checker


KEYWORD (Cheap Health Plans) | AVG (136) | TRAFFIC (24) | QSR (88) | KQI (Great) | SEO (94) | DOMAINS (.info)


Not quite long tail enough, although this keyword would suffice after a year in business, provided your producing quality results.


Notice that the traffic has reduced in size. Also, the other metrics are becoming more attractive to the eye. So it’s clear we are heading down the right path here. You may also choose to buy the domain extension cheaphealthplans.info for that keyword if interested.


Jaaxy.com Review


KEYWORD (Cheap Children Health Insurance) | AVG (40) | TRAFFIC (7) | QSR (45) | KQI (Great) | SEO (100) | DOMAINS (.com, .net, .org)


Can you see the sentence has changed slightly from the initial keyword phrases used. There are no rules preventing you from making subtle changes to sentencing


Wowza, even I am impressed with this keyword phrase. Not only could you build a niche website targeting ‘Cheap children health insurance’ you can also buy the best domain extensions for global recognition (.com), followed by the next best extensions .net and .org.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review


KEYWORD (Best Health Insurance Plans For Seniors) | AVG (96) | TRAFFIC (17) | QSR (1) | KQI (Great) | SEO (94) | DOMAINS (.com, .net, .org)


JACKPOT! Not only is this keyword considered to be low hanging fruit. It would be considered a more specific, micro niche that could become quite successful especially if you already have real time work experience and contain extensive knowledge about health insurance.


Yes, this is a keyword targeted domain extension rather than a brand-able domain name. Regardless, this could serve to be a very strong term either way. You could use this domain and also create a professional article targeting that word and boost your results.



You have to understand there’re millions of keyword’s terms or phrases that you can scan through Jaaxy’s database. It could take some time and practice before getting the grips of things. But…

  • Keyword planning is critical for the longevity of any website.
  • It is the cheapest and safest method to attract visitors to any given website.
  • It gives content a purpose and direction. Your content will likely be found on the first page of Google for low hanging fruit in time.
  • Using Jaaxy will prevent you from taking wild swings in the dark in hopes you might fluke a nice keyword phrase naturally.

Today you should have received a basic understanding about how to find proper keyword phrases for quality Search Engine Optimisation. |Note| there are other SEO metrics used outside of keyword research. But, keyword research is a must have in any webmaster’s arsenal.

No matter what tool you decide to end up using. Always remember this ‘Low Hanging Fruit‘ concept. It will serve you well and grant the best chance for long-term organic results, over the least amount of time as possible.

Although it usually takes some time for this organic process to flourish. Reason being, it helps rid those tire kickers looking for a short-term/immediate fix.

If you decide to build an online business/not for profit website. You need to treat your project as an extension of yourself. Otherwise, you are doomed to fail!

Do you feel you haven’t evolved your ideal mindset for success yet?

If you cannot see yourself creating, developing and maintaining an online asset (website). Then you may need further education and training to help influence the role of a successful website owner.

Do you need an outlet to give yourself the best position for success online? Not only is Jaaxy available for independent usage. Jaaxy too, is integrated into this ‘Communal Platform’. This is one place that I keep in high regard and recommend to absolutely anybody starting out or is qualified online!


Jaaxy Pricing


Do you want to take a free trial at Jaaxy? Or, are you well-equipped and just need keyword research/website rank tracking platform? For whatever your reason is. Take a chance on it, see whether you can utilise the user-friendly functionality of Jaaxy.com.

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