Is Cointiply a Scam or Legit

This will be a quick one today y’all. Cointiply is a Bitcoin mining platform that allows users to complete tasks within their task-wall, to earn Satoshi’s (smallest unit of the Bitcoin currency).

It’s much similar to your common Get Paid To (GPT) websites, completing tasks and such. Only, instead of earning reward points that transfer to e-Gift cards, or real money.

Cointiply rewards you in Bitcoin! Cointiply is chained to the next generation of Cryptocurrency faucet models. Some would argue it’s a revamping of your typical BTC mining sites.

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# About Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet
# How Does Cointiply Work
# Is Cointiply a Scam
# Pro’s Vs Con’s

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You can earn Bitcoin by completing tasks available from within the dashboard region. Do know that in order to redeem your earnings.


Estimated Value of = $28,055,000


You must have one out of these three cryptocurrency providers set up already to transfer your bitcoin accumulations: Bitcoin; DOGE or Faucet Hub. Currently they are the only means for withdrawal.

Personally, I am new to Bitcoin and how it all works. So it should be a learning curve for me testing this stuff out. As I learn more about the Cointiply BTC website I will summarise things up.


Estimated Traffic Clicking to Cointiply – 279,067 visitors / day


Disclosing what I’ve learnt about Cointiply in the following sections beneath.


Cointiply Review

*Brand: Cointiply / Cointiply Beta / Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet
Cointiply Review*Domain URL:
*Domain Age: 07/SEPTEMBER/2017
*Founded: 2017
*Address/Headquarters: Not found
*Social Media Presence:

  • Twitter – 5,520 followers

*Contact Methods:

  • email:
  • internal messaging: submit support ticket
  • internal messaging: live chat plugin

*Training: 37.89%
*Support: 32.05%
*Website: 46.72%
*Software Tools: 44.80%
*Success Stories: 39.61%
*Costs Included:

  • Free account = $0.00 (Free)
  • Premium account (1 month) = 17,000 coins (< $2.00 USD)
  • Premium account (1 year) = 170,000 coins (< $17.00 USD)
  • Option of depositing Bitcoin

*Up-sells: No
*Verdict: Okay, but not trustworthy

About Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet

How does Cointply earn income so that it’s company stays afloat? It all comes down to the advertisements displayed throughout the website.

These ads will pay the owners of Cointiply (whoever they may be), real income, for allowing ads to be shown all throughout it’s site.

Cointiply will also be taking a small percentage out of the earnings (coins) you manage to make when completing task wall activities (including gaming).

You may know this as the ‘offer-wall’ which are the top/side tabs you see once you’re logged into your Cointiply account. These tasks earn you ‘coins’ which carry a similar value to the dollar.

Cointiply ScamA lot of the offers are from third-party services where Cointiply has no control over.

Since Bitcoin markets are very unstable. Cointiply uses their own insider currency called ‘coins’.

Earn enough coins and you will have yourself your first $1.00 (USD) worth of Bitcoin.

10,000 coins = $1.00 (USD)

If you can earn 10,000 coins, it’s more or less equivalent to $1.00 (USD). Currently $1.00 (USD) is going for around 9,419 Satoshi’s.

So what’s this ‘faucet’ concept then? It’s the idea of loading pages within the site itself (Cointiply) which triggers ads. Users observe and click these ads to keep the imaginary faucet dripping slowly.

The idea seems dodgy because ads aren’t designed to be clicked for the sake of it. Advertisers want real people clicking their ads, so they can generate real leads and potential business for it’s company.

So then, income earned by ads triggered allows members to win coins every hour. By playing Cointiply faucet mini-game. Just fill out the captcha code.

The more active you are. By completing tasks and such will affect your Cointiplier (multiplier). This is a proprietary algorithm that automatically increases and decreases depending on your level of commitment doing tasks.

The higher the multiplier, the more earnings you can take or stake later on.

Are you an avid affiliate marketing machine? If you’re already a self-professed guru. Then take advantage of the affiliate / referral program incentive if cryptocurrency is your thing.

For each invite you assist with registering to Cointiply, and whom of which partakes in activities. You earn a huge 25% on all of their faucet earnings for a life-time.

Also make 10% on all your referrals offer-wall and game earnings. Manage to get yourself enough Cointiply members using this system and you can capitalise at mining Bitcoin.


How Does Cointiply Work

  1. Register an account.
  2. Begin completing tasks and games within the site.
  3. Transfer your earnings to your Bitcoin, DOGE or Faucet Hub account.

How Does Cointiply Work

These are the kind of tasks that will be making you Cointiply coins:

  • Watching videos.
  • Completing surveys.
  • Installing applications (Apps).
  • Sign up / registering offers.
  • Tasks.
  • Games (Multiply your coins).
  • Pay To Click (PTC) ads.
  • Referrals.

Every hour you can initiate the faucet game and it will select a random number between 1 and 99,998

If it lands between these set figures you will earn more coins.

The coin amounts received are:

  • Roll between | 1 – 69,999 = 22 coins
  • Roll “” |70,000 – 89,999 = 36 coins
  • Roll “” |90,000 – 96,999 = 70 coins
  • Roll “” | 97,000 – 98,999 = 130 coins
  • Roll “” | 99,000 – 99,998 = 280 coins

Be completing tasks regularly you will increase your faucet cointiplier bonus. This will earn you additional coins when doing the hourly – faucet dice roll.


Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet – Earn Free Bitcoin Here <===


Is Cointiply a Scam

Is Cointiply a ScamCointiply has not been verified as a scammy faucet mining company yet. Personally, I wouldn’t get involved in it just because there is plenty of risks involved when investing time and funds with Bitcoin.

One thing to point out is that emails sent to your inbox have no address details, or business information located it the bottom of the message. Which in my experience, many companies I have registered with have some sort of identity displayed there.

Hey, maybe this site is ran anonymously. What do you think? Do you plan on investing your time and financial resources with Cointiply?


Final Word


  • Earn 5% interest per annum, if you have over 35,000 coins stored in your account.
  • Multiply your coins up to 63 times. Don’t blow your wad now.
  • There aren’t banner ads riddled all throughout the website as found with a lot of PTC sites.


  • If your coins fall below 35,000 you lose yearly interest rate.
  • The coin multiplier game is a form of gambling. You can lose your wagered bet so think twice about using it.
  • Withdrawals can be a hassle.
  • Site might experience down times.

Cointiply Login

I think mining bitcoins is time consuming and a bore. You have all these unknown/up and coming companies trying to take a piece of this cryptocurrency craze.

Cryptocurrency is not regulated by any official monetary authority. It’s price/value fluctuates based on market demand. My instincts tell me to stick clear of these websites.

I’m sure there are platforms that work, not saying Cointiply will not work in your favour. Just be cautious. Don’t go investing your nest egg, just use the free coins gathered doing offers and gaming.

Overall the site functions well and can be good for hardcore crypto miners that truly understand the ins and outs of this faction.

If you think cryptomining is not an ideal route to take. You can always learn how to create a passive income with regulated currencies as the reward.


In Order to Build an Abundance of Wealth Comes Down to Using a Legitimate Platform That You Can Trust. So Pull Your Finger Out Of Your A$$ and Get Yourself Into Gear For Personal & Financial Success Using the Most Sought After Service Requested Online.


Cointiply Cheat


Do you fully understand how bitcoin works mate? Me neither! Have yourself read this free opportunity start-up for those who are looking for a legitimate opportunity online.


Cointiply Withdrawal


Do you have any questions with regard to Cointiply? You can always give your 2 cents worth in the comments thread below. Let us all know of your personal experience using Cointiply’s Bitcoin Faucet. We’d love to hear it from those with some insider knowledge and secrets.

Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet, enter if you dare…

Quick Recap of Cointiply $0.00 (FREE) - Investing Optional
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

9 thoughts on “Is Cointiply a Scam or Legit”

  1. Most brokers companies out there are fraudulent. They are all scams. I have been a victim of their activities. I invested about $480,000 and when I wanted to withdraw after some weeks, I was unable to reach their contact numbers or emails with which we stayed in touch. I assumed they were having some maintenance routing check, as that had happened in the past. After some weeks, I was contacted again by them and was asked to invest which I refused and told them I wanted to withdraw my money. After this, I didn’t hear from them again. At this point, I started to feel like I had been duped. I was lost and shattered as I had lost most of my savings. I was depressed for about 4 months. I was too ashamed to tell anyone about it, not even my children. I finally summoned the courage to tell my friend who came to visit me in the UK from New Zealand. He told me about a recovery expert of (James Philip) who specializes in helping people get money back. I contacted him and he guided me on steps to take and recover my money. I now have all my lost money back, as I had given up all hope… You can also contact him via email at: jamesgroup111 (at)

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  3. Why would you do a review on something you believe is a waste of time an no nothing about. If you ask anyone with a Cointiply account they will tell you this is the best faucet by far. There support is outstanding and they always pay. I read a few claims where people stated they made a living and paid there bills with the Morning Game. Unfortunately, they discontinued the mining game because it was paying out too much and the site was losing money. If your going to have a blog and write reviews, it’s important your knowledgable and have experience in your niche. Other wise your just promoting garbage an fake news.

    • Please, elaborate on what Cointiply is all about. Since you clearly have a thorough understanding about Cointiply, and these faucets schemes. See if you can produce a better review in the comments here. It’s true I have limited knowledge in this area and have already decided to steer clear from Bitcoin programs and faucets. I don’t think they are worthwhile to invest energy, time and money into it.

  4. I think it’s pretty clear you don’t know how bitcoin faucets work.

    Cointiply is probably the MOST trusted faucet and Bitcoin rewards site running today. Who cares if they are anonymous, most of the crypto space is and for good reason.

    Cointiply doesn’t “mine” anything. They pay you for completing tasks like any other GPT site. And they have some of the best support I have ever encountered.


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