Is The King Human Elite a Scam or Legit

King Human Real NameLet me take a wild stab in the dark here. You are contemplating, or have ended up over at the King Human Elite website out of curiosity from watching some of the many King Human video’s from his YouTube channel.

Also I wager, at first you were sceptical about King Human. But now, you’ve been fully convinced of his legitimacy from his awesome on screen antics and dominating presence within his video content!

Now you want some expert insights into The KingHuman Elite website before making an upfront payment to gain admittance. Does that sound about right?

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# The Kinghuman Elite Review
# About Kinghuman Elite
# Is Kinghuman Legit
# The Kinghuman Elite Money Pages
# Help & Support Offered
# Pro’s VS Con’s

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First of all, I like Kinghuman. If you so happen to be reading this. Don’t take it personal guy, I mean no disrespect. I have a lot of respect for the hard work you put into making your YouTube video’s entertaining. They’re really awesome to watch.

It wouldn’t have been a brisk stroll through the park to get where you are today without a few trial and errors. I bet you would have experienced plenty of major/minor set backs throughout your online journey, but always managing to overcome these hurdles along the way.


The Kinghuman Elite: Review

Is King Human Elite a Scam or Legit*Brand: King Human/King Human Elite
*URL’s: (1) The KingHuman Elite –  (2)
*Founder: David Goodman a.k.a KingHuman
*Website Active Since: (1) 2013 (2) 2008
*Postal Address: King Human PO Box 736 Aptos, California 95003
*Membership Levels (USD): Elite = $14.99, Yearly = $162.00, Lifetime = $550.00
*Upsells: No
*Cross-Sells: Yes
*Training: 31.73%
*Support: 46.09%
*Website: 57.36%
*Software Tools: 36.39%
*Success Stories: 34.78%
*Verdict: Neither Scam nor Legit (Work is left up to you)


About Kinghuman Elite

First, let me just say. Without King Human’s YouTube channel, his online success would be limited. This prediction is based from his overall website performance through analytical data metrics conducted by myself personally.

I don’t know everything KingHuman does on/offline to make a living. But the only proof, or source of income that is visible is derived through his website and YouTube channel’s marketing efforts.

Does KingHuman make money with advertisements using Google Ad Sense? I can’t remember. King Human definitely drives traffic to his website through his video content though.

King Human is a down to earth kinda guy and appears to know what he’s talking about. But there is less to him then meets the eye.

You need to understand what King Human is all about. So then, allow me to elaborate why I’d personally steer clear from his cult of worship followers.

King Human is a marketing genius who produces a lot of hyped content. Although, still very entertaining. But not everything he records for YouTube is to try and sell a product/service to make commissions online.

Overall, King Human tries to maintain his business off of the inexperienced/gullible dreamers trying to make revenue happen through the awesome power of the internet.

KingHuman tries to sell his business affiliations to his followers, typically over within The KingHuman Elite membership website. If KingHuman told people the truth, showing others how to do exactly what he does to earn a living online.

He would essentially be losing business. KingHuman prefers to mislead or allow members of The KingHuman Elite to try something random that is likely to fail. So they can try something else, thus earning more commissions for himself. Rinse and repeat.

I know some of you may be thinking. Who is, or why does this guy think he can talk smack about King Human. Well that’s just fine and dandy, you’re entitled to your own opinion. I’ve had inside access and experienced The King Human Elite platform contents personally.

King Human Elite is nothing special to say the least. There is more time and effort emphasised on the join/sales squeeze page then most of the content found within the website.

You’d think by becoming an elite member you would be offered something that is worth more than what you paid for. But the only added benefit for purchasing the King Human Elite membership is one single page/website tab that unlocks upon payment.

This tab is called the Money Pages/Money Pages Index. This is where King Human reviews and attempts to market products/services to his elite subscribers.

Is this an up-sell. Not exactly. It’s kind of a cross-sell I think. If King Human Elite was not a paying membership website, the site would be nothing more than a free blog. The same as any other found online.

To be quite honest, if I had a website that had been running for a number of years like The KingHuman Elite. Only to offer a little amount of content that’s sole purpose is to make affiliate sales online.

I’d be ashamed in myself. But that’s just me. I really do feel sorry for anyone that has purchased a lifetime membership because $550.00 is a heck of a lot of credit to waste, not to mention any products or services spent on top of it.

Is Kinghuman Legit

Questioning King Human’s legitimacy? That depends on how you look at this particular situation. To an experienced marketers eyes, or someone with a good comprehension of the online marketing industry.

They would see King Human as nothing more then a video/website internet marketer who is after money on demand. And boy, I do give credit to the guy with what he can do from his YouTube channel alone.

King Human’s intellect is engaging, humorous and persuasive. As a result he quite possibly gets plenty of sales from this natural ability alone.

King Human isn’t conducting anything illegal within his business as far as I can see. But I’m still indecisive if his intentions are legitimate.


Is KingHuman Legit


The Kinghuman Elite Money Pages

As touched on briefly. Money Pages is the only feature or benefit you get from becoming a paying elite member. With that said, there is no training course or anything significant that is recommended to follow to become successful online.

Your expected to simply look through the King Human Elite’s blog for products/services that’s been published by himself during the past number of years. Pick, try, succeed and run with it, or likely fail!

I don’t know how this approach really benefits anyone but himself. So, to recap.

  1. First you have to pay for a membership to access his blog.
  2. Then pay some more once you’ve read, clicked affiliate links and purchased something found within the Money Pages (probably hasn’t really tested or used these personally to grow his own internet business).
  3. Then he takes most of his commissions to Las Vegas, renting out a fancy hotel suite.
  4. Followed by blowing his doe on gambling activities such as Baccarat and sipping expensive margaritas by the pool getting pampered for the next couple of days.


Help & Support Offered

Do you want help? Go find somewhere else! King Human operates by himself. If you have a question or qualm. It could take up to a solid week before getting a reply. Even then, you may be discarded out of his email box because he claims he gets 300 – 500 emails per day.

With, or without elite membership you can always email King Human directly at:

Other avenues to take:

The Forum

The Forum has been active for a couple of years now. When I say active, I mean inactive. When I visited the Forum during my search, there was next to no real activity. No discussions occurring, or barely even anything published during my short stay.

I’d say not much has changed over the years.

Direct URL address to join The KingHumans Elite Forum –

Face Book Group

King Human created a Face Book group during 2017 called – Private VIP Group.

This group is currently closed. There is currently 558 members and 0 new members have joined it in the last 30 days of making this article.


Final Word


  • Great entertainment through his YouTube channel.
  • When not promoting products/services. Kinghuman offers good advice within his YouTube channel.
  • Plenty of years of experience.



  • Contents within The Kinghuman Elite website can barely help you. Hit and miss approach.
  • Lack of fast communication for help and support.
  • It’s a membership website when it should really be free to use.
  • Website offers low/average quality content.
  • Poorly designed website that has no credibility.


It’s safe to say that The King Human Elite is not the best route to go down if you are searching for a legitimate opportunity to scale an online business, or building up anything for that matter.

KingHuman is a financially successful affiliate marketer who markets company/brand products or services via his YouTube channel and website platforms.

King Human conducts his advertising efforts by inserting affiliate ID’s (hyperlinks) that are unique to him alone, into his product/service reviews.

If someone clicks on his unique affiliate link and completes a purchase. David will earn a commission generated off the payment of sale.

With King Human’s many years of experience as a video marketer (since 2007). He has accrued a sizeable subscription list of 130K + within his YouTube channel alone.

Without David Goodman’s silver tongue and gift of the gab. The King Human websites would likely be dead with maybe, some trickle traffic. Financially, that would be detrimental for King Human, but greater news for aspiring entrepreneurs for not knowing about his poor services misled within.

If you look up to King Human and follow his methodology/ideals of making money online. I want to attempt to guide you to safety. I’d like to let you read what a real opportunity should look like.

  • One, that is also offered within a website platform and immensely more beneficial then King Human’s.
  • One that offers training courses, tools, live help to name a few benefits.
  • One that has an estimated website financial worth of $289,702.00 as opposed to The KingHuman Elite website estimated at $115.00


It does not even cost the price of a cheese pizza as KingHuman mentions regularly. In fact it is FREE!


The King of Humans


Does this not give you a clear indication of the kinds of benefits offered from within it. By simply comparing the pairs. It’s a no brainer where to learn how to earn a secondary income online!


Read How to Be SUCCESSFUL Like King Human


Any King Human fan hate, please let us read about your anger in the comments section below. If you are unbiased and have a genuine interest, question or would just like to ask something that might benefit your current circumstance. I will happily assist you in any which way I can.

Idiot monkeys…

Quick Recap of Kinghuman Elite $14.99 - $550.00
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

8 thoughts to “Is KingHuman Elite a Scam or Legit

  • King New Jersey

    King Human course was super for me! I learned a lot. Now I run 5 internet businesses because of Dave. I got what you get out of the course. I did follow every business idea that he posted and gave me some ideas on running a business online. It’s only $14.95 a month. Once I got the information I cancelled my PayPal payments with him. I may pay for it again for a refresher.

    I do not do any online affiliate marketing business. I think the online affiliate marketing business is dead. All my businesses are local client based, site building for my clients to just get local business leads, etc.

    I learned how to get free traffic for my business, I am not talking about YouTube.
    Take the info like I did and cancel the course! He also got my internet name idea – King NJ!

  • IamSam

    Actually guys I followed several of his suggestions and have made over $150,000. There is a ton of great gems in his videos. I’ve never felt scammed.

  • Laura

    I don’t know this King Human dude but I would have to say after reading your review that he is definitely not an honest person. I do not like to be misled. Thank you for this review. I kept seeing the links to a successful business and building a website. I clicked on one. It looks pretty good. It looks like Affiliate Marketing. Do you think I can set up a business with it? I mean a real business. None of this hype sketchy stuff. It sounds like something I may be interested in.

    • Benjamin P. Ward

      Hi Laura,

      Nobody likes to be misled. Particularly when it involves investing hard earned cash! I mean all I recommend here is one trustworthy company and you can read review here. After glancing over this thread you will see the vast benefits in comparison with The KingHuman Elite company.

      It has a large affiliate marketing culture within the community but not entirely limited to just the affiliate marketing business model.

  • Joseph William Stasaitis

    Appreciate the candid review about the minimal benefits from this program. Good info. Thanks. Will save folks a lot of time and money.

  • Norman Richards

    I use to watch his videos sometime back and found them to be very entertaining. And as you said he really knows his stuff and if you are not conscious if I can use that word you would be pulling out your bank card and spending your money with him. Thanks so much for sharing, your post was really enlightening.

  • Kevin

    From your review, I don’t think KingHuman has any real thing going for him. Although he may have an engaging personality that serves him well on YouTube, I don’t think joining him has any benefit at all. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a better place to build an online affiliate marketing business.

  • Sondra M

    Awe…. I’m kind of disappointed to read your review of David Goodman’s program. You have saved me a lot of money because I would have been very disappointed had I signed up for it. I kind of feel sorry for the guy because he is missing his “boat” so to speak.   

    He clearly knows how to make entertaining YouTube videos in a very simple and in a way that viewers can actually relate to. He also knew how to create a following. If I was him, that is what I would be trying to teach people –  how to monetise YouTube.    


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