Is One Pro International a Scam or Legit

Quite flabbergasted while looking into the One Pro International (OPI) opportunity. Not quite sure what to do with it. How about you friend? Have you signed up only to discover that OnePro International is nothing more than an incomplete website dashboard.

It appears like an attractive opportunity, showing you the areas that you can earn Philippine Peso by completing a few various tasks in the user dashboard sector.

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About One Pro International

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# One Pro Dashboard
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Maybe we might have to delve deeper into this basic, yet undeveloped program. The next best step will be to investigate any social media pages for news about the One Pro platform so we can try to understand what it does.

Because nothing on this website appears to be working. Something is telling me that OnePro may still be in the early developmental stages. Like I Mean I Didn’t even have to use an email address to sign up/sign in to the Dream Builder.

Okay, okay. Let us see what info we can uncover about this mysterious OnePro International – The Dream Builder dashboard shall we!


One Pro International Review

*Brand: One Pro International A.K.A The Dream Builder
*Website URL:
*Founder: Possibly – Ashley Suarez Mendez
*Address: Mother Ignacia Ave, Cor. Samar Ave. ENC5 BLDG, 2nd Floor. Room 208, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City Philippines.
One Pro International Products *Contact Details: +63 935 430 3196
*Training: 00.00%
*Support: 09.11%
*Website: 12.35%
*Hosting: 00.00%
*Software Tools: 00.00%
*Success Stories: 34.63%
*Price Range: $0.00 (FREE for now)
*Upsells: Not yet
*Verdict: Dead website that needs more work

About One Pro International

What is there really to say about One Pro. How about you enlighten me in the comments section below because by clicking on the ‘About Us’ link within the website itself does nothing for you.

Not to mention, ‘Help’ and ‘Contact Us’ links to pages does not do anything but highlight as you hover over them.

The website’s brand and logo looks really awesome by the way. The symbol reminds me of the type of image used at an online casino or something!

One Pro International Philippines

Since the currency displayed on the user dashboard is as Philippine Peso –  (₱). And the domain names area code ends in .ph. It makes it quite obvious that the One Pro International website is technically targeted for a Filipino audience.

Although it is labelled as OnePro International. Stating International in the brand name, so this company might need to update various currency codes for international users.

One Pro is worth $24,702 in total web asset value. Gets around 5,715 visits / day and ranks in position 244,741 inside the online world of Alexa rank.

I’m simply dumbfounded how this is even possible since there is nothing that can be done inside! Unless it’s because I reside in Australia and may possible not permit use for Australian residents.

Since the recent update with the dashboard interface has apparently taken place that could be causing a problem for new users joining One Pro International.

Than again it could simply be a rubbish website that’s been running since 2018.

One Pro Dashboard

The first impression of the dashboard. It looks user-friendly. Ironically enough, in the navigational area the only tab you can click on is ‘Dashboards’.

By clicking this internal link it reloads the dashboard page that you are already situated at. Only difference is that a quick popup jumps out of the screen stating – “Announcement – Welcome to our new website template. Happy earnings.”

It automatically disappears roughly after a 1 minute duration. In the top right-hand corner of the dashboard you can see a drop down menu to your account and log out option.

After testing it, you can successfully log out of the dashboard where you will be whisked off to that initial login screen where you only need to insert a user name and password to access the platform.

What is One Pro International

If One Pro International was a legitimate platform. They would need to have an email attached to everyone’s account to keep details more private and secure. Especially since One Pro is involved in financial activities where withdrawing take place.

Heck. If you want to hack my account. I’ll hand over my login details as it has no use to me, nor will it impact my daily life! My login information is:

  • USERNAME – Onepro89
  • PASSWORD – Onepro

The One Pro International dashboard needs a considerable amount of work done before it should be accessible by the online population.

Inside it suggests how you can earn Philippine Peso’s, according to viewing the dashboard user interface. These icons are displayed in OnePro dashboard:

  • Total Bonus.
  • Referral Bonus.
  • Global Rebates.
  • Total Withdraw.
  • Indirect Referral.
  • Voucher.
  • Pairing Bonus.
  • Watching Bonus.
  • Login & Sign up.


By clicking on any of these selections mentioned just now does absolutely nothing!

One Pro International Products

There are no products listed for sale, reuse or marketable on One Pro International’s site. But by checking out their Facebook business pages. There is an image within it’s feed that looks like a soap box.

One Pro International Watch and Earn

It has branding on the box – One Pro Glutamansi Soap.

There is a review inside the page feed by – Divine Grace Dargantes: “one pro’s watch and earn, incentive and buy codes. It definitely helps a lot of members earn extra while at home”

In my opinion this is just false advertising. There is no way to make income from One Pro’s site at this point in time!

It also says within that One Pro International is an Advertising/marketing company in Quezon City, Philippines.


Final Word


  • Do not need an email address to create a profile within.
  • Free entrance, no apparent costs.
  • Simplicity itself.
  • Attractive website design.


  • The site doesn’t achieve any sort of income or success for it’s users.
  • Looks like an under developed website that can only display the dashboard and nothing else.
  • None of the links work.
  • Cannot access the About me, Contact me, or Help pages.
  • Waste of time and energy.

OnePro International Sign Up

I threw together this short article to be sweet and straight to the point. Everything typed was a result of utilising the website from within the dashboard. In the attempt of trying to watch some videos to earn some Philippine peso for something new.

It would have been great to earn some Philippine Peso by viewing short videos online. My intuition tells me that this website might be worth a look back in about a year’s time to see if any significant changes, progression has been made.

Hopefully it lives up to the hype and fulfil’s what it preaches – earn to watch and earn by referring new members to the OnePro platform.


So Until a Momentous change is Made Here. You Are Better Off Heading Over to a Well Tuned Platform that has over 1.4 million Certified Entrepreneurs Using This to Make a SECONDARY SOURCE OF INCOME Via the Internet.


Onepro Does Not Work


‘Instead of going straight to this Training/Support filled platform itself, why not read a little more about this unique opportunity. It can’t hurt at the end of the day and is 98% more compact and beneficial.’


See * How * This* Platform * Can * Help * You


Sorry to have disappointed you today. I’m sure you were misled into thinking that you can really earn some Philippine Peso by watching YouTube video Ads and other stuff via One Pro International.

If you know something that I did not mention you feel should be highlighted within this article. Please shed your suggestions below. Really consider clicking over to that recommendation if you want a legitimate place to start with online! Have a grand day buddy.

One Pro International – The Dream Crusher…

Quick Recap of One Pro International
  • Support
  • Website
  • Success Stories

7 thoughts on “Is One Pro International a Scam or Legit”

  1. Sir, it is better if you join first and let us see your claims/informations you have is true. I have joined other online business like airbitclub. They say it is a scam. I ignored the negative review. I still joined the company and earn. I have already doubled my investment with no recruit. Now, in case of Onepro, I will believe your review, if you can show me any proof that you are a member of onepro and you have not yet gained your investment. It is easy to say things like this is not legit etc. If you engage in a legit business, you needed 6 digits of capital or more to start (500k), with lots of paperwork, employees and other problems. The ROI, after 3-5 years or more up to 10 years, it is not also a guarantee. In one pro, they say in 8 days, you already gained your investment. Prove me wrong then sir. Show to us that, in your next review, you have to provide solid proof that it is not worth joining. If you fail, please stop promoting negative reviews and start promoting income generating sites to help our kababayan earn extra income thru internet. Thanks.

    • Our review is based on trial and error. I actually signed up and tried to use the Onepro’s dashboard. There was nothing that I could do inside it. I’ve seen video’s on YouTube that show features on the Dashboard. But, with me nothing was working.

      If you read this review properly, I explain this within the post! I’m not going to write a review about Onepro and say that I am making income with it, if it does not even work. I left my login details in this article so try and log in with them and see if the dashboard is working from your country.

      Like I mentioned. Possibly the reason it did not work because my IP address is from Australia. Not 100% sure though why it wasn’t working!

      • It doesnt work because your account was not yet activated.
        You can sign up for free. But its service is for Active members.
        Once your Account/Dashboard is activated, there will more options like watch room wherein you can earn by watching some ads.

  2. Hello, I’m a member of the Onepro. I’ll be able to do the first account to my 4 accounts and that will be replaced or replaced by the password. I really have the real thing that I have to say that someone has withdrawn my account, from first account, to 4th account. My usernames are – Irishkhate; Irishkhate2; Irishkhate3; irishkhate4.


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