Is Payton Welch – Inbound Closer a Scam or Legit

Inbound Closer: $97.00 + Upsells
  • 68.3%
    Training - 68.3%
  • 55%
    Support - 54.97%
  • 51.3%
    Website - 51.29%
  • 78.8%
    Software Tech - 78.75%
  • 64.9%
    Success Stories - 64.87%

Brief Summary:

If you have experience in telesales a.k.a telemarketing industry and know what it takes to close important deals with leads. Then, Inbound Closer developed by brother Payton Welch is a specific set of guidance that will take your negotiation and closing abilities to the next level. Experience is not essential for this place but a strong work ethic and confident individuals need do apply.

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Marketing and advertising company Inbound Closer was created by Taylor Welch and is a work-from-home telemarketing opportunity that educates you on how to generate leads, how to improve your sales skills, as well as how to close deals.

It claims to have your first client for less than a week and earn $980 in commissions or more per day; hence you can quit your 95 jobs in 21 days. In short, it is a legitimate educational program that can possibly help you earn a lot of money each day.

Inbound Closer Is an online program designed to teach you a “high-demand skill that puts you in the heart of a thriving $129 billion industry that will line your pockets with daily commission checks of $980 or more.”

But at a time when scammers and con artists are rampant, is Inbound Closer a legit online program that does what it promises?


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Inbound Closer Review

*Parent Company: The SalesMentor LLC
Inbound Closer Review*Subsidiary: Inbound Closer
*Alternate Known Names: Inbound Closers
*Domain Name:
*Domain Age: 13th/NOV/2019
*Hosting Registrar: NameCheap INC
*Launched: 2020
*Domain Authority: 3/100
*Linking Root Domains: 39
*Ranking Keywords: 3
*Spam Score: N/A
*Website Asset Value: $83,753
*Address/Headquarters: 393 Nichol Mill Lane, Suite 260, Franklin, Tennessee 37067, United States
*Founder: Payton Welch
*Contact Methods:

  • email:
  • email:
  • email:
  • phone: +1 (615) 821-0025
  • FAQ’s: Help center

*Services Offered:

  • Mastermind Group

  • Step-by-step training course

  • Telesales scripts

  • Inbound Closing System

*Community Size: 15,000+
*Payment/Payout Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
*Cost/Price Tag: $97
*Compensation Plan: N/A
*Affiliate Program: No
*Up-Sells: Yes
*Training: 68.30%
*Support: 54.97%
*Website: 51.29%
*Software Tech: 78.75%
*Success Stories: 64.87%
*Verdict: Decent product and/or service for aspiring and capable closers

About Taylor/Payton Welch

Payton Welch is a digital marketing consultant.

Nothing like Sam Ovens from

He is the brother of Taylor Welch, CEO of Traffic and Funnels, another program that promises almost the same pitch to “help clients grow” businesses.

Sales/Marketing Director and brother of Taylor Welch (the sales mentor), Payton Welch promotes Inbound Closer.

Payton Welch Reviews
Left: Taylor WelchRight: Payton Welch

Taylor clearly stated on the Inbound Closer website that he wholly owns the program and said, “As Payton explained to you on the previous page, Inbound Closer is not the only company that I own and manage.”

Taylor said he owns a $21 million company that teaches or advises businesses online on how to generate seven-to-eight-figure revenue through inbound marketing and closing processes.

He prides himself on mentoring 757 entrepreneurs who “trust” him and trust Inbound Closer to help satisfy their inbound leads.

With that said, it appears Taylor is using his connections to bring companies to Inbound Closer to serve as opportunity providers for salespeople covered by Inbound Closer.

While Taylor boasts of his control over various companies by mentoring them, he says he could easily get Inbound Closer students the perfect opportunities from these companies that “follow his advice.”

According to Taylor, he could easily forgo opportunities on a silver platter simply by guaranteeing an individual’s skills and credibility in their relationships.

So, fundamentally, Inbound Closer empowers people and provides opportunities by connecting them with “previously vetted clients with prosperous, profitable and cash-rich businesses.”

About Inbound Closer

The Inbound Closer is an internet-based program promoted by a marketer named Payton Welch.

His goal is to educate you on ways to earn money from home or give you the financial freedom you want, enough to quit your 95 job if you don’t want to continue the rest of your life relying on paychecks.

Inbound Closer is advertised by a guy named Payton Welch, he markets it as an online program that allows people to “break free” from their 9 to 5 job in about 21 days while working remotely from anywhere in the world.

Their goal is to teach you a highly sought after skill that puts you in the No. 1 position to make the most of a thriving $129 billion industry.

Therefore, you will learn to use this skill to earn daily commissions of up to $980 per day.

It teaches you ways on how to create a sales funnel which turns more leads into customers.

The name “closer” refers to this, as it means that the program shows you how to close more sales.

Inbound Closer Coaching Program


By doing so, you learn how to leverage a vast ad network worth $129 billion.

You don’t need any skills before this training because Payton and Taylor will explain all you need to be aware of about telemarketing.

The main focus here is to get leads for high-priced programs, so you have to convert them into program purchases through phone calls.

Every time you close a deal between companies and leads, you earn commissions that will help you quit your 9 to 5 job.

Anyone who’s already in the telemarketing industry but hasn’t earned that much.

It’ll be good to try the Payton & Taylor guide until you get the hang of it.

But it is not perfect for everyone. If you are shy and introverted, I suggest you give GPT sites a try to turn your daily online activities into pennies.

If your goal is to replace 9 to 5 job and escape the rat race rebellion, an online business is what you need to achieve your goal.

Inbound Closer Training

If Inbound Closer sounds good to you and you enjoy pursuing a career which Taylor and Payton show you, you would have to pay a small sum of $97 for the training program.

The program comes with a money-back guarantee.

Assuming you decide to cancel your subscription, you must send an email to to receive the refund.

Inbound Closer Refund

  • A Daily Commission Check Blueprint:

This is an instructional course consisting of two modules. It shows you what you have to do to get your first customer in less than a week.

  • The Inbound Closing Accelerator:

Presents to you Taylor’s proprietary method, the Inbound Closing system.

He developed that system after acquiring knowledge from his past experiences.

He had made over 3,180 calls, as well as more than $42 million in business was closed from those calls.

It is a 21-day course that guides you step by step through his method.

  • Access to the Inbound Closer Mastermind group:

You can connect with your fellow closers in a risk-free environment where they can learn from each other, practice what they learn, and form new strategies.

  • Access to Taylor’s Online Entrepreneur Network:

In case, you need a job that uses your new skills, Taylor and his clients are always on the lookout for those people.

You will be informed when a new job opportunity arises.

  • Post-call recordings and breakdowns:

Your phone calls behind the scenes will be analyzed by other people closing it to show you where you are wrong and help you improve your phone skills.

Is Inbound Closer a Scam

Inbound Closer is a legit program that educates people on how to become an affiliate marketer and closers.

Is Inbound Closer a ScamHowever, one of the reasons people question the legitimacy or classify Inbound Closer as a scam. Is that they try it out, expecting immediate success.

Although the advertisements give the impression that this is a simple program that delivers results within a few days, you still have to work hard to see those results.

They don’t say it openly in the ad, but they do so in small print at the bottom of the page.

It says, “Your results will depend and vary on many factors, including but not limited to your experience, background, as well as work ethic.”

If you approach it with the right mindset, the program works.

Final Word


  • It possesses a money-back guarantee. Payton promises to refund all your money within 2448 hours after this guarantee is activated if you send an email to cancel your membership.
  • You do not need to have experience as a marketer to join the program. It teaches you everything from scratch.
  • You just need a smartphone and a good internet connection to start winning through closing.


  • You have to deal with sales calls.
  • Upsells.
  • Support is on a Facebook group.

Inbound Closer Legit

It is becoming fashionable to earn money online to earn a living or supplement your main source of income.

But, without a doubt, it is not so easy to find a reliable source of income.

There are numerous ways to which you can do this, and with a little persistence, you can find your ideal venture.

Inbound Closer is one of those worthy to try out kind of programs.

If you follow the instructions and work hard enough, you will see a positive change in your results.

Telecommunication and closing sales may not be up your alley and you may seek a non-social business model to wet your beak with.


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Is Inbound Closer Real


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Real Success Happens Daily


There’s a lot of action and hype surrounding this Inbound Closer company and is potentially a good shindig. But there is plenty to do on your end to make life changing results. Hopefully, we have filled you in with enough info and feel free to share this post and/or drop a comment.

Strong work ethic is necessary to drive everyday earnings and yearly profits…



5 thoughts on “Is Payton Welch – Inbound Closer a Scam or Legit”

  1. BEWARE! The Inbound Closer is a HUGE SCAM! I paid for the course and once I was in the group some creepy guy from the Inbound closer messaged me and tried to sell me on a $6000 package. He paused for like 10 minutes during the call out of nowhere and it got really awkward for him when I didn’t respond. So when he started talking again I let him know I wasn’t interested because, after all , THEY AREN’T SELLING ANYTHING! After that I wasn’t allowed back into the group even though I had been working individually with people among the community, long story short, I think they were quite “butt-hurt”. They are getting over on people by selling them information about the very commonly known “closer” position which is no-secret at all. You can join any number of sales companies and become promoted to a closer or you can simply join a sales company on commission or even with a based salary as a Closer and you don’t need the program at all because you’ll get all the training you need with the company FOR FREE and yes, they will even pay you to learn.
    Which is what they don’t tell people.
    They get over on the younger demographic because they lack the elementary understanding of very basic business structures.


    • How did you cancel your subscription? My bf signed up for it one night and he has literally never used it. He gets charged $99 monthly (I think) until he pays $500.

  2. I’m in the camp of, if you believe this program is “life changing”, Then put your money where your mouth is. Offer a program at a “claw back” rate for legit closers who are raising families, and $100 bucks buys groceries. Make it so that you claw back the first $100 in commissions. For a program that starts like that I would be in 100%. My closing rate at my last sales position was 80%. If you know the material, and you are likeable, people will buy from you. Closing is a skillset you must refine. Pick a product, Isolate objections, Overcome excuses, Re-enthuse the client, Ask for the cash! This process is smooth and easy with the right practice, and understanding of the product to be sold.

  3. You see that is what I get irritated and agitated with. These presentations simplify the process in a Teaser-Type-Ad on You Tube. Then you view, their long, drawn-out video where they go on and on about where they were a few years ago. Often it’s living out of their car, as a college dropout, just over broke and discuss that for another 30 minutes or so. Next, they lure and lead, all the while dropping little nuggets of information here and there to keep your level of interest and you on the hook. Then they reel you in constantly reiterating the price often with an Upsell. Now when you purchase this product that promises wealth in an ex no. of days, the program is abstract, complex and difficult to implement. That is when you realize you have been duped. Despite putting in a disclaimer at the bottom of the page prior to purchase because of legal issues, the overall message is misleading, with a delivery of that message that is duplicitous in nature. Wholeheartedly, I abhor such video content. That raises red flags and eyebrows for me. Thank you for your deep, introspective and well thought out written review. It is wholly appreciated.


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