Is PicturePunches a Scam or Legit

Are you over 18+ years of age? Are you sure meme cadet. Are you ready to make some extra income, by posting hilarious memes online?

If you’re eager, and met the minimum age requirements of 18 years old, you can register up with the PicturePunches – Online memeing and advertising service.

But don’t get too greedy and create multiple accounts now. You won’t be able to manipulate this meme platform, in the bid for earning more memeing revenues. It’s a real no no there. It would do you more harm than good anyways.

You’re better off building a singular profile. Making your profile and meme history reputable enough to stand out from the online crowd of memer’s that are using the PicturePunches website.

To make your account more clickable and subscribed. Ultimately, it will come down to putting up interesting pictures with hilarious meme captions. PicturePunches is definitely the place to be if you have a good sense of humour about you.

If you’ve acquired the humour gene in your family, then you can express your comedic personality trait into the form of a meme. Also giving you a better means of earning meme revenues at PicturePunches.

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# PicturePunches Review
# About PicturePunches
# How Does PicturePunches Work
# Is PicturePunches Legit
# PicturePunches Rules
# Pro’s VS Con’s

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Do you see yourself as the creative type? Are you artsy fartsy and enjoy laughing at funny memes likely seen on social media. Then Picture Punches might fit the boot. Who knows, you might have what it takes to make your meme go viral.


Estimated Worth of = $15,409


You could definitely have some fun with this opportunity, maybe treat it as a side hustle for some extra income. Sure it won’t make you filthy rich, but who really needs to be earning more than they can handle.

Like rap icon Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.I.G) had said it best – “Mo Money Mo Problems.” It’s possible to survive quite comfortably with a lower income, all you need to do is budget your finances efficiently and realise there is more to life then hoarding those Benjamin’s.


Site Receives Approximately – 3,308 visits / day


Before we move on. If you were unmotivated to investigate PicturePunches yourself and would just prefer another’s opinion on this memeing tool. Then you can uncover some more frivolous details as we move forward in the post. So what say you, keep reading on then?


PicturePunches Review

*Brand: PicturePunches
PicturePunches Review*Domain URL:
*Domain Age: 16/NOV/2013 (GoDaddy)
*Founder: Farris F Al Harbi (owner)
*Nationality: Saudi Arabian
*Address/HQ: Somewhere in Saudi Arabia
*Social Media Presence:

  • Facebook – 24,162 likes | 24,184 follows
  • Twitter – 15 followers
  • Instagram – 102 followers
  • Linkedin – Farris Al Harbi | 16 connections
  • YouTube – Farris Al Harbi | 6 subscribers

*Contact Details:

  • email:
  • email: inbuilt messaging system

*Training: 73.14%
*Support: 47.39%
*Website: 88.07%
*Software Tools: 43.39%
*Success Stories: 62.73%
*Costs Involved: $0.00 (free service)
*Any Up-sells: None
*Verdict: Entertaining way to start a spare coin collection

About PicturePunches

‘PicturePunches’ or ‘Picture Punches’ was built as an entertaining style of website. Created with the ambition of making online browsing less of a bore. It offers simplistic navigation for it’s users and has it’s own concept for earning revenue online.

Picture Punches caters to a bucket load of popular memes like cats; dogs; hilarious baby pictures; funny parent pics and random vehicles to name a few popular categories inside.

If you have a taste for obscure humour. Then you’ll likely get your daily fix of laughter browsing through PicturePunches, especially when you’re in the jovial spirit.

About PicturePunchesSo, can you make income from developing new memes using PicturePunches software? The answer in short is, yes, yes you can!

But, unless you’re hitting home runs with your meme creations and/or building a cult following of subscribers that like to check out your meme catalogue regularly. You will probably only earn trickles of meme revenues for your efforts there.

But, that doesn’t mean you cannot improve upon your meme creations and work towards becoming an A-grade memer.

Social media is usually the best location to find memes going viral. Do you already know how to give your memes maximum exposure? If you don’t, your meme won’t probably get traction at all without a social media following.

That is where Picture Punches comes into effect. Saving you the hassle and allowing you to monetise your meme creations within their site itself.

Just simply use Picture Punches memeing tool and take a piece of there advertisers revenue, as they automatically will apply ads to your memes once published.


How Does PicturePunches Work

By following the list of steps provided you will get a general grasp of how Picture Punches works, showing you how to start earning passive income (teeny amounts) as of today creating popular memes.

  1. Firstly register your account to take advantage of the features inside Picture Punches (free of charge).
  2. Upload a picture you want to create a meme out of.
  3. Fill in a funny caption.
  4. Add your meme to an appropriate category (best to be accurate).
  5. Click icon if you are the original poster of the selected image (copyright reasons).
  6. Select whether the image is safe for work.
  7. Hit upload/publish and now bob’s your uncle.
  8. Depending on how many views your meme gets, will be the determining factor of how much you can earn.

You will also be required to view other people’s meme creations to earn points. Points have been added to allow this system to stay active and not phase out anytime soon.

# Expect to earn 5 points for each new meme viewed.
# Receive 250 points once per day for just being active in this memeing community.


Is PicturePunches Legit

Picture Punches is legitimate! Are you familiar with online advertising services such as the best and fairest of them all – Google AdSense? Long story short, Google AdSense ads will get displayed next to your meme (Typically below it).

Don’t panic, you won’t have to go and join an Advertising network in hopes of earning meme revenues. PicturePunches has already done this part for you.

Picture Punches has already been accepted into these ads networks, so don’t stress out about it, the hard part is already taken care of.

Picture Punches automatically sets Ads code into your meme publishing’s. And every time your meme is clicked, it will trigger the Ads code to display a paid advertisement next to your memes.

That is the main way of earning income using PicturePunches Memeing!

I’m sure Picture Punches has their own way of calculating and distributing ad earnings into members accounts evenly, those members of which are getting clicks and serving ads through popular memes.

Only downside here is that in order to earn a lot of income at Picture Punches, you will truly need to be getting a hell of a lot of clicks on your meme creations.

Is PicturePunches Legit

Since the income earned is determined/calculated on how many ads impressions (views) it gets. Publishers are willing to pay various amounts of money per 1000 ads impressions are fed.

Note that, ads are not always going to be the exact same advertisement shown every-time a meme is viewed. So technically speaking, your income should fluctuate in payments per 1000 ads shown within your profile.

As a good round figure. Expect to see earnings of around $1.00 per 1000 ads impressions (Or meme views). So if you manage to create any viral memes for instance.

And manage to get approximately 1000 people clicking on that meme in a single day.

You should expect to see roughly $1.00 credited into your Picture Puncher account. It’s that simple!

Oh, almost forgot to mention. You can also earn credits to your income tally (dribs and drabs) by viewing other people’s memes too which is a part of the process here anyway.

PicturePunchers Rules

This nifty little site has some rules to uphold. Be prepared as I’m about to lay down the law and throw the rule book at you.

PicturePunches Rules

Rule: No.1

One account per person. Additional accounts will be terminated!

Rule: No.2

Need to have reached the age of 18 years to get started.

Rule: No.3

No sexually provoking pictures allowed.

Rule: No.4

Only funny memes are allowed.

Rule: No.5

Post memes accordingly to the correct language, category and section on the site.

Rule: No.6

No bullying.

Rule: No.7

If a picture is not yours, make sure you have consent to upload the image.

Rule: No.8

Put in the effort making your meme captions funny. No basic ‘LOL’ or ‘Ha-Ha’ captions.

Rule: No.9

You cannot advertise get-rich-quick schemes, gambling promotions, adult entertainment or political material using PicturePunches.


Final Word


  • You can advertise your business/products on the Picture Puncher website. It can cost as little as $0.01 per 1000 impressions (views).
  • It’s a free service and you could literally start earning as soon as you receive your first meme click/view.
  • Simple to set up, quick to understand how the system works with some practice.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $5.00 (USD) via PayPal. If your lucky like me and reside in Australia. That $5.00 USD would increase in value, changing to $7.44 (AUD) due to the currency exchange rate.
  • Will typically take less than 24 hours to process a withdrawal with PayPal.
  • If you play by the rules, expect to be featured at the top more often, which opens your memes to more exposure and earnings potential.


  • If you violate the rules in any way, like, add a meme to an incorrect category, you can lose your earnings, points and uploading privileges.
  • You can donate to other members memes, which could be viewed as a pro or con depending how you look at it.
  • Uploading memes will cost you points, so you have to be earning points by viewing other people’s memes. Otherwise wait to redeem your daily points bonus.
  • By uploading your pictures to Picture Punches gives over all rights to the company. So, they can basically use your image in future marketing campaigns if they’ed like.
  • Can comfortably say that you will not receive any significant financial gains using this opportunity alone. You’ll need to be mixing it up by creating your own affiliate business, or something along the lines of this model.

PicturePunches Scam

Picture Punches is like an illustrated book. It has 51 categories spanning from ‘news’ to ‘Illuminati’. It has members joined from countries all around the world. 249 countries to be exact.

Current activity from the Top 3 countries using Picture Punches:

  1. India1991 users | 9689 memes.
  2. United States1188 members | 3353 pictures.
  3. Philippines779 peeps | 1152 pics.

So this place does get consistent activity. It isn’t a dead meme site. It’s a very straight forward and well-structured one in my opinion. It wouldn’t take long until you work out how to use it properly.

It’s a matter of providing hilarious, unique and unspammy memes. If you’re already making memes and not getting paid for doing so.

It can’t hurt to get compensated for your efforts by using PicturePunches services. Obviously, you’ll have a tough time breaking the bank using meme sites such as PicturePunches. With that said.


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PicturePunches Legit


Maybe you’re not sure what you want to achieve right now and that’s completely fine. I have created an honest review of the amazing community I am referring to just now. The option is there if you want to take a look. No pressure but you would be missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.


PicturePunches Login


Before I sign off. Did you feel this article provided enough insights? Leaving you feeling satisfied and confident with your next decision of pursuing Picture Puncher or not. If you have any doubts or concerns with anything in relation to this company. By all means, drop your opinions below. Your thoughts and questions will create some activity here. Share if you liked this article.

Laugh and earn using PicturePunches…

Quick Recap of PicturePunches $0.00 (FREE)
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

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