Is Shaqir Hussyin a Scam or Legit

Shaqir Hussyin has made quite an impact. As you may have already guessed, he’s allocated his birth name for his pillar business/brand idea (Shaqir Hussyin).

There is one sentence that comes to mind. Greedy f-ing prick! You’ll understand why I say that once you see some of the costs involved.

This website practically showcases Shaqir’s achievements, products and services. This website comes across upfront and honest with plenty of information at hand.

So who is Shaqir Hussyin? And what does he do different from all those other big entrepreneurial names out there. Does he share Tai Lopez status or walk down his own path online?

One thing is for sure, Shaqir Hussyin is renown for his work as an author and investor that has cemented himself as a highly sought after internet business mentor.

Is Shaqir Hussyin Legit
*Left: Richard Branson ~ Right: Shaqir Hussyin

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# What is Shaqir Hussyin About
# Is Shaqir Hussyin a Scam
# Shaqir Hussyin Products
# Pro’s VS Con’s

Internet Marketing Education, Tools, Networking & Support!Do you Hunger for the Truth About How People are Really Becoming Successful Online...

Like most other internet guru’s. Shaqir boasts how he can help new and seasoned entrepreneurs start/enhance multi-figured businesses.

Shaqir’s investment portfolio includes areas in: private business; crypto tech; crypto currency; smartphone applications; properties and a range of software.

One of Shaqir’s dream goals is to launch an international charity business that offers entrepreneurship and spiritual education for disadvantageous kids without family (orphans) etc.

Before we kick things off here. Do you think Shaqir is authentic? Or just wants to make as money as possible. Before you make the decision whether to pursue Shaqir’s advice.

Maybe we should check up on some of Shaqir’s prior business arrangements. But all-in-all, We’ll give ya’ll the rundown of the contents found within Shaqir Hussyin’s website.


Shaqir Hussyin Review

*Main Brand: Shaqir Hussyin
Shaqir Hussyin Review*Website URL: (Personal branding)
*Year Founded: 2009
*Domain Age: 08/JUL/2009
*Other Company’s:


*Founder: Shaqir Hussyin
*Address/HQ: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, United Kingdom N1 7GU
*Contact Alternatives:

  • Phone | +1-844-2564110
  • Email | –

*Social Media Status:

  • Facebook business page – 12,518 + likes.
  • Twitter – 18.2k + followers.
  • YouTube – 4,728 + subscribers.
  • Linkedin – 3,515 + followers.

*Training: 45.73%
*Support: 41.38%
*Website: 52.05%
*Software Tools: 57.42%
*Success Stories: 37.69%
*Price Range: $0.00 (Free) up to $39,997.00 (Some costs are in pounds)
*Up-sells: Depends which product/service your involved with
*Verdict: Over achiever / high ticket items.

What is Shaqir Hussyin About

Who is Shaqir Hussyin? Shaqir was raised in East London, United Kingdom within a religious, Asian household.

Mr. Hussyin is a notable marketing guru and internet entrepreneur that’s been in this game for quite some time now (pushing a decade). But before he started online around 7-8 years ago.

Shaqir was encouraged to pursue a college degree. At first, Shaqir desired to climb the corporate ladder where he began studying finance, money and banking at university. He was destined to fall into the dreaded 9 to 5 trap as an investment banker.


The Estimated Value of this Website = $1,319.00


What is Shaqir Hussyin AboutIt didn’t take long until Shaqir began learning how to hone his skills in affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer is precisely the same definition as an online/internet marketer in case you were wondering.

It isn’t to my surprise that Shaqir Hussyin has been reviewed and stamped inside Forbes Magazine as a digital trendsetter.

Considering he has launched over 10 successful companies, conducted regular live events/seminars and workshop meet-ups.


Website Receives – 276 Visits / Day


Did you know that one of Shaqir’s most profitable companies is Wealth Academy. Well it is, and Shaqir’s the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Wealth Academy! You might have already read about this company elsewhere.

Still to this day, Shaqir promotes many products and services and claims he can rake in over $1,000,000 each month. Not a bad lump sum, hey.

Shaqir currently has well over 600,000 subscribers on his emailing list. That’s a lot of financial power right there.


Is Shaqir Hussyin a Scam

Shaqir Hussyin is a scam according to a few resources found online. I will not mention any sources right now. Search Google for a few reviews if you want to see. Like with any business opportunity online.

There is always going to be risk involved. Making vast amounts of income, or building a successful business is not guaranteed to work for anyone. It’s entirely up to the individual and consistent efforts are a must!


Just take Shaqir Hussyin’s disclaimer for example:

” *IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers Shaqir Hussyin is a professional internet marketer and his results are not typical. His experiences are not a guarantee you will make money. You may make more, less or the same or nothing at all. This is purely educational. No Income is guaranteed. Only serious and ambitious entrepreneurs please apply.”


Is Shaqir Hussyin a Scam
*Left: Tony Robbins ~ Right: Shaqir Hussyin

Don’t just go off and buy product’s or services from Shaqir Hussyin, or anyone for that matter, until you have done your own research (due diligence).

Shaqir Hussyin is no exception. Shaqir is just one straw out of the haystack bundle.

There’s a truck load of marketers failing and succeeding online.

All of these internet marketing guru’s will try to convince you to buy his/her product and/or checkout their personal recommendations.

‘YOU’ are the reason why people such as Shaqir are even in business at all, raking in the millions. Just saying! Be careful who you invest your time and finances with.


Shaqir Hussyin Products

Shaqir’s Free Training Materials:
  1. Traffic Mastery Intensive: | (Broken link)
  2. Solo Ads: | (Not working properly)
  3. YouTube Ads: | (Not working anymore)
  4. 10 Income Hacks: | (Again, needs updating)
  5. 3C Traffic Growth Formula: https://3ctrafficgrowthformula | (Fails to load)


These are all displayed at the footer section of the website. Strange, they are all useless!


Other Companies Shaqir Owns:
  • Wealth Academy.
  • Online Prosperity Workshop.
  • Guru Funnels.
  • Max Income System.
  • I Get Customers.
  • Traffic Millionaire Summit.
  • Income Kick Starter.
  • Solo Ads Agency.
  • Backpack Millionaire.
  • 3c Traffic Growth Formula.

Shaqir Hussyin is a Scam


Shaqir’s Live Events:
  • (2 hours long) Online Prosperity Workshop = £497.00
  • (3 days) Online Business Summit: General = £97.00 | VIP = £287.00 + VAT | Diamond = £1,297.00 + VAT
  • (3 days) Traffic Millionaires Summit: Gold = £197.00 | Platinum = £497.00 | VIP = £1,297.00 | Diamond = £3,997.00
  • (2 days) SHIC Mastermind Event: = $39,997.00
  • (3 days) Backpack Millionaires Summit – Domain address currently not working.


Final Word


  • Site gives great insight into Shaqir’s ongoing legacy.
  • Plenty of products and opportunities created by Shaqir to link out to.
  • This guy has spent time with inspirational guru’s, such as the liking of Tony Robbins.
  • There’s many routes to make contact with Shaqir and the support team inside.


  • Free training is out of the question. Most redirects/internal links are not working properly.
  • Too many products means too many payments. What to buy?
  • Did I mention that one conference costs nearly $40,000.00 (blah)!

Shaqir Hussyin

It’s frustrating reviewing big time players such as Shaqir, simply for the fact that they have so many products on sale. It’s hard to figure out which product/service is truly worth investing with.

Some products are cheaper than others. While some events will cost as much as a brand new family car. I guess Shaqir wants you to head over and sign up to his Wealth Academy business. Or attract people to attend his live events.

Just because you’re paying a lot of money for training and software tools does’t mean it’s golden material.


Shaqir Hussyin has Founded Multiple Companies/Websites. It Doesn’t Necessarily Make Him a Great Mentor to Learn from. I Prefer to Stick by Those Very Few Caring Folks Online that Focus on Developing One platform Where Everything is Located Within the One Place. Do you Like Founders that Value your Overall Success Before Financial Gain? Me Too!


Shaqir Hussyin Inner Circle


See why these kind-heartfelt fellows do this for opportunity seekers. They truly want to provide you the vehicle for success!


Affiliate Marketing Mecca


Hope you learned something worthwhile regarding Shaqir Hussyin. I’d like to know what you plan on doing from here on out. Are you going to purchase any of Shaqir Hussyin’s products/services, or keep on the lookout for something new? Let us know what you think. Be social and share this.

Shaqir Hussyin self made marketing guru…

Quick Recap of Shaqir Hussyin $0.00 (FREE) - $39,997.00
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

3 thoughts on “Is Shaqir Hussyin a Scam or Legit”

  1. Shaqir Hussyin I discovered that you were a thief and a liar and a dog and a terrorist. I sent you several messages because I am a very poor old Tunisian man I have no money to buy a house. I am very tired with my children, all the doors have closed in front of me in Tunisia and in the world. Welcome to Tunisia and discover how I live with my children poverty + misery.

  2. Without mentioning his involvement in MOBE the list would not be complete. As a high earner in this previous scam, the FTC may already have him on their list…

  3. I figure when you were involved in MOBE as a high earner, you gain a lot of influence. Then again MOBE ended up being a scam!


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