Is Affiliate Institute a Scam or Legit

Affiliate Institute: $99.00/Month + Up-sells
  • 68.4%
    Training - 68.37%
  • 48.9%
    Support - 48.9%
  • 57.3%
    Website - 57.32%
  • 67.3%
    Software Tech - 67.25%
  • 42.7%
    Success Stories - 42.66%

Brief Summary:

Affiliate Institute has it’s own crafty sales pitch sequence pushed by webinar to convert you into a new sale. Affiliate Institute fail to tell their prospects about all the additional up-sells and advertising budget you will need in order to purchase traffic to your business

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Today we’re going to be looking at the affiliate marketing opportunity better known as Affiliate Institute.

Initially, what annoyed me the most is that you cannot sign up directly and see what Affiliate Institute has to offer at it’s very core and see like, how much does it cost, what types of education is available etc.

Instead, it’s all left to the imagination and you must go through the time-consuming process by visiting the website.

Clicking one of the links to register and watch a time-consuming video pitch about the simplicity of affiliate marketing according to their terms.

The video fills you in with some minor detail with the Affiliate Institute program itself.

They compare Affiliate Institute against a more traditional business model and manipulate minds saying it’s a more feasible option in this so called new era of a digitalised economy.

By the end of today’s read you will be better informed about our take on the Affiliate Institute. You shall determine if this training platform built around marketing in general. But more specifically, affiliate marketing, is the right venture for you and your wallet.

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The Affiliate Institute Review

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# How Affiliate Institute Works
# Affiliate Institute Training
# Who is Julian Sherman
# Is Affiliate Institute a Scam
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Affiliate Institute Review

*Alternate Names:

Affiliate Institute Review

  • Affiliate Institute
  • AI
  • My Affiliate Education

*Domain Names:


*Domain Age: 23rd/DEC/2008
*Hosting Registrar:, LLC
*Launch Year: 2015
*Domain Authority: 26/100
*Linking Root Domains: 271
*Ranking Keywords: 8
*Spam Score: 69%
*Website Asset Value: $18,048 (Based on traffic)
*Address/Headquarters: 304 S. Jones Boulevard, Ste 2050 Las Vegas, Nevada, 89107

  • Kameron George
  • Mathieu Jang
  • Julian Sherman

*Contact Types:

  • email:
  • email:
  • phone: 1-833-567-4293

*Social Media Presence:

  • Facebook – 2,634+ likes, 3,219+ followers
  • LinkedIn – 50 connections
  • Twitter – 34+ followers
  • YouTube – 27+ subscribers

*Services Offered:

  • Marketing Education

  • Sales Funnels

  • Email Sequencing

  • Affiliate Program

  • Paid Advertising

*Community Size: 2,500+
*Payment/Payout Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
*Membership Prices: Pro option =$99.00/month
*Compensation Plan: 30% commissions on majority of products they offer
*Affiliate Program Offered: Yes, you need to be a paying member though
*Up-sells: Unfortunately, yes and expensive ones
*Training: 68.37%
*Support: 48.90%
*Website: 57.32%
*Software Tech: 67.25%
*Success Stories: 42.66%
*Verdict: Not worth the monthly fee and the additional up-sells you are not really prepared for

How Affiliate Institute Works

It uses one of those common marketing processes to draw you into the opportunity. Starts off by buttering you up on the idea of starting an affiliate marketing business within this booming digital economy.

Some of the text reads that you don’t have to worry about the typical offline business headaches such as huge investment, staff management, developing your own product line etc.

They say no technical experience is necessary to get started. Touching on the notion that you can take full control of your life and build a full-time digital marketing business using a simple 3-step process which is pretty bland to say the least.

Outlining their 3-step process:

  • Create your affiliate offer.
  • Choose your offer.
  • Build your first campaign.

These steps are a part of setting up your affiliate business plan. You’ll advertise other peoples products and services primarily through Facebook Ad campaigns which they forget to mention has its ongoing costs to run them.

If the semi hyped, sales hook gets under your finger nails. Than you’ll probably hand over your name, email details to then be scheduled to watch a video recording that is shown to the masses of traffic that visits it daily, which goes for over an hour and a half duration.

Affiliate Institute Back Office

Apparently, these 3-steps will demonstrate how to become a highly successful affiliate marketer selling other peoples products/services when you pay for advertising space via Facebook or similar social media outlets.

Watching the webinar shall lube up your entry a little before you are required to buy into this tasteless scheme.

In order to make your sales in affiliate marketing following the Affiliate Institute way. You’ll be setting up an offer, just like the sales funnel used on you, which have been proven to work.

Once it’s all set up. The whole process is streamlined and done through automation, as long as you pay for your traffic. The automation aspect does reduce an incredible amount of work on your behalf though.

So once you set up your sales funnel, all you got to do is let the automated sequence naturally take it’s course. Again, provided you pay for the traffic space.

You have the option of promoting the Affiliate Institute monthly subscription service and they offer 30% commissions. Same rate goes with the various levels charged inside the Affiliate Institute.

You will need at least a spare $1,000.00 to play it safe with advertising costs alone.

Affiliate Institute Training

Some of the training will cover these points. You won’t usually know what you’re getting until you buy into this elusive scheme:

Affiliate Institute Login

  • Copy-writing.
  • Funnels.
  • Traffic.
  • Content.
  • Follow-up.
  • Business.
  • Finance.
  • Organic.
  • Sales.

The training is comprised into levels. I.e. Level 1, Level 2, so on and so forth. A lot of the content is downloadable and can face issues on certain browser types.

Level 1 is essentially the $99.00/month offer. Level 2 costs $2,995.00 for one time. You can only imagine how expensive Levels 3 and 4 cost, if and when, they roll out. At least they are set as one-off payments.

Apparently, you do not necessarily need to purchase additional levels according to a source, but at the end of the day, of course they will be necessary to buy these in order to progress up the compensation plan and increase your knowledge base.

You don’t find out about these additional charges until you have paid for you $99.00 monthly membership. So many people should be disappointed once they unlock the keys to the community only to find there are up-sells kept hidden.

About Julian Sherman

Julian Sherman was a struggling personal trainer who dropped outta college.

Is Affiliate Institute a Scam

Affiliate Institute is not a scam, only they keep additional costs hidden until you buy into their first offer. Unless you set up a proper sales sequence with a killer Facebook campaign through Facebook Ads Manager promoting high ticket items.

Which will come with trial and error before finding the right niche and marketing sequence to get consistent commission sales.

It will be quite challenging to make a life changing income unless you had great understanding of the process with plenty of disposable income to experiment with. Quite likely you’ll have to look elsewhere to master your craft if you go down this marketing route.

Did you know that just because the sales funnels are proven to work, doesn’t guarantee it will work for you, at least not right away for most. There’s definitely the chance of losing money here, or only making very little profit through paid advertising.

Especially if you are inexperienced and starting out fresh off of the conveyor belt.

Is Affiliate Institute a Scam

There’s always risk involved paying for traffic whether it Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising in search engines, or social media ads.

You are not guaranteed that the person on the other end reading your ad and clicking it is ready to buy your promotion. Every ad clicked will cost you money and can vary in amounts.

If you want to churn out big commissions. You’d no doubt have to recommend products/services within expensive markets that sell inventory for above a few hundred, or even go as far as thousands of dollars online.

Which automatically lessens the likelihood of the customer purchasing your recommended item since the cost is so damn high and scary to even imagine buying.

To be completely fair with you. A lot of the information offered at Affiliate Institute can be found for free by purely searching the web in your own time. Particularly within YouTube. Do your due diligence and search yourself for the answers you seek.

Affiliate Institute is no different to the tens of thousands of programs trying to get you to join their offer through a sales funnel using a rather hyped sales pitch that gushes out positive reinforcement to the viewer.

Unfortunately, there are only a few platforms still left that give there members the ability to try things out for free to see whether it will work out or not for that particular individual, free of charge.

Affiliate Institute isn’t an official institution by the way! But they are trying their best to get accredited as an official educational institute. Have fun with that! I will not be institutionalised thank you very much. How about you?

Final Word


  • Pretty decent types of training offered.
  • A 1-on-1 call from a personal adviser is granted if you pay for the course. This is an added bonus.
  • Access the discovery session.
  • Unlock a private Facebook community for those who have brought into Affiliate Institute. Less than 1000 members have joined there.
  • Claims to teach you real tangible skills according to their curriculum.
  • Management donate 5% of all initial sales to Kiva. Affiliate Institute are a charitable company.


  • The pre-sell sales video webinar takes over an hour and a half to view.
  • No trial period offered to test the service out.
  • Must buy the service before you try it out and can even compare the real value of the education.
  • 14-day money back guarantee. But states that they do not have to honor your request for refund.
  • There are additional costs involved.
  • Social media presence is barely noteworthy.
  • Somewhat of an MLM program if you catch my drift.

Is Affiliate Institute Legit

I wouldn’t say this program is newbie friendly because you’ll be diving straight into investing in the monthly membership, advertising and additional services to grow your new business through the Affiliate Institute website.

It’s flabbergasting how Affiliate Institute will make people pay to join the company before they know what the customer will get with the purchase. All you really know is that you’ll be learning to market to earn revenue.

Since they keep additional up-sells hidden says all there is to know about Affiliate Institute. I’m just glad I use a place that specialises in affiliate marketing that is just the complete opposite to Affiliate Institute. Upfront, honest and no hidden agenda!

If the costs involved when subscribing to Affiliate Institute worry you now. And you just want to start an online business without any hidden devices that is open and honest to there users.


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Affiliate Institute Affiliate Program


Hey, have you the time to read more about our suggestion just now. Access the review to fully understand what a top-notch and premier affiliate marketing service should appear like. Take a sneak peek if you dare, because your worth living the best lifestyle you possibly can without having restricted time of work and additional stresses of life.


So there you have it. Here’s my two cents worth on this sales pitch of a service going by the name of Affiliate Institute. Have you had any good or bad experiences using Affiliate Institute in the past? Please allow guests to read your thoughts on that website to encourage, or dissuade peeps from registering to Affiliate Institute.

I’d typically just avoid anything with the name ‘Institute’ in the title…

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