Is Clix Universe a Scam or Legit

Clix Universe is an internationally usable space themed website. Also known in common tongue as a pay to click (PTC) opportunity. This internet advertising program claims that it pays out to it’s users every-time ads pop-ups are opened and clicked.

Each click will incrementally add a few cents to your account balance. But it will eventually reach a capping point where users must wait until the whole 24hr cycle has completed. Only then will extra clicks be counted as credits towards an active account.

The amount paid from every click will vary depending on the ad type and active membership plan.

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# Clix Universe Login
# Clix Universe Affiliate Program
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Is Clixuniverse legit? Or is Clix Universe just another PTC scam site. I personally don’t believe any PTC websites can be a legitimate practice. Although a lot of reviewers claim that many of them PTC sites are reliable to use.

If you are using these PTC sites for financial gain, then you are just plain old lazy in my opinion. Otherwise you may not know any genuine methods for building an online asset that you can be proud of.

This review will announce the benefits (if any) of the Clix Universe PTC dashboard. It should allow you to determine whether to use it or not.


Clix Universe Review

*Brand: ClixUniverse
*Website URL:
Clix Universe Review*Founder: Not Listed
*Founded: 2017
*Domain Age: 16th/MAY/2017
*Address/HQ: Not Provided
*Contact Ways: Support page does not have a method of contact
*Training: 11.87%
*Support: 04.74%
*Website: 46.39%
*Software Tools: 13.94%
*Success Stories: 14.18%
*Upgrade Account:

  • Standard – $0.00 (FREE) | lifetime
  • Monthly Star – $5.00 / 30 days
  • Monthly Galaxy – $15.00 / 30 days
  • Monthly Universe – $30.00 / 30 days
  • Yearly Star – $50.00 / 365 days
  • Milky Way – $50.00 / 90 days
  • Andromeda – $90.00 / 180 days
  • Yearly Galaxy – $150.00 / 365 days
  • Yearly Universe – $300.00 / 365 days

*Up-sells: Not probable
*Verdict: Non-payment scheme


About Clix Universe

What is Clix Universe About? Summed up nicely. This is a PTC website that pays when clicks are conducted on advertisers websites etc.

You cannot run more than one account. Same goes for other people within the household, plus devices. This website records IP addresses so you will get banned when multiple accounts are being used.


Estimated Worth of This Website = $66,311.00


To earn referrals clicks you need to perform your mandatory 4 ad clicks per day.

About Clix Universe

Make sure you select a likeable username as you cannot change this once an account is generated.


Estimated Visits Per Day: 11,716


It’s required that you log into your account at least once every 30 days to prevent account suspension/termination (forfeit all earnings).

Payments are processed withing 2-7 days. You need to invest into the Clix Universe site in order to cash out, so probably don’t use this site.

Is Clixuniverse a Scam

Is Clixuniverse a ScamClix Universe does not use Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) for encrypted security for most pages, so you’re depositing details might be compromised. Personally, I am under the assumption that all of these PTC websites are giant con jobs and massive wastes of time.

There is always specific/unrealistic criteria’s put in place which makes it damn difficult to withdraw any earnings made.

I must admit this is my favourite looking PTC website under the gun thus far. It looks gnarly with that galaxy styled theme template which goes hand-in-hand with the company brand of course.

There is talk going around online that since November, 2018. Clix Universe no longer pays out to it’s consumers.



Clix Universe Login

After registration, you can login to your account anytime of the day. Whilst logged in, you can access your account page which opens up a dashboard of various options to click:




~Account Summary: Shows a table of your earnings balance, referral stats, advertisement clicks and advertising balance.

~Message System: Click the link to enable your messaging BS.

~Add Funds: If you’re fool, you can add real money via this link through payment services provided like: Perfect Money; SolidTrustPay; Payeer; LiteCoin; Bitcoin; PayPal Gateway & Altcoins.

~Upgrade Account: Upgrade your account status to Monthly Star, Monthly Galaxy, Monthly Universe, Yearly Star, Milky Way, Andromeda, Yearly Galaxy or Yearly Universe.

~Withdraw: Attempt to claim earnings if you have more than $2.00 displayed in your account.

~Banners: Copy and paste banner ad – HTML codes into your website text editor.

~Traffic Exchange: Exchange traffic and look at statistics of this.

~Points Contest: A table of the members who have the highest points.

~Referral Contest: Another table, but appears nobody has ranked in here.





~PTP Ads Surfer: Paid to click on ads, plus the record sheet.

~PTP Promote: Promote your PTP affiliate link.

~PTP Ads Manager: Manage your PTP ads.





~Purchase Ad Packs: Buy ad shares.





~Personal Settings: Your profile settings.

~Advertiser Panel: Manage your Paid To Click (PTC) Ads.

~Manage Fixed Ads: Manage your fixed ads.





~Direct Referrals: Details of your referrals.

~Rented Referrals: People you rent out herein.

~Rent Referrals: Rent 5 referrals = $0.75, rent 10 referrals = $1.50, rent 25 referrals = $3.75.

~Buy Referrals: Cost $2.00 per person.

~Referral Market: History of members buying and selling referrals.





~Order History: Logs your details about your financial orders which have been processed.

~Deposit History: Logs your deposits within.

~Withdrawal History: Data of your withdrawals processed.

~Login History: Records IP address, date and times logged into Clixuniverse.

Clixuniverse Affiliate Program

Every member of Clixuniverse can earn extra funds, by inserting their own unique referral link into an individuals – Clix Universe marketing campaign.

The affiliate code (referral link) will resemble mine:

Inside your dashboard area. By clicking on the banners tab, you can copy and past banner HTML code onto your website and/or article for example. There a 4 interactive banner ads to choose from.

Banner 1

Clix Universe Login

Banner 2

About Clixuniverse

Banner 3

Clixuniverse Login

Banner 4

Clixuniverse Register

If you manage to bring over some fresh referrals through your own promotional efforts. You should be compensated for your efforts. Searching throughout the website there is no information explaining how much you can earn for inviting new clickers.

You can also rent referrals within this website, but honestly, don’t bother wasting your money!


Final Word


  • Claims you can earn up to $0.04 per click.
  • With a first time deposit it will credit you a 10% bonus. Maximum investment for offer is $100.00
  • Referral/affiliate program.
  • Initiating some clicks and making a few extra cents on a day-to-day basis is a piece of cake really.
  • Ability to advertise your website/business on this platform.
  • Cosmic theme design that looks awesome.


  • Required to invest to use the withdrawal system.
  • There’s talk that Clix Universe has stopped processing withdrawals since 2018.
  • Will cost up to $300 for the top tier membership status.
  • Ads pop up frequently when you least expect it.
  • Does not use SSL for users profile accounts, the homepage appears to be the only SSL working page.

Clixuniverse Payment Proof

That’s a general overview of the brand Clix Universe. PTC sites are popping up all over the internet. And frankly are not to be trusted in my opinion.

Clixuniverse is one of the better looking PTC websites that we have investigated. But at the end of the day, they are all the same. They all do the same things (clicks/advertising). Which many have been exposed with that SCAM title.

So if majority of these PTC sites are fraudulent. Then odds are, Clix Universe is just as bad as the rest of them out there.

Do you think PTC sites are legit or all scams?


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Clicks Universe


Are you intrigued by the sounds of this destination? Why not get some insiders Intel about the company’s particulars! Read the parchment here:


Uncover The SECRETS of W.A.


Hopefully we have resolved some questions and allowed you to decide for yourself whether Clix Universe is rigged. Did you gain some insights about this PTC scheme. Make the right decision of avoiding it! Submit a comment below if you want to. Don’t forget to share this post on your social media feed to warn the socialites within.

Too infinite Clix and beyond the Universe…


Quick Recap of Clix Universe $0.00 (FREE) up to $300.00
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

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