Is GPTPlanet a Scam or Legit

Is GPTPlanet a Scam or Legit

Is GPTPlanet just an above average internet advertising program? Or, your commonly found unethical make-money-online (MMO) operation getting you to do all the dirty work for the company. With the vast amount of traffic GPT Planet sees daily and the vast quantity of new members joining round the clock. Does is prove this GPT/PTC site … Read more Is GPTPlanet a Scam or Legit

Is MayaClix Family a Scam or Legit

Is MayaClix Family a Scam or Legit

Well, well, well. Looky here. We have found another Paid-To-Click (PTC) website charging insanely high membership prices with unethical advertisement clicking be promoted. I’m in disbelief that almost 300,000 people have joined MayaClixFamily to unprofessionally click on advertisements created by paying advertisers. Whatever ad serving company these PTC sites use are stupid if they cannot … Read more Is MayaClix Family a Scam or Legit

Is BankingBux a Scam or Legit

Is BankingBux a Scam or Legit

I always love researching Paid-To-Click (PTC) websites such as this particular one – BankingBux. What’s great for me as the learner, is they’re all the exact same websites, so it’s easy to know the ins and outs of the scheme. Generally, the only real difference between PTC websites are the website theme layouts and visual … Read more Is BankingBux a Scam or Legit

Is InstaGC a Scam or Legit

InstaGC Scam or Legit

InstaGC, or Instant Gift Cards are an online reward’s website, and also known as a Get Paid To (GPT) site. If you are interested in joining InstaGC, just be prepared for a lot of security protocols to get started. They are very precise and careful about who gets to redeem gift cards here. So what … Read more Is InstaGC a Scam or Legit

Is Clix Universe a Scam or Legit

Clix Universe Scam or Legit

Clix Universe is an internationally usable space themed website. Also known in common tongue as a pay to click (PTC) opportunity. This internet advertising program claims that it pays out to it’s users every-time ads pop-ups are opened and clicked. Each click will incrementally add a few cents to your account balance. But it will … Read more Is Clix Universe a Scam or Legit

Is BrainBux a Scam or Legit

Is Brain Bux a Scam or Legit

Just the name BrainBux sounds dodgy enough! So, what can I say about this grotesque looking website. I haven’t left feeling very satisfied from my short stent within this Pay To Click (PTC) platform. Everything about BrainBux comes across as fraudulent. It’s laughable how it is set up rigging users into thinking they’re making income … Read more Is BrainBux a Scam or Legit

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