Familyclix Scam or Legit

Let’s just cut to the chase pal. Family Clix is a Pay-to-Click (PTC) website that steadily compensates each account up to $0.02 every-time somebody clicks on those linked ads, in which will be found advertised within the site.

You will be credited for a certain number of clicks (4 clicks to be precise) over the 24-hour period. Clock resets at midnight and is visible on the dashboard. To get a boost in clicks and rewards. Upgrade your account to capitalise on earnings potential.

If you’re an experienced marketer, or have a social media following. You could realistically leverage your Familyclix affiliate/referral link, banner ads to earn some commissions.

Plus there’s the added benefit of raking in extra credits when any of your referrals make some income. You’re required to meet your daily clicking quota to earn extra credits from your down-line’s efforts.

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About Familyclix

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# Family Clix Review
# What is Familyclix About
# Familyclix Tutorial
# Is Family Clix Legit
# Pro’s VS Con’s

Affiliate Marketing Education, Tools, Community & Support!Do you Hunger for the Truth & Knowledge About How People are Really Becoming Successful Online...

Stay updated with the latest posts/news regarding the Family Clix business over at the forum page. Are you an ad clicking maniac and do enjoy the simplicity of pressing ads for teeny amounts of money every-day? Then Family Clix just may fit the glove.

Get started by registering over at the website directly. The sign up process is simple enough to understand, type in your name, day of birth, email characters etc.

Learn why/why not, you should/should’nt use Family Clix as your business advertising platform. Do you expect to make a secure income relying solely on PTC sites alone? Really!


Family Clix Review

*Brand: FamilyClix
Family Clix Review*Website URL:
*Founder: Not provided for security reasons
*Founded: 2014
*Domain Age: 30th/AUG/2014
*Address/HQ: Not provided likely for safety concerns
*Contact Details: Only frequently asked question’s (FAQ’s) | Forum page | Submit a support ticket.
*Training: 13.55%
*Support: 35.93%
*Website: 45.79%
*Software Tools: 17.32%
*Success Stories: 31.48%
*Price of Memberships:

  • Baby = $0.00 (FREE)
  • Baby+ = $3.00 / 30 days
  • Brother = $25.00 / 30 days
  • Sister = $25.00 / year
  • Mommy = $110.00 / 180 days
  • Daddy = $250.00 / 180 days
  • Grandmother = $400.00 / 180 days
  • Grandfather = $800.00 / year

*Up-sells: If you believe that being forced to sign up to other websites, just to use Familyclix as an up-sell. Then up-sells there are!
*Verdict: Average PTC site, may not remain reliable.


What is Familyclix About

Is Familyclix a scam? Or even a reliable PTC program? Proof is in the pudding and only you can find this out for yourself. But our investigation has determined that Family Clix is borderline legit!

You can earn at Familyclix by selecting the ‘View advertisements’ tab. Make sure you fill out the Captcha Code after clicking your advert links if you want to receive your credits.

Upon registering, make sure you choose your username carefully because you cannot change it later on.

Make a small percentage of income from any referrals that you can successful market this platform to. If you notice that your account has stopped receiving commissions. Double check that you are meeting your minimal number of clicks as required each day.

What is Familyclix About

No more than 1 person can create an account from the same residential address. Same goes for any matching IP addresses.

If you do not conduct any activities within your account (click 4 ads) in a 30-day period. Family Clix reserves the right to claim all your credits and possibly cancel your account due to suspected abandonment.

For first time withdrawals, it is capped at $1.00 Make at least $2.00 before you can make future withdrawals. Do note that Neteller only allows $5.00 as a minimum transaction.

Expect that you can only withdraw a maximum of $2.00 per day when you are a free baby member. You have to upgrade your account in order to withdraw the maximum amount of $100.00 per day.

There is no direct contact method to support inside unless you are logged into your account. Which is dicey if you come unstuck with withdrawals and you are forced to join other websites. You’ll need to make ends meet by sufficing with the FAQ’s page. Alternatively, drop a comment inside Familyclix’s forum.

Familyclix Tutorial

Earn Money with the Wall of Tasks:
What is Family Clix About

  1. View Advertisements – Click on fixed advertisements.
  2. Paid to Signup Offers – Join other websites/networks.
  3. FamilyGrid – For this game, you have 20 chances on the daily to click tiles to win the maximum prize of $0.50
  4. Offers4all – PTC ads.
  5. Kiwi Wall – Offers, Surveys, Daily Surveys, Mobile, Videos, High Paying surveys.
  6. Adscendmedia – Another platform.
  7. Personawall – Make your own surveys.
  8. Matornymoney – Similar.
  9. Minute Staff.
  10. Clixwall.
  11. PTC WALL – More PTC ads.
  12. Payment Proof Bonus.
  13. Referral Contest.


Is Family Clix Legit

It sure is annoying when you register up with Familyclix. Than try to sign into your account, only to be continually forced over to the joining page at another website. At the moment there is no way of getting around BTCBuffet. So frustrating!

How am I expected to make any moneys from clicking ads Familyclix? Might have to wait it out. Hopefully they’ll remove this redirection a.s.a.p!

Expect to face a lot of these annoying forceful links throughout your journey within Familyclix. This makes Familyclix seem like a low quality service. These constant redirects would be enough of a reason to make many users leave this web page forever!


Siphoning a mass of traffic – 14,421 / day


Results are not typical. Don’t expect to make bank with this gig.

Is Family Clix Legit


A rough estimated evaluation of this website = $100,540


If for any reason your account has been suspended, it could be for a number of reasons.

At Familyclix it’s forbidden to:

  • Use auto-clicking software.
  • Proxy servers.
  • Virtual private networks (VPN).
  • File a complaint, offend staff or members within the forum page.
  • Defame Familyclix’s reputation in other websites/forums.
  • Threaten the company/staff.
  • Create multiple user accounts.

Final Word


  • Receive up to 2¢ with every click that’s authenticated.
  • The Make Money wall has different methods to contribute to your overall earnings.
  • Can start earning dribs and drabs within minutes.


  • Can only make pocket money more or less.
  • I hate how these sites add link redirects over to ads/websites when you’re trying to access the actual page contents instead.
  • Have to upgrade to a paying membership level to increase your daily click rate, income and withdrawal amount.

What is

Familyclix is designed by You can make income in small increments utilising this program. Family Clix has an extensive list of payment processors like: SolidTrustPay; Litecoin and Payeer just to name a few.

Whether the testimonials inside are true/false claims. Only YOU can find out the truth by testing this for yourself! These PTC sites are not created to make it’s users super wealthy. Only the owners fit this boot.

If you think Familyclix is a get-rich-quick scheme. You are surely mistaken! Be careful though, because they’re plenty of dodgy PTC websites roaming freely all up and down Google SERP’s.

Let’s flip the page over now!


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\ /

Family Clix Login


Gather up your background knowledge before you try this out for FREE. Entering well-prepared can give you a little hitch in your giddy up!


Become a uper Affiliate


Any further questions/inquiries? Just take the time to think for a sec and post them under the comment section below. Did you find the Familyclix PTC website interesting? Take a look at our extensive range of PTC websites which have monopolised a lot of traffic from Google Inc. Be a precious gem and share this review for shitz n’ gig’s!

Click addicts are welcomed to join the family…

Quick Recap of Family Clix $0.00 (FREE) - $800.00
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

1 thought to “Is Family Clix a Scam or Legit

  • GDhanwani

    Hi Guys,
    FamilyClix is a useless PTC site. I have left this site. Wrote following message to the support team:
    my above ticket is unresponded since 24th July. It seems your website is the greediest among all the PTC sites. These redirect pages might be paying you money this is why you want to force these 2-3 redirect sites on your members who want to view ads. Each ad we view redirects us to multiple sites at a time, and we are not even able to see the main ad we have to view. Your main page window jumps from one place to another, just confusing us to locate the main page window or main ad we have to view. I don’t know where you got this stupid idea from! I am going to abondon my account with such a stupid PTC site.


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