Is Agency Master Academy and Jeff Baxter a Big Scam?!!!


Social media has become the talk of the town nowadays – with business owners targeting social media platforms since that’s where most of their customers reside. At this rate, it is important to sharpen your skills– and to do that, you have to find the best social media training program that will help you learn FAST.

But with so many choices online, which is the best social media marketing course out there?  Well, according to many people online, Agency Master Academy is one of the best training programs available if you are looking to learn about advertising and to start your own agency.

And the good news is that Agency Master Academy and Jeff Baxter is definitely NOT a big scam. He’s actually one of the very few good guys out there who genuinely cares for his customers.

Let’s learn more about the Agency Master Academy, shall we?


What Is Agency Master Academy?

Agency Master Academy is one of the fastest growing training programs for digital marketers or business owners who want to learn the secrets of starting or growing their own social media marketing agency. Jeff Baxter is the founder and CEO of Agency Master Academy. Also,he is the founder of one of the top and largest advertising agencies in the world, Ad Ninja Pro – which has allowed him to work with some of the largest brands in the world. 

However, the question has been posted as to whether Jeff Baxter is a scam or not. According to multiple credible sources, “The Agency Master Academy’s products and services are not scams.” And Jeff Baxter is 100% legit. He has helped over a dozen entrepreneurs become 6 and 7 figure per year earners, and manages over $3,000,000 per year in advertising budget for his advertising agency. Also, he’s active on social media and posts quite a bit to his Youtube Channel “Jeff Baxter Official”. This is important when hiring a mentor because you’d want to make sure that they actually have some kind of digital footprint.

Over the years, Baxter has also been an advocate for consumers by fighting against online scams. He mainly does this by providing free, legitimate training online OR shares how to build a business inside of his academy.


Who Agency Master Academy is For?

The Agency Master Academy is a step-by-step online training course that teaches anyone how to enter the world of online ads and lead generation. AMA is best suited for beginner entrepreneurs or even existing business owners who might already have a bit of experience with social media marketing, but looking to sharpen their skills.  


What You’ll Learn Inside Agency Master Academy

The curriculum for the Agency Master Academy includes the following:

  • Module 1: Business Foundation
  • Module 2: How To Setup Your Client Acquisition Sales Funnel
  • Module 3: How To Attract Clients For Your Agency Without Spending A Penny!
  • Module 4: All About Facebook Ads
  • Module 5: How To Outsource Your Business
  • Bonus: Business Funding Secrets

Below is a simple breakdown of everything this course has to offer. The core course is separated into 5 modules so I’ll simply state what you’ll find within each module.


Module 1: Business Foundation

  • Setting Up The Structure Of Your Business (Sole Proprietorship, LLCs, and S-Corps)
  • Finding Your Niche, Getting Clients and Pricing – an important factor to launch a successful agency.
  • A Simple Way To Research The Profitability Of A Niche To Ensure That There’s Potential To Get High-Paying Clients
  • Tools That You’ll Need For Your Business


Module 2: How To Setup Your Client Acquisition Sales Funnel

  • How To Setup Your Mailing Lists and Automations
  • How To Setup Scheduleonce and Zapier
  • How To Create Your VSL (Video Sales Letter)
  • How To Create Your Client Acquisition Sales Funnel
  • How To Test Your Client Acquisition Sales Funnel


Module 3: How To Attract Clients For Your Agency Without Spending A Penny!

  • How To Use Linkedin To Get Clients
  • How To Use The YP+ FPH Method To Get Clients
  • Cold Call Example 1
  • Cold Call Example 2
  • How To Enroll Clients Over The Phone


Module 4: All About Facebook Ads

  • How To Create Ads That Convert
  • Advertising Rules Of Thumb
  • How To Setup Business Manager and Educate Yourself On The Client Onboarding Process
  • How To Onboard Your Clients and Prepare To Run Their Ads
  • How To Verify Domain, Setup Pixels, Audiences and Custom Conversions
  • How To Setup A Dynamic Test Campaign
  • How To Determine Winning Ad Combinations and Create A New Standalone Campaign


Module 5: How To Outsource Your Business

  • The Right and Wrong Way To Outsource
  • Outsourcing Sales Calls
  • Outsourcing Service Delivery


Bonus: Business Funding Secrets

  • How To Get A Perfect Credit Score
  • How To Get A Massive Amount Of Funding


Coaching Calls

Another interesting section included in this training program is the “Live Q and A – Advertising and Course Focused Calls”. As outlined in the curriculum, these calls are done at least twice per week. Also, these coaching calls will be with Jeff Baxter OR another certified success coach who is well versed in the content of the course.


The Final Word

Compared to countless money-making online courses that I have stumbled upon on the internet, I can honestly say that the Agency Master Academy by Jeff Baxter is worth every penny and the best investment that one can definitely make as a digital marketer or business owner. Also, Jeff Baxter is legit and really cares about your success by offering you safe and affordable ways that allows you to sharpen your skills and expertise that you need to take your business to the next level or start your own social media marketing agency.

Here’s a testimonial that someone just posted in his group about getting their first client as well.

Consulting Master Academy Scam

10 thoughts on “Is Agency Master Academy and Jeff Baxter a Big Scam?!!!”

  1. Hi I attended your free information class for becoming a digital marketer Thursday night. I was trying to book a free call and date on calendar and was unsuccessful in doing that due to the dates would change.
    Your Agency Master Academy sounds like it’s worth it to me to discuss advertising and digital marketing. Please email me times and dates so I can speak with your team.

    Thank you
    Ms. Gwendolyn Jackson

  2. Hi my name is Joel Dubose and
    I am a member Sir I am contacting you because my money ran low i am asking on March 3 if you can only take out only $400 that month because my funds ran low

  3. Baxter wants you to sign a contract that prohibits you from any disbaragement in any form in order to gain access to his courses. I did not sign this agreement. I looked him up and found no negative reviews before signing up with his company. Now I want my money back within minutes of making a payment of $647.00. I feel like I have just been scammed and it’s probably true. I don’t want anything to do with this contract. CRAP

    • His hard close strategy is to ban you for one year if you walk away from this phone call without buying in right now and for only $1500.00. If you call back it will cost $5000.00. The phone call is to see if you “qualify”. well, if you have money, you qualify. He got me for the three payments of $647.00. AFTER I paid, I find out he does not offer money back guarantee. AAAGH! I am so mad right now.

  4. It costs a lot of money for his classes. You don’t learn anything unless you pay. $1500 if you are able to pay immediately within 24 hours of 1st phone interview, and if you arent able to afford that now, then you get denied access for an entire year and can try again at that time, but you’ll have to pay $5000. What a joke.

  5. I am seriously needing to and wanting to do this but nobody on the internet says how much the main course is. And if he allows a payment plan. People wake up, success comes from effort and some sort of investment some way, some type, your time, money and effort are ALL the real pathways to success of any kind. With that being said, guys if you’re in school and had someone else doing your school assignments for you, or cheated off other people to make the cut. Then these business models may not be for you.

    • I just had a phone interview for the main course. The person I spoke with offered the deal for $1500. Yes they’ll do payment plans. They offered the ability to do 2 payments of $847 (1 today, other one 30 days later), or 3 payments (2 payments of I think $647, and last payment of remaining balance). I think if you do those payments you end up paying more. AND they push you to make your first payment that day (within 12 hours). If you can’t make a payment that day, then she said they cut you off and you can’t re-apply for 1 entire year, or wait 30 days and then you’ll have to pay $5000. Personally, forcing people to pay that quickly is a red flag in my eyes. After my interview, I researched courses elsewhere or ways to cheat his system. I was able to find training courses and tons of info on social marketing today by torrent downloading. 😉 Good luck!

  6. I can’t stand the fact that just about everyone that downplays another person’s product advocate/promote WA! I actually tried Wealthy Affiliate a while ago and when I say NO ONE HELPED ME! I’m not lying!

  7. You said:
    “There is no guarantee that you will be able to make a successful consulting business. Results will typically come down to personal efforts in order to succeed.

    With that said, you will likely need to seek out further education elsewhere.”

    excuse my language but NO SH*T it’ll come down to personal efforts, he isn’t going to make a living for your family FOR YOU .

    and you’re saying since he WON’T be a slave to your finances, you should seek out further education elsewhere, you know-with someone who will be your slave.

    GREAT ADVICE for a lazy person, also known as…A BUM.
    (inserts thumbs up emoji)


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