Is IndexClix a Scam or Legit

Does the company IndexClix sound like another Pay to Click (PTC) scheme to you? IndexClix is all about stats and performing ad clicks over, and over, and over again. Crikey!

Luckily you do not have to traverse an entire index page to use this PTC service. Do you think Index Clix is really worth the time investment you’ll have to sacrifice in order to succeed?

There are many ways to earn small and incremental amounts of income into your IndexClix account. From clicking a variety of ad types, to bringing in free, or rented referrals to the platform.

This document should provide a little background on the IndexClix website. And should clarify why, I would not recommend IndexClix as a viable way to earn online, even if your a complete newbie to the concept of MMO.

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IndexClix Login

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# IndexClix Review
# About IndexClix
# IndexClix Dashboard
# Is IndexClix a Scam
# IndexClix Offerwall
# Pro’s VS Con’s

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A nightmare is born. To add your date of birth upon registering, you have to click over 100 + times to reach the month plus year of birth. I’m born back in 89′ so it took about 350 repetitive clicks to reach. I can’t move my index finger anymore. No pun intended.


Estimated worth of the IndexClix website = $25,678


Strange that you can’t add your date of birth manually. What ever you do, do not click on something else before you reach your birth date or you’ll have to start over the clicking process.


Estimated number of visits each day at IndexClix – 5,416


Laying it all out on the line. From here on out are some rock solid facts with a list of clickable actions about the IndexClix website. Your only one Clix away from knowing the details.


IndexClix Review

*Brand: IndexClix
IndexClix Review*Founder: Not provided
*Founded: 2017
*Website URL:
*Domain Age: 09th/JAN/2017
*Costs/Upgrade Account:

  • Standard – $0.00 (Free)
  • Bronze – 30 days = $4.99, 90 days = $13.49, 365 days = $54.99
  • Silver – 30 days = $9.99, 90 days = $26.99, 1 year = $95.99
  • Golden – 30 days = $29.99, 90 days = $95.99, 365 days = $289.00
  • Platinum – 30 days = $69.99, 90 days = $189.00, 1 year = $672.00

*Address/HQ: George Breitnerstraat 19 Nieuw Bergen LB, Netherlands, 5854EE
*Contact Details:

  • Email:
  • Tel: +31 6 42240174

*Training: 19.33%
*Support: 38.64%
*Website: 47.36%
*Software Tools: 23.29%
*Success Stories: 40.95%
*Up-sells: No, advertisements instead
*Verdict: Legit, low payer

About IndexClix

In a nutshell – as the saying goes, IndexClix allows companies of any size to advertise it’s products/services in the style of banner ads, page pop opens, nano ads etc.

On top of this advertising incentive. Users can earn income by simple logging into their accounts daily and clicking on a specific set of advertisements.

There is a set amount of ad clicks allowed each 24 hour period. A predetermined set amount of let’s say a few cents (¢) is offered per unique click. Click amounts can increase by upgrading an account to Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum tier.

Is Index Clix worth the hassle? I think you’d be crazy to spend your days trying to make a stable secondary income by clicking a few advertisements every day. But each is their own and who am I to judge you, or question your decisions through life!

How Does it Work:

About IndexClix

First register, confirm and login to your new account. Get started right away, to initiate and display some ads, you must click them open on the top/side menu selections.

Once located, click open an advertisement. Allow for the required time period to elapse and wait for the loading bar to reach 100% complete.

To make sure you are credited your credits. Confirm the captcha code to get rewarded with a new account balance. Depending on your account status, once you reach the minimum payout threshold, typically set at $2.00, you can make a withdrawal via:

  • Solid Trust Pay.
  • Perfect Money.
  • Payeer.
  • Coin Payments.


IndexClix Dashboard

  • Account Summary
  • Add Funds
  • Upgrade Account
  • Withdraw
  • Banners
  • Personal Settings
  • Forum Settings
  • Advertiser Panel
  • Fixed Ads
  • Manage Login Details
  • Bonus Ad Contest
  • Points Contest
  • Referral Contest
  • Deposit Contest
  • Direct Referrals
  • Rented Referrals
  • Rent Referrals
  • Referral Market
  • Order History
  • Deposit History
  • Withdraw History
  • Login History


Is IndexClix a Scam

Currently IndexClix is not listed as a scam, but these PTC websites are pretty delusive. How do you determine if a pay to click website is a scam?

Search for reviews online, preferably locate an authoritative website that tracks companies and determine their legitimacy. Better Business Bureau (BBB) is pro-choice.

These PTC sites are all the same with very little differences. What I can say, since I’ve reviewed quite a few of these now. The PTC companies that make it difficult to process a withdrawal, or do not even process payments at all are the real PTC scams online.

BrainBux is a perfect example of one of those PTC’s that makes it ridiculously hard to make a withdrawal. Brain Bux is considered a scam among many sources, including Scam VS Legit.

IndexClix does payout. Proof of payments can be seen within the site.

Is IndexClix a Scam


IndexClix Offers / Games

IndexClix LegitOFFERS
  • AdgateRewards
  • AyetStudios
  • EnglignSurvey
  • MediumPath
  • MinuteStaff
  • OfferDaddy
  • Offer4All
  • OfferToro
  • Persona
  • PTCWall
  • SkippyAds
  • Wannads
  • Flip the Coin (Gambling)

Final Word


  • Requires no skill to earn using the IndexClix group.
  • Affiliate program incentive, maybe I should call it a referral incentive.
  • Allows you to pay for referrals to increase overall earnings potential.
  • Advertise your blog/website for some extra traffic with banners etc.
  • Minimum payout threshold for all account types is $2.00


  • Logging in from proxy servers, virtual private networks (VPN) or shared networks will automatically close your account, no questions asked, be mindful of this.
  • Have to stay active to keep an account open. Log in every 30 days, or fewer to prevent the execution of your membership (forfeiting all earnings made thus far).
  • Minor earnings potential.
  • Ads will pop-up when you try to click on key areas on the site and becomes redundant/annoying, making Index Clix income for the creators, whoever they are. Nobody seems to know.
  • In order to receive future payments via withdrawal. You are told to publish a proof of payment screenshot of your receipt in the forum. This could potentially be a pro selection since it proves that IndexClix is a paying PTC site.
  • Has an activity quite like gambling called Flip the Coin. You wager your stake, choose heads or tails and see whether you win or lose. Doubling your wager or losing your bet. Gamble up to $50.00 (Would this be legal)?

IndexClix PTC

Couple of points to mention, you are disallowed to swap/sell your IndexClix accounts. No more than one account can be created using an internet connection. IP addresses will be recorded which prevents multiple users from benefiting from this scheme.

Wait for a complete 24-hour cycle has run it’s course before continuing ad clicking, as you will not be credited for extra clicks after reaching your daily threshold.

Remember that no refunds are granted. So be careful if you’re thinking about upgrading a free to paying membership level.

If you have reached this point of the article, maybe you might be thinking that PTC websites such as IndexClix is not the best route of generating some extra change online. If this is you, then really consider what I am about to propose.

Do you want to know the main reason why majority of people fail at making a passive income online?

Well It’s Quite Simple. People Get Stuck Without Help. Left Trying to Figure Things Out for Ones Self is a Nightmare. This Typically Leads to Giving Up Abruptly! That is Why I Recommend This Platform Which Has a Proven Structure that Walks Anybody Through the Process to a Secondary Income Online. Don’t Be Left in the Lurch Ever Again & Stay Connected!


For more information on this recommendation. Not a PTC website by the way. IndexClix does not even come close to the quality on offer. And it’s free to use also. Check out the review, learn where it’s at to make success online a reality.


Get + Started + Today


Interested in leaving a comment? Do you have a question with regard to IndexClix, or the recommended service mentioned just now? I’ll have you know, comments leads to solving questions for others. Don’t forget to share if you appreciate the read today. Stay safe online!

IndexClix has ads galore…

Quick Recap of IndexClix $0.00 (FREE) > $672.00 / Year
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

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