Is Dale & Simon – Commission Academy a Scam or Legit

Commission Academy: $0 (Free) but you will pay for external software
  • 78.5%
    Training - 78.52%
  • 49.1%
    Support - 49.07%
  • 67.5%
    Website - 67.46%
  • 83.1%
    Software Tech - 83.11%
  • 48.9%
    Success Stories - 48.9%


I’d admit, back when I got started with affiliate marketing I wish I found a service such as Dales – Commission Academy. Now knowing what I know about the subject. I can vouch that Commission Academy is a great platform to get you on the right trajectory.

Dale’s Commission Academy ~ Sign Up For Free Right Here

Commission Academy was founded sometime around 2012.

It was invented by Dale, a former electrician.

He resides in England, which is part of the United Kingdom.

The Commission Academy is a reputable affiliate marketing system that has been in operation since 2012.

This system is an affiliate marketing network that allows users to earn commissions by guiding customers to products and services.

The following Commission Academy review will enlighten you about this platform and what it has to offer.

Affiliate marketing is a terrific business concept to start and grow into a profitable passive income.

The only problem you may have is that there are other items on the market that promise to offer all the solutions.

Most of them claim to use a “secret method” in which all you have to do is just push a few buttons, and the money will start pouring in.

The unfortunate reality is that they never work as they claim.

With frequent upsells that are solely there to take the majority of your money.

This Commission Academy Review is dedicated to presenting you with all the information you may require to make an informed conclusion about whether Commission Academy is a scam or legit.


Is Commission Academy Legit

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Commission Academy Review

*Company Brand: Commission Academy
Commission Academy Review*Alternate Known Names: Dale’s Commission Academy
*Domain Name:
*Domain Registered: 5th/JUL/2020
*Hosting Registrar: Mesh Digital Limited
*Domain Authority: 13/100
*Linking Root Domains: 61
*Ranking Keywords: 1
*Spam Score: 14%
*Website Asset Value: $31,206
*Address/Headquarters: Kemp House, 160 City Road London Greater London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom
*Founder: Dale
*Contact Methods:

  • email:

*Resources Offered:

  • Video training

  • Affiliate marketing specific education

  • Website development tools and services recommendations

  • Step-by-step guide

  • Online community

  • Weekly hangouts

  • Premium Coaching

*Community Size: 15,000+
*Cost/Price Tag: $0 (Free)
*Affiliate Program: Yes
*Up-Sells: You will need to make purchases such as domain name and site hosting etc
*Training: 78.52%
*Support: 49.07%
*Website: 67.46%
*Software Tech: 83.11%
*Success Stories: 48.90%
*Verdict: Very nice platform to pop your cherry with affiliate promotions

About Commission Academy

Commission Academy is an affiliate marketing crash course aimed primarily at assisting absolute novices in understanding the fundamentals of affiliate marketing as well as launching and setting up their first affiliate marketing online business for free.

Dale, a 6-figure earner, and an outstanding affiliate partner devised the course himself.

Commission Academy is a completely free training site, so don’t be concerned about being bombarded with upsell after upsell.

Commission Academy walks you through a series of processes, goes into detail, and is quite in-depth.

The reason why the process works so well is that Dale was trained at Wealthy Affiliate University which is an alternate platform that’s dedicated to the art of affiliate marketing.

A lot of the ideas and concepts are reminiscent that of Wealthy Affiliate, even the website theme Dale uses is present at Wealthy Affiliate, at least in it’s younger days.

As a result, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, you’ll learn enough at Commission Academy to feel confident about taking the next step.

When you are signed up for a free account at Commission Academy, you will be guided through the “Setup Wizard.”

The setup wizard is a three-step procedure that first welcomes you to the platform, then explains affiliate marketing in further depth, and lastly assists you in launching your first website.

You can have your own website online in just three simple steps, and the best part is that you don’t have to pay a dime to get started.

After completing the initial setup wizard, you will be granted access to the platform and will be able to progress with the “Fast-Start Training” course.

There are other ways to accomplish affiliate marketing, but the Commission Academy focuses on a specific method called niche marketing.

The course explains what all of this entails and how to go about establishing an internet presence.

  • What is affiliate marketing all about;
  • The method for determining a viable niche.
  • What is a domain and how do you choose one?
  • Everything you need to know about creating your website.
  • How to create content and how to do it best.
  • Marketing via email.
  • Keyword research, how to profit on what people are looking for, and a slew of additional considerations.

Commission Academy

Commission Academy walks you through a series of processes, goes into detail, and is quite in-depth.

As a result, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, you’ll learn enough to feel confident about taking the next step.

Who is Dale

Dale is the creator and trainer of the Commission Academy, and he is based in the United Kingdom.

He worked as an electrician till he was able to replace his income online and also quit his day job, all thanks to affiliate marketing, and he now makes it his mission to help as many individuals as humanly possible to achieve the same level of success.

Dale is an affiliate marketer who, before 2012, had no idea what affiliate marketing was, let alone how to make a living from it.

He moved from knowing nothing to earning a five-figure monthly salary and chose to help others by establishing Commission Academy.

Who is Dale
Founder: Dale

As an electrician Dale worked the 9 till 5 grind.

He came upon an internet business strategy called “affiliate marketing” by chance at some point and decided to give it a shot just for fun.

Dale’s affiliate marketing efforts were bringing in a full-time income online a few years later.

Dale was able to quit his job and finally get away from the 9 to 5 commitment.

Dale eventually decided to create a specialized course that would lead others through the same method he’d used to generate a source of income online with affiliate marketing from the ground up.

That’s how Commission Academy was born.

Dale presently manages two highly successful affiliate websites, and, in addition to Commission Academy.

Dale states that he earns enough money to live a life free of the hassles and concerns that come with working a 95 job.

He now makes a point of sharing his program with those who want to be their own bosses while doing something they enjoy.

Who is Commission Academy for

Commission Academy is largely intended for affiliate marketing newcomers, or those who have tried but failed to break into the industry in the past.

If you’re serious about earning an income online (one that you may potentially take on full-time) and are willing to put in the utmost effort to make it happen, Commission Academy is the place to be.

Sure, you’ll have to go through some step-by-step video training.

And initially put in some work as you advance throughout the course, but it can eventually offer you an income that you can scale to any degree you want.

Program / Training Course Details / Costs

Joining Commission Academy is completely free.

The company does not charge anyone to sign up for the videos or information provided by Dale.

However, there will be fees for site setup, domain names, and other expenses associated with setting up and administering a website.

Dale offers the most cost-effective solution for people to pay for startup expenditures.

Commission Academy makes money by assisting its affiliates with their initial setup fees.

They refer affiliates to low-cost online platforms that allow them to develop websites and use tools and capabilities.

Commission Academy’s affiliate marketing clients include these online discounted services.

The Commission Academy Fast-Start training course consists of 16 video and text sessions divided into three modules. Here’s how the course is structured:

Commission Academy Affiliate Marketing Reviews



Lesson 1: Welcome Video

  • Dale introduces himself and gives a rundown of what’s to come.

Lesson 2: Select a Niche

  • An overview of affiliate marketing and its genuine earning potential. Examples of affiliate marketing websites and niche concepts.

Lesson 3: Make Your Website Public

  • A video walkthrough of how to register a domain, set up hosting, select a WordPress theme, and build your niche website.




Lesson 1: Establishing the Groundwork for Success

  • A brief summary of Module 1 and an introduction to Module 2.

Lesson 2: Creating Your Own Website

  • An over-the-shoulder demonstration of how to use WordPress, edit your site, and add a logo.

Lesson 3: Creating Your First Pieces of Content

  • Dale demonstrates how to search and edit posts and pages, as well as how to publish your first piece of content.

Lesson 4: Using an Email List

  • Overview of email marketing and how to start creating an email list to earn recurrent commissions.

Lesson 5: Getting Ready to Make Money

  • A summary of everything you’ve done so far and what’s to come in Module 3.

Is Commission Academy Legitimate



Lesson 1: Identifying Profitable Keywords

  • What is keyword research, how does it operate, and how does the Jaaxy keyword tool work?

Lesson 2: Creating Rankable Content

  • Creating clickable headlines, organizing and formatting postings, and writing high-quality material is all part of the job.

Lesson 3: Adding Affiliate Links

  • How to identify affiliate programs and incorporate affiliate links into your content so that you can start making money with your website.

Lesson 4: Taking Advantage of Product Reviews

  • How writing product evaluations is one of the most effective strategies to thrive in affiliate marketing and search rankings.

Lesson 5: Creating On-Demand Income

  • An in-depth look at email marketing and why it’s so important to your business. You are getting started with autoresponders and emailing your list.

Lesson 6: Scaling using Videos

  • How to Get Started with YouTube and Increase Your Traffic and Commissions.

Lesson 7: Content Production Outsourcing

  • How to Hire Writers to Scale Up and Where to Outsource.

Lesson 8: Congratulatory Messages and Next Steps

  • A look back at everything you’ve accomplished up to this point, as well as your upcoming steps.

Is Commission Academy a Scam

Commission Academy is not a scam; rather, it is a legitimate, high-quality crash course taught by a successful super affiliate with a proven track record, and the approach Dale teaches appears to work effectively for his pupils.

Is Commission Academy a ScamIt’s a legit affiliate marketing training platform that will provide anyone new to the industry with enough knowledge to proceed to the next level.

With the number of phony training programs out there whose sole purpose is to defraud you and steal all of your money.

This is not one of them.

And the best thing is you do not have to pay anything to gain access.

How about that.

Final Word


  • The program is precisely designed to get you up and running as soon as possible.
  • The instruction is intended to be as simple as “copy and paste.”
  • The method has been proven and is fully scalable.
  • There is no need for investment.
  • You gain access to a highly profitable affiliate program.
  • You will be given access to a coach and a community.


  • The training is limited because it is designed to get you started quickly.
  • Dale says he’s never been particularly good on camera, so his videos may not be perfect.


Assuming you want to learn how to make money online today and start earning tomorrow, then Commission Academy is not for you.

There is a process that needs to unfold, plus time to grow and scale the business before most people start seeing commissions.

Learn how affiliate marketing works and you’ll realize that it’s not as hard as the gurus make it out to be just a little time-consuming.

What I will say here is that you should not enter this industry half-heartedly.

You must be serious and dedicated, or you will barely last a month, two months, or three months.

You should think about the long term, which could be six months or more before expecting any sort of commission type.

Without this level of thinking you are setting yourself up for failure before you begin.

That’s why there is a low success rate with affiliate marketing and about 2-5% of affiliate marketers of all niches are earning 6 figures or more, per year.

It all depends on how much time, work, and, of course, patience you are willing to put in.


Dale’s Commission Academy Is All Good, But If YOU Want To Drive A Rolls-Royce Rather Than Daihatsu Charade. Than I’d Suggest Choosing The More Luxurious Vehicle. By That I Mean The More Complete Platform to Learn Affiliate Marketing. I.e. Wealthy Affiliate University.

Is Commission Academy Free


Take a glance of our full comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate the grandfather of internet marketing and website development.


Where Affiliate Success Happens


Finally, please share and comment if you have the time to do this. With that said, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!

If you ride rims you gotta ride flats…



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