Is DollarClix a Scam or Legit

Bloody hell! I’ve never had so much trouble trying to sign up to a survey site in my life (angry face). I swear it’s been at least an hour of trying to get things rolling.

If you have arrived here today to learn about DollarClix. And are struggling to open an account? Than you are not alone. First of all, before you can even visit the website.

Expect to download Mozilla Firefox in advanced, as it is the only search engine that works for this survey/various tasking website.

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About DollarClix

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# DollarClix Review
# What is DollarClix About
# Is DollarClix a Scam
# DollarClix Payment Proof
# DollarClix Affiliate Program
# Pro’s VS Con’s

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Otherwise, you will need to download DollarClix via application (APP) in Google Play Store. Since I proudly use Google as my preferred search engine and own a Google Chromebook. It’s quite a challenge to configure Firefox on it.

Hence, why I turned to my ZTE Shout smartphone to download the Mozilla Firefox app, just to test things out.

Today, we are going to be discovering more about the DollarClix company. Have you heard about this opportunity before? Regardless, here is a brief summary!


Dollar Clix Review

*Brand: DollarClix
Dollar Clix Review*Website URL: (not SSL secured)
*Founder: Not provided
*Date Created: 11/OCT/2013
*Address: Not shown
*Contact Details: | Message box inside website
*Training: 08.36%
*Support: 32.96%
*Website: 45.67%
*Software Tools: 29.69%
*Success Stories: 49.18%
*Cost: $0.00 (FREE)
*Up-sells: No
*Verdict: Not recommended


What is Dollar Clix About

Get credited 10 points to your account for simply signing up to Dollar Clix! Apparently, Dollar Clix is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website which predominately focuses on survey offerings. This business has an affiliate program incentive.


Estimated Worth of this Website = $41,352.00


DollarClix will only work on Mozilla Firefox. Alternatively, download the app on your smartphone to save the hassles of installing, transferring files etc to use this service.

What is DollarClix About

You can download DollarClix from the Android Play Store. Just search for ‘DollarClix’.

DollarClix is an application created by an android developer: Affiliate Marketing 365 |


Estimation of Daily users – 8,583


The app creator has made around 30 apps to date. DollarClix has roughly 100+ downloads which is a good enough reason why people struggle to create and use an account within it.

The App claims that you can earn reward points that exchange for income and gift cards by killing tasks like:

  • Surveys.
  • Tasks.
  • Offers.
  • Video’s.
  • Ad clicks.
  • Referrals etc.

Is Dollar Clix a Scam

DollarClix is a scam! No not really, I’m joshing you. This website is indeed legitimate. It’s that sincere users have to abide by a couple of rules:

  • Applicants need be over the age of 18+ to use this system.
  • If you get caught completing offers on multiple linked sites you’ll forfeit your account.
  • Cannot use a virtual private network (VPN), Proxy, or a shared IP address.
  • Your name and personal details are checked upon registration.
  • No more than one person from your home can use DollarClix.

Is DollarClix a ScamThese rules are strictly enforced and they are taken quite seriously. With all the trouble involved to activate an account on DollarClix. It’s not worth the time and effort joining in my opinion.

When you first register. You have to confirm your account through email. You cannot complete this action without facing major difficulty if you use Gmail. Also, you need to type out a confirmation code to gain access.

Only dilemma here is that no matter how many times you resend the confirmation code email. It does not have a confirmation code within the god-damn email sent (angry face, again).

Seriously, you’re better off looking into better alternatives published inside Scam VS Legit. Here, I’ll drop a few reviews to save you some hassle:

  1. Opinion World
  2. Survey Compare (I’d recommend)
  3. Vivatic
  4. Project Payday Research


Dollar Clix Payment Proof

You can access a page within DollarClix @:

You will be shown rows upon rows of payment approvals with the services used to complete these transactions.

DollarClix Surveys

Withdrawal limitations per service selected:

  • Bank Wire | $25.00 minimum – a small fee could be charged by TransferWise.
  • Prepaid VISA | $5.00 minimum – no fees at all.
  • Prepaid Mastercard | $5.00 minimum – no fees.
  • Amazon Gift Card | $5.00 minimum – no fees.
  • Tango Card | $5.00 minimum – no fees.
  • Tesco | £10.00 (GBP) – no fees.
  • Flipkart | $8.00 – no fees.
  • Payoneer | $50.00$2.00 fee.


Inside this website itself, it displays that Dollar Clix has paid out over $415,073.30 in money and 504,604.05 in points!


On the news section page, inside are pop-down icons. One of them reads:

“Congratulation ragibaryannext for your BIG cashout! You’re the second member in DollarClix history to cash out $1000 at once! We are very happy for you and thank you for your hard work, commitment and loyalty!”

Dollar Clix Affiliate Program

DollarClix affiliate is a ‘refer-a-friend’ based offer that requires you to incorporate your unique affiliate hyperlink in any methods of marketing you may use. Be careful, spam emailing is not acceptable marketing.

DollarClix Affiliate ProgramIf you have a bunch of friends with there email addresses. The idea here is to send them info about DollarClix and attach your link into those emails sent.

If they click on your unique link to open an account and sign up, expect to earn some income for your work efforts.

DollarClix compensation plan:

  • Earn 20% from level 1.
  • Make 10% from level 2.
  • If your referrals reach $1.00 you are compensated $0.25


Final Word


  • Make a lousy ten points that equals $0.10 upon registration.
  • A message box to contact support is possible.
  • A variety of ways to redeem cash or gift cards.


  • You need to be active within DollarClix. Otherwise, 7 days of inactivity. You will not earn any affiliate commissions from your invites.
  • No information about the owners or location about the business.
  • It can be excruciating and time consuming trying to configure your account if you do not use/have Mozilla Firefox.

DollarClix Members Login

If you decide to follow through and use Dollar Clix to earn money online. Remember this, if you complete any tasks here that pay over $5.00 or 500 points. It will remain on hold for 30 days.

You will have to prove that you are a good member for this platform to get this pending period reduced down to 20 days. The 30 day / 20 days wait makes no difference to me. Who cares!


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Is DollarClix Legit


Want a brief summary about this opportunity mentioned before you? This is a unique take on the website service, the training/tools of this community of like-minded individuals!


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Are you pleased with your findings here. If you feel stuck with anything. You are obliged to pop a quick question in the comment engine beneath you for an instant resolution. Don’t forget to be social and share this piece of content online at the top section!

Not all survey sites are created equal…

Quick Recap of DollarClix $0.00 (FREE)
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

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