Is Viral Pay (Viral Dollars) a Scam or Legit

Are you wondering if Viral Pay is a trustworthy site? Well first of all, Viral Pay is a visually aesthetic website which creates a pleasant user experience.

Before we go ahead and give ViralPay some extra clout. We’ll need to test out things first and foremost. Let us see if Viral Pay will provide us with the goods. So what type of benefits does Viral Pay provide?

In two words, social media!

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About Viral Pay

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# Viral Pay Review
# What is Viral Pay About
# Is Viral Pay Real
# Viral Pay Affiliate Program
# Is Viral Pay a Scam
# Pro’s VS Con’s

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Are you into social media platforms? Maybe you like to use social media to stay in touch with your friends and family. Do you use social media as a method for advertising/marketing your business/brand?

Whatever your reasons are for being a social media enthusiast. I’m sure you can decide for yourself whether Viral Pay will benefit your online commitments.

So we are just gonna jump straight into things here and analyse Viral Pay’s influencer network from the ground up okay!


Viral Pay Review (Viral Dollars)

*Brand: Viral Pay LLC / Viral Dollars LLC / Referral Pay LLC
Viral Pay Review*Website URL’s:


*Founder: Not mentioned
*Account Manager: Sandra Elsen
*Founded: 2018
*Domain Age: 09/MAR/2019
*Address Info:

  • Viral Pay – 57 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JU United Kingdom
  • Viral Dollars – Melbourne, Australia

*Contact Info:

  • Email: |
  • Skype: @viralpay | @viraldollars

*Training: 07.13%
*Support: 36.72%
*Website: 41.07%
*Software Tools: 14.85%
*Success Stories: 11.78%
*Prices: $0.00 (Free)
*Up-sells: No
*Verdict: Misleading


What is Viral Pay About (Viral Dollars)

Viral Pay claims to be a social media influencer business that was launched from the UK. It claims it has grown to over 225,000 members in recent months.

The process of using Viral Pay in a nutshell:

What is Viral Pay About

  1. Join.
  2. Share and Earn.
  3. Cash out Earnings.


Viral Pay has published one article to date in it’s blog feed. This website is relatively new still so don’t criticise it too harshly.


The estimated value of this website = $35,125.00


Viral Pay claims that it has paid out 68 million dollars to it’s social media influences using Viral Pay. Some of the brand/company sponsors that Viral Pay works with are:

Viral Pay Login

  • Fortnite Battle Royale.
  • McDonald’s.
  • Wendy’s.
  • Target.
  • Burger King.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts.


Estimated visits per day = 7,351

Is Viral Pay Real (Viral Dollars)

Is Viral Pay RealYes, Viral Pay is a living, breathing humanoid! Just busting your chops guy. Viral Pay states it will pay it’s members with the moneys earned through Ad-spend revenues and also the sponsors products displayed on it’s website!

You can also earn revenue by referring friends here, testing sponsored products in the members dashboard section.

Withdrawal methods used:

  • PayPal.
  • Cash App.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Cheque (by postal service).

The types of tasks involved to earn extra income:

  • Download Apps – $10.00 an app.
  • Complete Surveys – Up to $25.00
  • Create a YouTube Testimonial video for Viral Pay – Paid $50.00


Viral Pay Affiliate Program (Viral Dollars)

There are three ways in which members are tricked to earn using Viral Pay:

Viral Pay LLC#1

  • Earn $10.00$15.00 per referral that joins through your share link. Your affiliate link will look something like this |


Clicked hyperlink
  • Make $2.00$5.00 every-time someone clicks on your referral link (I’d imagine people would be spamming their own links).


  • Earn $25.00 by simply registering and using this service. Only until there are enough members using the platform.


Is Viral Pay a Scam (Viral Dollars)

Is Viral Pay Legit? This is an interesting question because it appears legitimate. But, I personally believe Viral Pay contains misleading information about their service.

I cannot prove this to be factual as yet, I can only go on what I think and feel about it through observation.

Viral Pay behaves in the exact same manner of a pyramid/ponzi scheme. You make money by enticing newcomers into the business. And there isn’t any products to use/sell.

Is Viral Pay a ScamOnly difference is that you don’t have to pay to become a member at Viral Pay, so this idea contradicts itself at the same time.

I wonder if this business model/methodology is appropriate for social media targeted business’s? I guess we can only wait and see if Viral Pay becomes unstuck in the unforeseen future. This may get labelled as a fraudster service.

With some testings conducted. I have concluded that this opportunity is likely a bogus website. When you go to fill out a survey, or task listed in the dashboard area.

It redirects you off to some fake promotional pages designed to trick you into winning things like the Apple iPhone X, or the Apple Mac book Air for example.

This manipulation is used to steal your email address, phone number or important detail’s.

If you provide this information, you might jeopardise some of your identity and likely become a target for promotional marketed products and services.

Not only that, it mentions that Viral Pay will pay you $50.00 to FAKE a testimonial on your YouTube channel. Only after you first subscribe to theirs.

The video title and video description and everything has to be an exact match, here take a look yourself.


Video Title: “Viral Dollars | Make LEGIT Money Online On Social Media With Viral Dollars”


Video Description: “Sign up today for a $25 bonus! Make money online with Viral Dollars. Viral Dollars pays you for referring friends and family to their website. You can earn up to $10 per referral. Want to know why it works and where the money comes from? Check out this link:

Sign up with my referral link for $25 bonus! Limited time only!


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Viral Pay Scam

Don’t believe the hype with Viral Pay! No legit site rewards you $25.00 to just join up! C’mon, let’s just be reasonable here. Viral Pay is totally fishy!

Let’s just say for pity’s sake that 100,000 new people joined within a single month. That’s 100,000 people x $25.00 in signup bonus = $2,500.000


2.5 MILLION DOLLARS just for signing up! Really Player.



Final Word


  • Upon registering you will receive a $25.00 bonus for a limited time only.
  • Easy enough to navigate this website’s dashboard and internal linking system.
  • Referral/affiliate incentive.


  • Just like the title implies, the site’s a con.
  • Before a withdrawal can be even considered. First you have to receive 20 unique clicks on your share link, obtain 5 referrals and completed 4 task wall tasks.
  • No matter how much you earn, your account will be labelled with fraudulent activities which prevents withdrawals.

Viral Pay Dashboard

NEWSFLASH!: If you have made it this far in you might have noticed that word Viral Dollars mentioned frequently next to each sub-heading.

Well, a few days after publishing our Viral Pay article. The company had updated it’s domain name, along with the branding to Viral Dollars.

If you search for the website in any search engine, and click through the link. It will now redirect you over to the new domain name as mentioned consistently –

*UPDATE | Viral Dollars has been caught out as a scam, so they changed the URL address to – So Referral Pay is the new branding that steals your personal data. Do not join Referral Pay cause it’s the same scam!

They’re the same systems being used with a few minor tweaks made within each. There’s nothing too obscure or out of the ordinary. It’s pretty much cutting, then pasting it over to the new website.


I Want to Guide you Safely! If you Want to Join an Online Service that Has 24/7 Live Support, Training to Get you Started & Community Spirit? Than this Image Can Link you to the Platform!




For those who are not so eager and would rather read an article outlining what it’s all about. Then check it out at your own leisure. Only consider reading this if you are serious about getting started online. Please, no tire kickers need to apply!


Here’s Where I EARN Recurring Income Online


My instinct tells me that Viral Pay/Viral Dollars is a misleading service. If you disagree with this theory, or have any proof of payment from them. Feel free to let us know in the comment zone below us. Get social and share this blog post at the top section of the page to warn your friends/acquaintances about the Viral Pay/Viral Dollars scam!

Viral Pay/Viral Dollars names make no difference, they’re both the same entity…

Quick Recap of Viral Pay (Viral Dollars) $0.00 (FREE)
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

30 thoughts on “Is Viral Pay (Viral Dollars) a Scam or Legit”

  1. This website is a scam since April/17/2020. I have sent for cash out, but have not seen my payment since.
    You guys said that you paid in 14 days. Not 14 days at all. fake!

  2. I’ve tried over and over to contact someone with questions and concerns but no answers. So I looked up that assistant manager and I see all the nights I’ve made myself sick staying up all night to receive this payout. I am over the scam and the Sandra woman I’ve been trying to get a hold of to ask questions and concerns because i’m all new at this. Was all for nothing, half of the sites you people claim to work for and I can share it without being worried about committing fraud. It wont work, I am a single mom taking care of my disabled mom and granny by myself, with only one leg without any money and I ran out of heating oil. I was even so anxious of clicking the wrong link and committing fraud since it already happened 5 times and I contacted you all in hopes of my honesty would count for something. If what I have read online is inaccurate, I will be the first to apologise, however I am sure I took the time to write this for nothing and no one will get back to me. If it is a fraud then I don’t know how all of you look at yourself in the mirror. I WOULD APPRECIATE AN ANSWER TONIGHT! MY TIME IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHOEVER JUST SCAMMED ME. I NEEDED THAT MONEY AND I BUSTED MY ASS TO EARN WHAT MEASLY 170 OR MORE I’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR WEEKS!

  3. I already filled out all necessary requirements to cash out. But when I look at this review it is helpful too. So that’s a scam site. At USE2EARN it has the same platform!

  4. I did everything I was told and still can’t cash out. This is a scam! And by the way. Y’all will be hearing from my lawyer.

  5. I came across viral markets through a friend who referred it to me through the link. I have requested payment to, I gave it a shot as there is nothing to loose as their joining is free 😊. With the things you know, its either you get paid or don’t get paid. Don’t raise your hopes high.

  6. Many people sign up and provide information about names / addresses / emails and more. Will create problems for them later?

  7. Well as I was confirmed yesterday I would be paid on 7/7/2019 529.00 and believe me I followed the rules outlines to a T…… then someone tagged me in a post saying they had been scammed by them when it was the day to release! I’ve only seen a few bad reviews here am nowhere else did the people like Aj above ever check back and say they got paid or not? Now I would like to know said thing is it looked safe https :// meaning safety wise, you know but a lot of the downloads were through Apple and to have Apple Music so shouldn’t apple be made aware that this company is using people and them!

    • Https:// is a pretty standard thing for websites these days. Meaning that any sites showing this are Secure Socket Layered (SSL). Has nothing to do with determining the websites legitimacy. Think about this. Why would Viral Pay change it’s domain name to Viral Dollars, and now change it to Referral Pay in a short space of time. People are becoming aware that these are just data harvesting scams. Who knows what they have planned with your details.

  8. I have recently joined viral dollars and I’m trying it after doing a survey on it on the internet.
    Many reviews say it’s a scam, but there are also few which say it’s legit.
    The website post is – (Copy link & paste) to check it out.
    I’ve made a little over $900 and awaiting payment after confirmation from viral dollars.
    payment release date is 5th May 2019
    Will keep an update on this site if the payment went through.

    • It’s great to see that you are pending payment! Just wait and see if the payment is authorised. I checked out your post on Viral Dollars. I’d suggest that you upload an image of the payment proof on your blog post to prove us that it works. By all means reply later on and prove us wrong. Best of luck with it!

  9. I did sign in and got up to 997 dollars and supposedly, I made fraud and I didn’t get paid. I’m a single mother with four kids trying to make money cause I don’t have a job and I worked hard to earn the money as the rules said, but I was disappointed of the outcome of viral pay!

    • Sorry to hear about this occurrence Nancy. This is a perfect example of how Viral Pay/Viral Dollars tricks you into providing them your details and wasting your time! Instead of earning you are really clicking on those task wall tasks and earning those Viral Pay scammers some money. I’m fed up with these types of con sites! Nancy, at least you did not get manipulated into investing any income within Viral Pay/dollars to use this website. Unfortunately, you have wasted some of your precious time inside there, when you could have been learning an ethical method to make a passive income online. After reading your circumstances, all I can do is link you over to an awesome place where I, and over 1 million member’s go to build an online affiliate marketing business with there very own websites. Success can come in all shapes and sizes and if you put in the work now, you can reap the many benefits down the road! People that earn income online fast are usually scammers, so always remain diligent when searching for new opportunities online.


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