Is Knowledge Panel a Scam or Legit
Knowledge Panel Scam or Legit

Knowledge Panel is a survey company endorsed by GFK. It is now run by Ipsos Market Research. Ipsos is a major market research company and consulting agency founded way back during 1975. It’s one of the world’s leading businesses within this field of expertise. Naturally, you will need a working internet connection to take part […]

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Is Paid Game Player a Scam or Legit
Paid Game Player Scam or Legit

Paid Game Player is a kinda crossbreed style of website. In that I mean It’s a funner way of mixing up free downloadable games, and completing online surveys at the same time. You earn points that are transferable into the cash prize draws. In order to play games inside this platform, you need to register […]

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Is Online Verdict a Scam or Legit
Online Verdict Scam or Legit

Here it is y’all, an unbiased review of Online Verdict which is one of those mock jury websites. For those of you who are a law buffs, There are two ways in which you can earn using this online service. (1) Participate as a qualified online Juror. (2) Complete questionnaires from a variety of registered […]

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Is DollarClix a Scam or Legit
DollarClix Scam or Legit

Bloody hell! I’ve never had so much trouble trying to sign up to a survey site in my life (angry face). I swear it’s been at least an hour of trying to get things rolling. If you have arrived here today to learn about DollarClix. And are struggling to open an account? Than you are […]

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Is Vivatic a Scam or Legit

Vivatic is based out in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. New users of this website must have reached the ripened young age of 16+ years to be able to utilise Vivatic’s services for earnings potential. If you get stuck or need in house help. There are no methods for contacting anybody inside the site. […]

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Is Opinion World a Scam or Legit
Is OpinionWorld a Scam or Legit

At the right time and place. Practically everybody enjoys boasting their latest gossip and opinions on a topic under discussion. Are you one of these individuals? Whether your a boisterous chatter box, or prefer to remain discrete in group socials. Prepare to express your valuable knowledge and expertise as an anonymous panellist at Opinion World’s […]

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Is Survey Compare a Scam or Legit
Is Survey Compare UK a Scam or Legit

Are you wondering, is Survey Compare a scam, or legit? What country are you trying to login from? Does it frustrate you having to figure out how to login to Survey Compare? Survey Compare does not create user accounts, therefore you won’t be able to log in. So, let me shed a little more light […]

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Is Project Payday a Scam or Legit
Is Project Payday Research a Scam or Legit

To those who are wondering is Project Payday a scam or legit. I can provide a detailed overview of the good, the bad and the plain old ugly aspects of being a Project Payday panellist. There is a common misconception out there. Project Payday actually goes by the branded name of Project Payday Research. Project […]

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