Is IAG Media – Six Figure SMMA a Scam or Legit

Curious about Iman Gadzhi and his Six Figure Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)? If not, you should be. Because Iman has developed a top-notch SMMA course which claims to have a proven track record for success.

This is one of the leading SMMA programs currently running online. Social media marketing (SMM) involves advertising via social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Youtube Twitter etc.

Unlock how to do just that and create yourself a SMMA empire whence purchased Iman’s education. In no way am I endorsed, or compensated for this article. Just a simple blog post on an inspiring entrepreneur.

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IAG Media

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# Six Figure SMMA Review
# About Iman Gadzhi
# Six Figure SMMA Costs
# Course Curriculum
# Is Six Figure SMMA a Scam
# Pro’s VS Con’s

Internet Marketing Education, Tools, Networking & Support!Do you Hunger for the Truth About How People are Really Becoming Successful Online...

Six Figure SMMA is designed to teach you how to find valuable clients. These clients typically have businesses already established and lack traffic / business through social media.  That’s where you will come in and harness their weak spot.


How Much is IAG Media Worth = $12,814


You will learn how to pitch to these company owners and become their go to – Social Media Advertising agency responsible for promoting their company. That’s the general gist of things.


Estimated Visits Per Day – 2,781


The following document is a rundown of Iman Gadzhi and his Six Figure SMMA training. Check out the review, facts and opinions covering this triple threat entrepreneur (Sounds American, born in Russia and raised in the United Kingdom).


IAG Media – Six Figure SMMA Review

*Brand: IAG Online Services Limited (IAG Media)
*Core Product: Six Figure SMMA
Six Figure SMMA*Alternate Products: Influencer Ignited 2.0
*Website Addresses:

~Note | Have to search exact URL’s to find specific pages


*Founder: Iman Gadzhi
*Ethnicity: Russian
*Launched: January 2017
*Known Addresses/HQ:

  • SW7, London, England, United Kingdom
  • IAG Online Services Ltd – 13B The Vale, London, W3 7SH, United Kingdom

*Social Media:

  • YouTube | Iman Gadzhi – 101,766 + subscribers
  • Facebook | Iman Gadzhi – 23,033 + page likes
  • Instagram | @imangadzhi – 57.4k + followers
  • LinkedIn | Iman Gadzhi – 500 + connections


  • email:
  • email:
  • email:
  • messenger:

*Training: 57.95%
*Support: 47.01%
*Website: 53.28%
*Software Tools: 38.86%
*Success Stories: 64.30%

  • Six Figure SMMA = $997.00 or $397.00 / month x 3 payments
  • Influencer Ignited 2.0 = $997.00 or $397.00 / month x 3 payments

*Up-sells: You’ll have to spend extra for software tools, outsourcing etc.
*Verdict: Decent SMMA program

About Iman Gadzhi

Birth name Iman Gadzhimagomedov. If you have heard about the young man Iman Gadzhi you were likely pitched a sales script for buying his primary course, known as the Six Figure SMMA.

Is there more to Iman than meets the eye. Where does he come from? What does he do in his personal life? Is his agency better then Choose Pristine’s SMMA agency?

Does Iman have the spare time to enjoy the finer things in life. Or, is he flat out busy running his marketing agency – IAG Media.

What we do know is that Iman is currently 19 years old, so born around the year ‘2000′ mark. His father was an abusive alcoholic and played little part in his up bringing. Iman was raised by a single mom with the additional support of his grandmother initially.

So Iman sounds like he has an American accent, but resides in London, England, UK. But going from his birth name would suggest Iman Gadzhi’s ethnic background, through his family bloodline is tied to the Soviet Union. Making Iman Gadzhi Russian at heart.

About Iman Gadzhi
~Iman Gadzhimagomedov

Until Iman’s mother met his stepfather who lives out in merry old London. Explaining why he has a home base in England. He was living in Russia.

Eventually, Iman was brought over to London and sent to private school where he grew up. To Iman’s surprise, he views his early years to be quite like a fairy tale and was rather lucky for migrating to the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

But before too long, Iman’s mother’s relationship began to tarnish and led to getting a divorce. Forcing Iman to become the man of the house and provide for him and his mother.

Iman started his entrepreneurship by flipping Instagram accounts for a decent profit. That led to getting paid retainers for his video and photo contents.

Sure enough, most of his financial success has come since the inception of his IAG Media company. Iman is an ambitious spirit and will continue growing his businesses for many years to come!

In the mornings Iman undergoes a fitness program designed by an Englishman. His personal trainer’s name is Billy Harris, a.k.a Billy Harris Fitness.


Six Figure SMMA Costs

Perks for enrolling into 6 Figure SMMA:
  • Over twenty hours of step-by-step education. Valued at $4,997.00
  • Access a variety of scripts and sales funnels. Valued at $1,997.00
  • Iman holds a live Q & A call for students bi-weekly/fortnightly. Valued at $2,997.00
  • Keys to the mentor-ship community / private mastermind group. Valued at $997.00
  • Coaching from Iman and his personal assistant. Valued at $1,997.00


Totalling = $12,985.00


This sounds like hefty expense, and would be a boarder line scam at this price. Know these figures have been shown in such a way to make all visitors think they are saving a killing on costs when they toggle down to the final price by the end of the sales script.

The real ‘Six Figure SMMA’ course price will cost either $997.00 for a one-time payment. So ignore the $12,985.00 above.

If you cannot afford the upfront cost. There’s the other option of paying $397.00 over 3 consecutive months which ends up costing an additional $197.00 if you’d prefer paying this way.

Here’s the Six Figure SMMA program at a glance and broken down for you.


Course Curriculum

Phase No.1 | Building the Foundation (4 lessons)
  1. Welcome to the Six Figure SMMA & Mastermind Community (5 min 22 sec).
  2. Iman’s story with SMMA (19 min 53 sec).
  3. Your Social Media Marketing (SMM) business model (25 min 33 sec).
  4. The six figure formula (9 min 01 sec).
Phase No.2 | Positioning (4 lessons)
  1. Your dream lifestyle starts with your dream agency (21 min 35 sec).
  2. Are you an opportunist or a convenience (13 min 02 sec).
  3. How to rise above any niche market (25 min 08 sec).
  4. How to be taken seriously by any business owner (20 min 32 sec).
Phase No.3 | Your Services (5 lessons)
  1. Platforms that drive results (13 min 55 sec).
  2. How to pick any service list (9 min 13 sec).
  3. How to value paid for traffic (15 min 43 sec).
  4. How to value social media content (11 min 30 sec).
  5. Case study time – How Iman sold a 3k per day consulting job (19 min 03 sec).
Phase No.4 | Your Team (4 lessons)
  1. How Iman built his team (14 min 43 sec).
  2. Using the Mastermind community (2 min 21 sec).
  3. Leveraging your social media platforms (5 min 56 sec).
  4. Outsourcing you work load to Freelancers at UpWork (21 min 05 sec).
Phase No.5 | Systems & Processes (6 lessons)
  1. Contract and agreements documentation (10 min 58 sec).
  2. Taking payments and how Iman realised he had f*cked up (10 min 03 sec).
  3. How to Onboard clients (26 min 17 sec).
  4. How to manage content output (13 min 03 sec).
  5. How to report with clients (5 min 33 sec).
  6. Utilising the content timeline (4 min 38 sec).
Phase No.6 | Before Selling (6 lessons)
  1. The right client versus the wrong client (8 min 58 sec).
  2. Understanding maximum capacity (17 min 08 sec).
  3. How to Onboard clients (26 min 17 sec).
  4. How to manage content output (13 min 03 sec).
  5. How to report with clients (5 min 33 sec).
  6. Utilising the content timeline (4 min 38 sec).
Phase No.7 | Sales (21 lessons)
  1. The breakdown of cold calling (9 min 27 sec).
  2. The psychology behind sales (14 min 35 sec).
  3. Cold calls are easy if you do the maths (13 min 22 sec).
  4. How to tweak the sales script to become your own (11 min 38 sec).
  5. Understanding and handling regular rejection (7 min 22 sec).
  6. Handling the gatekeeper (7 min 57 sec).
  7. Following up (7 min 14 sec).
  8. The key to unlimited sales (25 min 56 sec).
  9. Do your own due diligence (8 min 59 sec).
  10. The meeting script part 1 (4 min 38 sec).
  11. The meeting script part 2 – social media (30 min 37 sec).
  12. The meeting script part 2 – Paid traffic (12 min 06 sec).
  13. How to get clients using UpWork (18 min 51 sec).
  14. LIVE cold call session part 1 (21 min 42 sec).
  15. LIVE cold call session part 2 (19 min 51 sec).
  16. The creative follow up (8 min 29 sec).
  17. The faked audit strategy (13 min 18 sec).
  18. What to do when a client stops replying (6 min 14 sec).
  19. Using your personalised brand (9 min 15 sec).
  20. Leveraging meet-ups (10 min 11 sec)
  21. Using LinkedIn to get 3-5 high quality meetings per week (4 min 38 sec).
Phase No.8 | Delivering Results (11 lessons)
  1. The science behind results (14 min 59 sec).
  2. Explaining the value ladder (12 min 04 sec).
  3. What would success look like (12 min 02 sec).
  4. The 30-day cheat sheet (13 min 35 sec).
  5. Running giveaways for clients (6 min 41 sec).
  6. Getting results for gyms – Pilfer my entire process (20 min 42 sec).
  7. Getting results for restaurants – The three part plan (14 min 07 sec).
  8. Getting results for gyms – Getting results for real estate agents – huge margins (11 min 38 sec).
  9. How to send your clients leads (4 min 29 sec).
  10. Case study time – 400 offer claims – zero showed up – what happened (6 min 34 sec).
  11. Case study time – Iman’s biggest failure to date – how you can learn from his mistake (11 min 12 sec).
Phase No.9 | Scaling your Agency (5 lessons)
  1. Building relationships / partnerships (5 min 46 sec).
  2. How Iman automates his monthly work flow (7 min 10 sec).
  3. Keep your well full (8 min 21 sec).
  4. How to manage stress control (5 min 47 sec).
  5. Where Iman’s agency is heading (9 min 56 sec).
Phase No.10 | Bonuses (3 bonuses)
  1. How to signup and manage $50,000.00 per month clients (15 min 19 sec).
  2. Facebook advertising changes for 2018 – how this affects you (9 min 59 sec).
  3. The foot through the door effort (5 min 32 sec).
Phase No.11 | Interviews (1 interview)
  1. How to go from 3k to 15k per month in 90 days (24 min 55 sec).
Phase No.12 | Live Coaching Calls Replays (1 call replay).
  1. How to go from 3k to 15k per month in 90 days (24 min 55 sec).
Phase No.13 | Resources, Sales Scripts, Contracts and More (11 resources).
  1. Contract template (6 min 37 sec).
  2. Cold call script (document).
  3. Common objections and handling them (document).
  4. Meeting sales script part 1 (document).
  5. The meeting sales script part 2 – social media / content services (document).
  6. The meeting sales script part 2 – paid traffic (document).
  7. 4 pillars of value (6 min 42 sec).
  8. Partner program (3 min 47 sec).
  9. IAG deck (3 min 02 sec).
  10. Content Timeline (0 min 28 sec).
  11. LinkedIn Outreach templates (document).

Is Six Figure SMMA a Scam

Social media marketing agencies are not scams. The costs are a little steep, only because there is potential for huge profits, but not guaranteed.

If you paid attention to the course criteria, you will have noticed that some of the training videos have been made redundant. Phase 5 and 6 repeat the same video recordings. Also, phase 11 and 12.

This may just be a typo error, but it would not surprise me if that’s how the course is offered. Either way, I’d expect if you were forking over $997.00 dollars for a premium course.

You’d surely expect to receive a strong variety of professionalised SMMA contents crafted for you, hey. Not something that has been overlooked or half assed.

Another thing to mention is that the SMMA training offered will not be updated as you might expect. It has likely been the same video clips for over a year plus by now.

These social media marketing agency programs aren’t exactly designed to continually evolve with the times.

Which can spell disaster, considering some methods or advice can become outdated with the sudden changes that take place for search engines, policies and business ethics.

Fortunately, refunds are guaranteed. If you claim a refund within 14 days from the purchase date. But, you cannot view more than 20% of the course, or you won’t get a refund.

If you get caught distributing the Six Figure SMMA course, or plagiarising the contents within it, or reselling it to others, you will get all privileges revoked and terminated. No refund on top of it! Possible legal action will be taken against you.

If your a Six Figure SMMA student and want out. You must submit a refund request via email.

Do know that there is risk involved and no financial gain is guaranteed when buying the Six Figure SMMA. There is a real good possibility that you could lose over $997.00

Is Six Figure SMMA a Scam


Final Word


  • Six Figure SMMA should teach you how to start your own marketing agency business, get clients and turn a profit. This will only work out if you take regular action though!
  • It appears refunds are granted as long as you provide sufficient evidence proving you’ve met the refund threshold.
  • Once you buy Six Figure Social Media Marketing Agency you own it for life. No recurring membership fees.
  • You can start this program at the young age of 13+ years old.


  • Mr. Gagzhi states in his frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that there are no hidden costs, like up-sells after purchasing a 6 Figure SMMA education. That may be true to some extent. But later in the SMMA training, there is a lesson around outsourcing your work load at UpWork. Outsourcing cost money as you are essentially hiring people to work for you.
  • The so called mastermind group will not be as active as you think. They are typically forum’s, or groups on Facebook. Don’t expect instant help when you need it!
  • A lot of Iman’s online business mediums have been created using Click Funnels. Which is designed to get as many sales as possible.
  • These SMMA courses are all costing around the $997.00 mark, which begs the question. Where have these entrepreneurs got there education from? Does Six Figure SMMA teach you how to become a spit image of success, like Iman Gadzhi seems to have achieved?

Iman Gadzhi Six Figure SMMA

I’ve seen that Iman has made anywhere from $50k per month and as high as $120k per month. I really think most of his income is derived by selling his Six Figure SMMA course to opportune seekers just like you. Let’s brainstorm for a second.


50 – Six Figure SMMA course sales that cost approximately $1,000.00 per head will equate to that $50k per month.


120 – Six Figure SMMA program sales at $1,000.00 per person will ultimately reach that $120k per month.


It doesn’t take too many people to get huge monthly payments. Do you want to join all the others out there competing in the social media marketing world. Or would you rather just replicate what Iman Gadzhi has done and build out your own SMMA premium resource.

Learn from all of his mistakes and out perform Iman’s SMMA training program, create your own style of branding, develop your own website platform to sell your SMMA product.

Wrap it up with a neat little bow tie and make bank as Iman has done! That’s where the true money lies in my opinion. I’m not sure if Iman Gadzhi is educating you on how to directly replicate the business model such as his.

Or just selling you on the idea of earning purely via social media marketing. Maybe think about this for a second before buying into the opportunity. And on that note.


$997.00 is a Lot of Money to Risk Upfront. Having No Trial / Grace Period! No Way of Knowing the Quality of Contents Offered Within the SMMA Training Course. This is Considerable Risk if You Ask Me. Are you Looking for a Genuine, Open & Honest Educational Community That Does Not Demand Any Payment to Use It’s Services. I’d Advise you to Take a Look First & Save on Spending That 1k Purchase for the 6 Figure SMMA.


Six Figure SMMA PDF


Maybe constructing a social media marketing agency is way too advanced for you right now. If that’s the case, why not see what all the fuss is about with this affiliate marketing opportunity rising up. It’s far less expensive and requires no cold calling, direct face-to-face selling, and handling rejection like creating a SMMA company would require you to do.


Get Started in Affiliate Marketing Instead


How do you think this article went? Did it help you reach a definitive decision about the Six Figure SMMA platform created by none other than Iman Gadzhi? Any thoughts, or expressions of interest can be handled in the comments below. Be social and share on social media, see it as practice before entering in the world of social media marketing.

You’re better off replicating a resource like Six Figure SMMA then buying it…

Quick Recap of IAG Media - 6 Figure SMMA $997.00 or $397.00 x 3 / month
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

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