Is Survey Compare a Scam or Legit

Are you wondering, is Survey Compare a scam, or legit? What country are you trying to login from? Does it frustrate you having to figure out how to login to Survey Compare?

Survey Compare does not create user accounts, therefore you won’t be able to log in. So, let me shed a little more light on Survey Compare. It is a very attractive and legitimate looking website coming straight out of North London.

But, is Survey Compare nothing more than a squeeze style website? Let us delve deeper into this mystery shall we.

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# Review: Survey Compare
# What is Survey Compare About
# How Does Survey Compare Work
# Pro’s VS Con’s

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Based on the details you enter in during the sign up process, it will populate a list of survey panels that you can opt into or out from.

Then, you will receive emails to confirm these chosen selections almost immediately after. If you choose to complete the registration process though these emails.

Survey Compare will obviously earn affiliate compensation either once for transferring you over to the survey sites, or repeatedly for each and every survey, focus group or sweepstake’s that you enter and/or complete from there on out.

It’s a pretty nifty scheme Survey Compare has going on for itself.


Review: Survey Compare

*Brand: Survey Compare
*URL: (Depending on your country of residence, the sign up squeeze page can differ)
*Founders: Undisclosed (Team of 6 environmental activists)
*Active Since: 2010
*Contact Methods: Phone: 020 7424 3137, email: or
*Training: 42.52%
*Support: 52.41%
*Website Builder: 00.00%
*WordPress Hosting: 00.00%
*Software Tools: 16.98%
*Success Stories: 33.49%
*Costs: $0.00 (Free)
*Up-sells: No
*Scam VS Legit Verdict: Legitimate (Website has a good ethical intention)


What is Survey Compare About

How Does Survey Compare WorkBy infiltrating the main Survey Compare website directly. It’s clearly visible that Survey Compare is a decently established site. In fact, it’s rather resourceful for certain topic areas around making it happen online.

Though, it is limited, in the sense that its main purpose is to get you onto the emailing list to benefit itself and other major panel companies.

So, once you join up through the Survey Compares short form, you will receive offers for some of the latest survey distributing companies online like. I.e. Toluna, Vivatic, GFK, Valued Opinions, Global Test Market etc.

You can also access articles blogged within the Survey Compare website itself, To give a taste of the content presented within Survey Compare:

  • Market Research: What is market research – All about market research jobs.
  • Paid Surveys: Surveys for money – Online surveys explained.
  • Part-Time Jobs: Working part-time at home – Part-time work regulations in the UK.
  • Data Entry: What is data entry – Data entry qualifications.
  • Mystery Shopping: How mystery shopping works – Earn with mystery shopping.
  • Product Testing: Make money by taking part in clinical trials – Product testing from home – Types of products to test.
  • Stay At Home Parents: Mums earning money – Pros and cons.
  • Typing Jobs: Typing jobs at home – Review of online typing jobs.
  • Money Saving Tips: Money saving tips 2013 – Save money on household bills.


This gives a general idea what Survey Compare talks about, what it can educate you with, regardless if you decide to register up for survey panel companies.


How Does Survey Compare Work

Big name companies seek out knowledge and understanding in attempt to see what works for their business, or what practices need a couple tweaks and adjustments.

To do that, they search for and hire companies online, such as Survey Compare. To gather potential clients, allowing panellists to leave unique thoughts and/or opinions within the form of a survey, in the exchange for a nominal reward.

Usually, you have to be over the age or 16+ to join survey companies listed from Survey Compare, but some of the key companies require insights from people as young as 13 years of age.


Final Word


  • 100% free, never required to spend anything to use this service.
  • Pretty adequate info found within it’s blog that offers generalised help and solutions.
  • Very simple sign up procedure for selecting from a list of top survey company providers.
  • You can access the terms of use page for any legal in particulars. There isn’t anything misleading inside this, or elsewhere for that matter.



  • You cannot create anything to work towards as a long-term opportunity from within Survey Compare. It’s all external based actions.
  • It’s simply just a basic website really, but it has an awesome way of connecting up with top surveying panels online.


Survey Compare is a website that acts like a gateway. Survey Compare is beneficial for people that have minimal practice, or limited experience finding legit opportunities online.

Survey Compare helps you by listing only major survey company providers which have proven it’s legitimacy over time. At least to the Survey Compare founders eyes. reviews


At this present time. Survey compare has:

  • 538,950 page likes on Facebook.
  • 11.2K followers on Twitter.
  • 2,146 followers on Pinterest.


I’m sure you’re already well aware, that you cannot make a living by relying solely on survey panels alone. I’d like to show you how you can reach a full-time living and lifestyle, operating from anywhere in the world.

One that involves running your own website. One with all the training and support you’d ever need within the one place…




If, you’re not fully satisfied with our latest Survey Compare review. Or, you feel this article has not done it justice. Please take the time to leave your remarks below so we can update when necessary. Or, If you simply feel the need to express yourself. We’d love to hear about it!

Kind regards,

1 thought on “Is Survey Compare a Scam or Legit”

  1. Out of all the survey sites I have come across, this one seems to be the best option for people who want to get into the survey taking way of life. I have not yet met anyone who is making a full time income from it, and only ads have claimed that people do. So I agree with you that working towards something that has sustainability and the potential for passive income online is a better approach for people who are sure they want to earn all their income online. But perhaps surveys are good for people who just want a little extra cash without investing too much emotional energy into the process. So, it all has its place.


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