Wealth From Trading Scam or Legit

Is Wealth From Trading a Scam or Legit you might ask. Today you will gather a thing or two about this website, and know what Wealth From Trading actually does.

Did you hear about this business on the morning show, or any other Australian Sunrise shows? Well that’s where I first stumbled upon this interesting opportunity and knew I had to learn more about it.

In this case, I believe it was held on the morning show and the CEO himself – Andrew Barnett was explaining in intriguing detail about this online trading program for investors. Pretty good to see an Australian with an opportunity for currency trading.

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Wealth From Trading Scam

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# Wealth From Trading Review
# About Wealth From Trading
# About Andrew Barnett
# Is Wealth From Trading a Scam
# Wealth From Trading Book
# Pro’s VS Con’s

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Have you landed over at the Wealth From Trading site yet. You are probably wondering what it is, what it does. You cannot see anything about Forex trading or the financial markets displayed here.


How much is Wealthfromtrading.com currently worth – $110.00


As you may have guessed by now, this site acts as an email capture page that’s designed to get you listed on Andrew Barnett’s/Live Trader Global GoldRock’s emailing list.

Andrew Barnett’s primary objective is to get you registered and over to the LTG GoldRock website and the URL name ‘Wealth From Trading’ is catchy enough to do just this.

I’ve tried to join the email list in Wealth From Trading to try to learn more about what Andrew could offer me. But, every time I confirm my details it opens a blank page that says – {“protected_assets”:{}}


Estimated visitors per day – 28


Seems like a bad gateway or something. This could be a temporary glitch, is anyone else is seeing this message? They’ll soon catch on if they notice a decline with email intakes.


Wealth From Trading Review

*Brand: Wealth From Trading
*CEO/Founder: Andrew Barnett
*Website URL:

  • http://wealthfromtrading.com (Not SSL Secured)
  • http://wealthfromtrading.com.au

*Domain Age: 06th/MAR/2013
*Destination URL: https://www.ltggoldrock.com
*Pricing/Cost: $0.00 (Free)
*HQ/Address: 1st Floor, 14 -20 Aerodrome Road Maroochydoor, Queensland 4558
*Postal: PO Box 6161Maroochydoor, BC Queensland 4558
*Contact Info:

  • Email: success@ltggoldrock.com
  • Email: accounts@ltggoldrock.com
  • Telephone: (07) 5451 4055
  • Facsimile: (07) 5302 6688

Wealth From Trading Review*Training: 62.09%
*Support: 71.83%
*Website: 59.77%
*Software Tools: 35.79%
*Success Stories: 60.03%
*Up-Sells: It’s possible, but not likely
*Verdict: Professional advice to get you started with trading currencies online


About Wealth From Trading

Wealth From Trading is actively live on the net trying to coax you out of your email address, basic details. This is done through selling you on the idea of making smarter investment decisions with their specialist services.

Also, there is the promotion of a free e-book giveaway, for subscribing to it’s service.

Wealth From Trading’s goal is to then, try to get you registered over at the LTG GoldRock resource website, which if anything, that place is the parent company of the Wealth From Trading capture site.

This is where future business will be conducted. Plenty of educative materials and recommendations to trusted broker trading platforms based in Australia.

About Wealth From Trading

About Andrew Barnett

Going mainly off the information found within Wealth From Investing site. Andrew Barnett is decorative author. An experienced Forex trader and is the CEO/founder of Live Trader Global GoldRock.

About Andrew Barnett
~Andrew Barnett

Andrew will focus on producing necessary education so you can get higher returns on investment (ROI) by following LTG Goldrock’s methodologies.

Not only is Mr. Barnett a success trader. He is also an experienced investor.

I wonder if Andrew has met Dr. Steve Sjuggerud of M.A.G.A Checks, the accomplished investor based out in the United States.

Catch Andrew Barnett presenting as a regular guest, live on air discussing topics on Sky News Money Channel. Proving Andrew Barnett is legitimate. Andrew Barnett is an authorised representative registered with the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASEC).

He isn’t somebody hiding off shore promising hopes, falsifying dreams of making a killing investing online with a few simple clicks and bids per day.

Andrew Barnett is a proud Australian, who keeps it real, living out on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia with his immediate family.


Is Wealth From Trading a Scam

The only way Wealth From Trading could be labelled as a fraudulent company will depend on how the people behind the scenes use your email particulars. Would you think there are unknown faces in control of your email address?

Is Wealth From Trading a ScamIf Andrew or LTG GoldRock try to scam you out of your money with pushy pipe dreams of making easy money online, then I would suggest steering clear of this place.

Investing always involves risk, for that I am sure you’re aware. If the company you’re dealing with is truthful about earnings potential, they will have some sort of earnings disclaimer displayed at the footer of the website providing a reality check of the system.

Those that will deem this program a scam are likely individuals whom tag along with this opportunity, get involved with the partners from LTG Gold Rock and make an investment decision by following their advice.

If they manage to lose an investment and whinge and whine about it, are typically the individuals that will ridicule Andrew Barnett and his associates as scammers.

Do note:

  • Andrew Barnett is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • Has an extensive background/history in money exchange.
  • Registered with the ASIC.


Wealth From Trading Book

Wealth From Trading has a sign-up incentive to get your registered on it’s list. You should receive the free Wealth From Trading e-book upon registering, then sent to you via email.

On top of the free e-Book giveaway you should acquire the ‘Investment Fast Start’ video series.

In the Wealth From Trading book, or over at the LTG GoldRock website. You will gain insights into such financial areas as:

  • Derivatives.
  • Foreign exchange contracts.
  • Securities.
  • Financial products.

Wealth From Trading Book

If you decide to investigate the LTG GoldRock website. There is a header menu with some more accessible free books that can be downloaded:

  • The 7-Minute Workday eBook.
  • 25 Gems for Making Money in the Markets eBook.

Final Word


  • CEO Andrew Barnett has tremendous experience and is well respected within the investment industry.
  • Get real significant trading advice on it’s SSL secured site at LTG GoldRock.
  • Andrew Barnett recommends trading on only two regulated brokers: Go Markets and EightCap.
  • Find Andrew’s profile over in LinkedIn.


  • Seems to be an error upon the email registration phase.
  • Not much to go on with Wealth From Trading. A mini background about Andrew Barnett and some testimonials regarding LTG GoldRock.
  • Does not use secure socket layers (SSL) installed.

Wealth From Trading Gold Rock

Expect to receive educative materials and business advice conducted in person, through website, email and over the phone.

I’d recommend this service is your serious about online Forex trading for instance. LTG GoldRock is an Australian company which houses to an international audience.

Personally, I feel more comfortable about this business since I’m an Australian resident. And Andrew Barnett is well-known in the Australian finance scene.

Naturally, in order to invest will require some sort of savings or investment capital. Not everyone has a financial safety net to fall back on. So hear what I am about to propose to you.


Investing Can Involve Considerable Risk Regardless of Who you Learn From, Even is it’s a Trusted Source of Information. Not All of Us Have Savings, or Investment Capital to Rely on. So It’s Best to Get Started in Something Inexpensive that Allows you to Scale it up Into a Valuable Online Asset that Generates Traffic! Then Leading to Earnings. It’s Worth your Time Reading Into this.


LTG Gold Rock


Gather a background check on this company mentioned just now and see if it has what it takes to help you reach your financial/business goals. Highly regarded platform that has a swelling 1 + million entrepreneurs utilising the service holding a staggering website asset value of $2,106,400


Access the Review ==>


Now it’s your turn to talk. Have you any questions with regard to Wealth From Trading / Andrew Barnett / LTG GoldRock? Have you had any personal dealings with them in the past and what would you like to say about it? People would love to hear any insights into this opportunity.

Wealth From Trading is simply an email capture page…

Quick Recap of Wealth From Trading $0.00 (FREE)
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

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