Is Alex Becker a Scam or Legit

Alex Becker has been pumping out Pre-roll ads all over YouTube right now. I must admit, it sure has me annoyed at this point. Having to hear these ads play over and over again as I listen between songs from my music playlists (YouTube).

But we all have to make a living some way or another to survive in the world that we live in today. So why not pump out some video ads Mr. Becker! Thinking is Alex Becker a scam or legit artist?

His mouth can sure run a pretty hyped game in some of his marketing campaigns. Vast majority of entrepreneurial influential’s tend to think this approach is the only conventional way of marketing their product/services for some reason.

One thing is for sure. Alex Becker has built a memorable identity/brand and is scaling it out for more and more reach, each and every day of the week.

Alex Becker Review

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# Alex Becker Review
# Who is Alex Becker
# Is Alex Becker Legit
# Alex Becker Companies
# Alex Becker Academy
# Alex Becker Market Hero
# The Ten Pillars of Wealth
# Pro’s VS Con’s

Internet Marketing Education, Tools, Networking & Support!Do you Hunger for the Truth About How People are Really Becoming Successful Online...

Today you will be informed about Mr. Alex Becker. Gain insights into his internet based schemes (websites) and view a list of product/services that he sells from them.

Provided that you take the time to read this. It could give you adequate time to make an educated decision regarding Alex Becker training and services.

Do you think Alex will be the optimal choice for your online education, tool set or entrepreneurial ambitions?

But If in doubt. By the end of this review, you will have an excellent alternative that supersedes Mr. Becker’s services in more ways than one. I want you to have access to the best platform available in this world wide web of business.


Alex Becker Review

Is Alex Becker Legit

*Brand: Alex Becker
*Website URL Address:
*Founder/CEO: Alex Becker
*Headquarters/Address: Destination unknown
*Founded: 18th October 2015
*Contact Methods:


*Help & Support: email – Live chat feature | inbuilt emailer
*Training: 52.07%
*Support: 41.63%
*Website: 69.55%
*Hosting: 00.00%
*Software Tools: 61.62%
*Success Stories: 37.87%

  • Market Hero = Little as $19.00/Month to over $950.00/month
  • Spekter Labs = $134.00/Month for everything boxed together
  • Source Wave University = $47.00/Month

*Upsells: There is the potential for upsells
*Verdict: Borderline legit


Who is Alex Becker

Alex Becker Academy

Alex Becker is a multi-millionaire, internet marketing entrepreneur. He is known for his work as an author for his best-selling book ‘The Ten Pillars of Wealth.’ And has taken the social media world by storm.

You can also find Alex Becker lurking on:

  • YouTube Subscribers (359,432)
  • Instagram followers (298,856)
  • Facebook Likes (61,254)

All of Alex Becker platforms/profiles link back to one place. Alex’s websites! Alex will pitch/market his line of inventory to new and returning visitors.

Alex Becker Market Hero

First and foremost. Where you aware that Alex Becker had served within the United States Air Force division prior to taking the plunge into a risky career as an entrepreneur?

Mr. Becker’s main interests lies within the technology and nutritional industries. Alex Becker has been recognised for funding and growing many 7 to 8 figure businesses.

Two of his more successful companies are – Spekter Labs and Marketing Hero. They are both accessible through the main Alex Becker website.

Alex Becker Book List

Alex has authored and sold 1000’s of copies of books like (The 10 Pillars of Wealth – Mind-sets of the World’s Richest People) and training programs/software for both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Alex holds live events to try to enrich the lives of others who desire to inherit his many facets and mentality of entrepreneurial-ism.

Alex Becker has a unique mindset that will no doubt continue to create him more wealth as he continues developing and offering value for his target audience.

Is Alex Becker Legit

What are your thoughts thus far? Do you think Alex Becker is the real deal, being from a military background and all.

Alex Becker Reviews

If you were to compare the Tai Lopez brand versus the Alex Becker brand. Both notable entrepreneurial figures.

And by comparing how both of these gurus have carried themselves over the past few years. I would rather put my trust into neither! People that spend the time putting all there energy into multiple projects can lead to poor results, lack of continuity.

Alex Becker has proven his legitimacy so far. But is the software and nutritional products worth the costs surrounding these items. That’s the real question!

Here are some of the Alex Becker online companies:

  • Alex Becker Academy: Launched on the ’18th October 2017′
  • Speckter Human Enhancement: Founded on the ’15th September 2017′
  • Konker: Readied by the ’10th May 2016′
  • Market Hero: Went live on the ‘1st January 2015’
  • Source Wave SEO: Accessible since the‘7th December 2011’

Alexbecker has experienced much of his financial success during his mid/late 20’s. What content and material things are offered from within these software companies listed above.


Alex Becker Companies


This is unusual. While trying to click on the training icons inside the website it simply does nothing. It returns to the top of the web page with every click. Even the membership login item does nothing.

Might inquire into activating a temporary account to provide insights into these training items. Because these internal links are currently dead by the looks of things.

These were the first 3 broken topics which appear to be the initial levels of training taught inside the Alex Becker Academy.

Alex Becker Companies

  • Funnels/Sales Systems.
  • Traffic Methods (Free and Paid).
  • Copywriting and Product Creating.


is market hero a scam? So far things are not looking too user-friendly. Hopeful the Market Hero will grant passage to it’s core accessories.

In a nutshell. Alex Becker Market Hero is an expensive application that is not much different to any other emailing list collection tool found elsewhere online. Some of which are free to use anyways!

Alex Becker Affiliate Marketing

If you need this software for your business there is a catch. It will cost you as little as $19.00 and up to $950.00 per month. By selecting a yearly premium membership for each of the levels. Your payment plan will be slashed by 15%.

What does Market Hero offer the consumer? Basically, it will provide valuable data metrics and allow you to set up automatic messaging for your email list.

You could create some email marketing campaigns and test what works and what doesn’t.

I wouldn’t really see the point of owning Market Hero unless there was already a substantial email list collected from other resources. There really is no point paying for this tool. There are way cheaper alternatives online too!

Upon purchase. Expect access to a mega course covering this tool.

Features include:

  • Facebook Messenger Integration.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Tracking.
  • Automation/Autoresponder.
  • Optimization.
  • Engaging Design.
  • Shopify Integration.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Sales Metrics.
  • Attractive email builder.
  • Customer LTV calculations.
  • Fluid Tag Based Customer Segmentation.



Spekter Labs isn’t as complicated as it sounds! It is simply a brand that caters to healthy nutritional supplements. Supplements are not quite like the numerous types of tablets manufactured at Herbalife Nutrition.

Here are the details of the nutritional products promoted at Spekter Labs:

Spekter Labs

  • Neural Enhancement Formular (XT-01) | Costs $67.00 or $57.00 per month. Beneficial Nootropic blend for enhancing specific brain functions such as mental speed, memory and focus.
  • Absorption Enhancement Formular (GT-07) | Costs $44.00 or $37.00 per month. Assists in the breakdown of nutrients in your stomach so that your body will absorb as many nutrients into the body as possible.
  • Cleanse, Chill, Combo (TRIPLE-C) | Costs $55.00 or $45.00 per month. Comes with 3 items. A probiotic repair supplement, antioxidant brain booster and core body nutrition.
  • (SPEKTER BOX) | Prices $145.00 or $134.00 per month. All items mentioned above are boxed together in this package.

All coming with a 60-day money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee included.



A.K.A Source University Reloaded. Claims that you can make $100.00 to $200.00 per day focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This product appears outdated. These SEO articles would be useless if you didn’t have access to a working website builder technologies which are not included at Source Wave Uni.

There is much work that needs to be done prior before SEO should be even in the topic of conversation!

Inside you will have access to the full archive of SEO training (claims updated regularly). At this point of time access into this platform is closed. Renovations are currently undergoing.

I’d just like to point out that this website seems outdated. Still displaying 2015 in the copyright footer section. To me that says this website has done nothing for 4 years now.

Alex Becker Source Wave

Source Wave University Reloaded claims it is:

  1. Beginner friendly.
  2. Cutting edge SEO tactics.
  3. Live interaction Q & A.
  4. Fast start up client SEO.
  5. Expert community.
  6. $47.00/Month.


Alex Becker created Source Market to compliment Source Wave for all buying and selling purposes of all SEO related matters.

Source Market is no longer active and appears that Alex has transferred his old business (Sourcemarket) over to KonKer. If you go to the ‘About’ page at KonKer it has 4 consecutive YouTube videos.

Strangely enough they are made for the promotion and how to use Source Market that’s now closed down. But if this is the case these videos must simply act the exact same as it would for the KonKer company.

Which makes sense because KonKer is a SEO friendly software platform.

According to the ‘Official KonKer Facebook Group’ there are 11,822 members registered into this closed group. No one has joined this business page in the last 30 days.

Alex Becker Videos

The information found at KonKer is quite dense. Types of SEO categories to buy and sell on:

  • Marketing.
  • Graphics and Design.
  • SEO.
  • Programming and Technology.
  • Audio.
  • Videos.


The Ten Pillars of Wealth

Alex Becker has published one book to date. You can download the first chapter of ‘The Ten Pillars of Wealth’ over at the Alex Becker official website.

| The 10 Pillars of Wealth – Mind-Sets of the World’s Richest People |

The 10 Pillars of Wealth Review


~ Paperback: Published on 17th / May / 2016

~ Author: Alex Becker

~ Stock Available: Amazon

~ Kindle = $5.89

~ Paperback = $11.69


“Think Like a Millionaire: leave the 9 to 5 behind. The world has led you to believe that financial freedom is not something that you can willfully create in your life. The TRUTH is that creating excessive financial wealth does not come down to luck or talent.”


Final Word


What do you think about Alex Becker now that you have some new-found knowledge?



  • Alex Becker has created a memorable name for himself which creates a higher degree of trust.
  • Mr. Becker developed a range of companies offering a variety of helpful knowledge, software tools and applications.
  • Alex is still a current entrepreneurial figure. He will need to offer quality material in the future years to come for maintaining a trustworthy brand.
  • Download the first chapter of his book (The 10 Pillars of Wealth) over at


  • Prices are reasonable, but they are still on the heavier side.
  • I’m under the impression that a lot of the content found is outdated or poorly managed.
  • By running 5 different businesses at once makes it difficult to maintain all of them at once. Hence, why there are things not working properly.
  • I see adequate value offered.

Alex Becker Website

So there you have it! This is a general overview of Alex Becker’s exploits, some accomplishments achieved in his life as an entrepreneur so far.

As long as Alex Becker puts his followers first before his pocket then he should remain a relevant entrepreneurial icon.

Alex has a diverse brand ranging from internet business over to SEO and nutritional supplements.


Before you Go Any Further. As Promised, Here is the All-In-One Internet Academy Confidently Boasted at the Beginning of this Thread.


Becker Alex


If you were really considering learning by utilising Alex Becker’s training, software and services I really cannot convey how important it would be to compare what you read with this revolutionised, all-in-one platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. Check it out!




Hope you took something useful away from reading this post. Before you go. Was there anything I have missed where you might need insider help with. Do you have any questions at all? Expect a fast response by dropping a thought below. Be social and share!

Alex Becker, former Air Force military personnel…

Quick Recap of Alex Becker $19.00 - $950.00
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

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