Is BankingBux a Scam or Legit

I always love researching Paid-To-Click (PTC) websites such as this particular one – BankingBux. What’s great for me as the learner, is they’re all the exact same websites, so it’s easy to know the ins and outs of the scheme.

Generally, the only real difference between PTC websites are the website theme layouts and visual imagery attached. They all follow the same regime at the end of the day and many PTC go bust.

By clicking a certain amount of advertisements every day. And by doing so will reward each member a couple of cents on the dollar, in this case Euros.

I’ve found that PTC sites are popular by predominately European and Asian countries like India, they get a ton of traffic on a daily basis for the success ones.

Which earns the owners a nice pay check by the end of the month through membership upgrades and ads revenue etc.

But little do members of Banking Bux know, is they are not earning that much for their time and efforts all while the hidden identities running the show are getting paid.

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So why does BankingBux still stand out as a popular PTC ads website today? Probably because they are providing payouts upon request.


BANKINGBUX is valued at $1,304,800 (Web Of Worth)


Otherwise, it would surely collapse in on itself. Because many PTC sites fail by making it difficult to make regular withdrawals.

A perfect example would be BrainBux! I’ve conducted an article explaining why Brain Bux is a dodgy PTC website if you’re interested in reading it. But don’t worry. The link will open up a new window so you won’t lose this article.

Today I will get a bit opinionated. Also, highlighting facts. But by the end of the read I’ll provide a solid reason why I think PTC sites are more or less a waste of your precious time, effort and financial resources.


BANKINGBUX receives a multitude of 57,723 visitors each day


Without hesitation, let’s see what we can uncover right now!


BankingBux Review

*Brand: BankingBux
BankingBux Review*Domain Name:
*Hosting Provider: NameSilo, LLC
*Domain Age: 30/JAN/2019
*Opportunity Type: Paid-To-Click (PTC) & Advertising platform
*Founder: Privately held
*Address/HQ: Not registered for public access
*Contacts: Open a support ticket at the ‘Support’ tab within
*Social Media Presence: No connections
*Costs/Membership Levels:

  • STANDARD – €0.00 (free)
  • PREMIUM – 1 month €9.99 | 3 months €14.99 | 6 months €24.99 | 1 year €34.99
  • ELITE – 1 month €14.99 | 3 months €21.99 | 6 months €34.99 | 1 year €49.99
  • ULTIMATE – 1 month €24.99 | 3 months €34.99 | 6 months €49.99 | 1 year €79.99

*Affiliate / Referral Incentive: Yes, banner ads only, no direct affiliate link found
*Training: 35.63%
*Support: 39.57%
*Website: 74.22%
*Software Tools: 41.06%
*Success Stories: 64.30%
*Up-sells: Not present
*Final Verdict: As far as PTC sites go, this is a decent looking PTC site but made hard to withdraw

About BankingBux

BankingBux ReviewsIf you do not quite understand the main purpose of BankingBux or PTC sites in general. I will touch on this subject now.

How you earn Euros at BankingBux is done by clicking on advertisements within your logged on account. Be mindful, as you can only click up to 4 ads per 24 hour period (1 day).

Once the clock passes the 24 hour mark. Your clicking can recommence. If you feel as though clicking 4 ads per day is a waste of time and effort. The option of upgrading your account is made possible. Which allows for more clicks within a single day, along with a few other perks included.

By getting referrals through your unique affiliate ID (using pre-scripted banners). You can earn additional Euro. Also, there is the option of buying and/or renting referrals which obviously increases your overall account balance over time but is just another way BankingBux takes your money.

You can process your transactions (withdraw) using Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money. You cannot build yourself an online asset at BankingBux as it lacks the resources to do so!

You can only have one account per person, household and IP address. Don’t expect to be tethering your WiFi Hotspot for another room mate. If you leave your account unattended for too long, expect it to be deleted with all accrued earnings lost in limbo.

You have to be logged in to be rewarded for your clicks. Access your dashboard area to keep track of your progression.


Is BankingBux a Scam

They sure as hell make it difficult to make a withdrawal which makes BankingBux seem like a PTC scam. If you are using the standard membership level (free). Before you are actually allowed to withdraw your earnings.

Expect to make at least 100 advertisement clicks. To break it down:

  1. Only 4 clicks per day equals €0.40 earned each day
  2. It will take 25 days to click 4 ads per day.
  3. 25 days times €0.40 equals €10.00 over 25 days.
  4. Is it really worth the time it takes to try to redeem €10.00 after 25 days?

I guess that comes down to your mentality and act of desperation for fast money. Of course, by upgrading your account will shorten the amount of time it takes to make a withdraw. But is it really worth the trouble spending that much time and income?

Is BankingBux a ScamOh, hang on and wait just a brief second here. What’s this? I now need to get 10 referrals and/or upgrade my membership in order to withdraw my earnings?

This is an outrage, a scandal! How can this be a legitimate PTC then, because getting 10 referrals is no easy feat unless I purchase them!

One thing that makes Banking Bux look legit is the ‘Payment Proofs’ page. Whether this is real or fake, nobody really knows for certain. Unless of course you make a successful withdraw and witness your transaction details displayed there.

Remember that if you want to try out BankingBux and click your daily ads limit. Make sure to wait for the loading bar to fully finish then confirm it with the Ad Captcha Code. This will process your few euros every day.

I’m under the assumption that since you can only click 4 ads per day. To me it’s conducted this way, so that the company owners don’t get in lot of trouble by other advertising companies.

Because pressing PTC ads is blatantly and fraudulently clicking on ads without a purpose, with no real intention of taking part in the advertisement offer on the other end of the screen.

So nobody here really plans on clicking the ads with the honest intention of signing up to the service, program or platform at the other end. Seems like a vicious cycle spiralling out of control.

So do you feel that pressing them ads is kinda like stealing? €0.10 per click seems like a steal. But that’s just the way these PTC sites operate.

I bet if you decide to advertise your business on the BankingBux marketplace. And wanted to get some serious leads for growing your business, website, or for what ever purpose. You would get idiots clicking your ads, just so they can earn that €0.10 per click.

Or maybe, BankingBux will get people from other PTC sites clicking your website advertisements. So are you still going to join BankingBux? Do you think it seems ethical in any way?

According to this video, BankingBux does not pay using Bitcoin.

Final Word


  • Just a visually appealing website.
  • Can join this opportunity for free luckily. Just have to wait 25 days before withdrawing.
  • Easy to get started and earning your first €0.40 with one day’s work. Takes about 5 mins of your time.
  • Provides the ability to advertise your website or business within. I do not condone this act personally.
  • Payment proof page shows over 300+ pages of approved transactions.
  • Make additional Euro by referring new members, renting or buying referrals.
  • It’s obviously not a get-rich-overnight scheme.


  • Can take some time before you get to withdraw your earnings.
  • You are the only reason the owners are earning revenue with BankingBux. If it wasn’t for you clicking left, right and centre! They wouldn’t be making much income at all.
  • Many of these PTC websites are bogus and rarely pay out your earnings on time. And there is not much that can be done about it either.
  • It has no social media presence online which just adds to the suspicious nature of these PTC style websites.
  • There are 100’s of these PTC websites created weekly and many do not take off.
  • There is no mention of business address, founders info. Which indicates they are anonymous for a reason.

BankingBux Legit

So there is my few sense worth on the BankingBux topic. I hope it has helped you out in some manner. Whether you pursue the PTC opportunity or not. I hope it all works out for you.

Hey, I almost forgot. If you want to find out about some other PTC websites. Then access my Paid-To-Click category page. From this very site. See if there’re any other PTC’s you’d prefer over BankingBux.

I am not a fan of PTC sites and do not recommend using them. Don’t go and purchase a higher level membership either. Stick with the standard level as you will have no investment to lose, only time.


Build a Legitimate Website in a Completely Different Direction. Do not Entice Visitors to Click Your Website Ads. As it Goes Against the Rules & Regulation for Ads Policy. Remember to Comply With the Ethical Online Standards. You’re Better to be Safe, Than Caught out Manipulating Ad Clicks!


BankingBux Login


Save the hassles and see how simple it is to create your very first website. You’ll Have it hosted for free at my place of recommendation. It’s High speed and secure hosting. Get it all from within the one place!




Do you have a question? Have you been rejected with your withdrawal at BankingBux? Let others know about your views on BankingBux. Can you shine some detail on this PTC website as it will help many people!

Can you break the bank while Banking Bux…

Quick Recap of BankingBux €0.00 (FREE) - €79.99
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

1 thought on “Is BankingBux a Scam or Legit”

  1. I think you need to re-read the PTC page on BankingBux. It doesn’t say that you can ONLY click 4 ads per day, it says YOU MUST CLICK AT LEAST 4 ADS PER DAY TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR YOUR REFERRALS.
    The site absolutely credits you for every ad you click as you can easily see on your Account page. I’ve not tried a withdrawal yet as I don’t have the referrals and have been hesitant to give them money first so I don’t know if the site is really a scam or not, but this article is just wrong about the way the site works.


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