Is Bingo Zone a Scam or Legit

Bingo Zone claims to be the world’s longest running Bingo service ever online. The website traffic is estimated to receive around 316 avid users per day.

Have you landed here today to see whether you can earn real income by participating in Bingo Zone bingo? Well, sorry to disappoint you opportune seeker. Bingo Zone has cancelled all possibilities for winning real time earnings!

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What is Bingo Zone About

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# How Does Bingo Zone Work
# Is Bingo Zone a Scam
# Pro’s VS Con’s

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How much is worth you ask? $1,619.00 (estimation). People that use Bingo Zone are generally here to get their daily fix of Bingo fever. Do you think bingo is a form of gambling?

If you were to invest in bingo gaming then it would technically be gambling right?


Bingo Zone Review

Bingo Zone Review
Brand: Bingo Zone (Gamesville)
*Parent Company: Lycos
*Website URL:
*Founder: Not mentioned
*Year Founded: 1996
*Domain Age: 8th/APR/1996
*Address/HQ: 177 Huntington Avenue, Ste 1703 #60001 Boston, Massachusetts 02115-3151
*Contact Details:

  • Knowledge base (FAQ’s)
  • Contact customer service @

*Training: 20.22% (N/A)
*Support: 32.08%
*Website: 48.25%
*Software Tools: 37.47%
*Success Stories: 43.93%
*Costs Involved: $0.00 (FREE)
*Up-sells: Nope
*Verdict: No longer offers cash prizes

About Bingo Zone

About Bingo ZoneNo purchase is required to participate in Bingo Zone! As you play through Bingo Zone games you’ll slowly get awarded Gamesville reward points (GV Rewards).

In doing so, GV points will upgrade you to a higher badge level. Each badge signifies your game loyalty, time spent playing these Gamesville games.

When active in the live chat room. Your badge is displayed next to your name during conversation. Earn additional GV rewards when special events are held.

Operating system (OS) requirements to play Bingo Zone:

  • Adobe Flash Player 10 or newer.
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
  • Internet connection.

Bingo Zone Play Online Free


How Does Bingo Zone Work

In order to win a Bingo Zone game. You will need to match the exact pattern as displayed on your number cards during each drawing. You have 3 numbered cards per round to try and win.

E.g. There’s a dummy card in the top left corner that displays an ‘X’ pattern on it. You will need to try to daub any matching numbers called out. As long as your numbers covers over that ‘X’ pattern on a single card/sheet, you’ll be that rounds winner.

Moderators will check your card to authenticate it when any claims of winnings are made. A ball is produced every 7 seconds, so remain focused during game play.

Not all bingo games will draw out a winner. The more contestants playing bingo will increase the likelihood of a match winner.

Bingo Zone is a bingo service that runs 24/7/265, so there’s no need for panicking any of you bingo fanatics reading this document.

How Does Bingo Zone Work

~Quick Note

Dickie’s Bonus Balls:

Prior to each game commenced. You can pick any 3 numbers (75 numbers in total) for the special chat side game. Known as Dickie Bonus Balls (DBB).

If Dickie calls your winning 3 numbers, make sure you type in ‘DBB’ or ‘dbb’ in the live chat window. Winners of Dickie’s Bonus Balls will earn an additional 500 GV reward points.

Is Bingo Zone a Scam

Is Bingo Zone a ScamThe debate on whether Bingo Zone is a scam or not is now null and void. Gamesville no longer pays out any real cash prizes for it’s bingo winners. Players now contest in Bingo Zone just for the fun and love of the game.

Remember, bingo wagering is a form of gambling, which could lead into further gambling activities. We do not condone any gambling activities or associated behaviour.

This article about Bingo Zone is for educational purposes only. Bingo Zone does not integrate any wagering features into Bingo Zone’s software. Participation in any gambling games will not be a reflection of this content!

Gambling help is available online! If you’re addicted to gambling (problem/compulsive gambler), feel vulnerable or even suicidal? Seek out gambling advice/help services immediately!


Final Word


  • Bingo is a free game to play.
  • Operates 24/7.
  • GV reward points will unlock new badges and cement your Gamesville status.


  • No more cash prize giveaways.
  • Requires Flash Player to run the bingo software.
  • Bingo is considered to be gambling addiction and could act as a gateway into financial loss with gambling elsewhere.

Bingo Zone Legit

To bingo, or not to bingo? That is the real question here! Bingo Zone has been alive and well for the longest time and still remains active to this very day.

If you were here today expecting to find a way to derive some passive income by using Bingo Zone’s software then simply scratch that idea! Financial gain is not possible anymore. For a legal way of making secondary income online…


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Bingo Zone Game Review


Read into this opportunity via the linked description underneath. See what sets this platform apart from all the other opportunities out there!


It’s a Numbers Based Game


If this article has solved any question regarding Bingo Zone. Be a good sport and show your appreciation by sharing this post to any social media icon located by the top. Was there anything missed out? Please type your questions out below to get these answered.

No longer can you do something strange for a little piece of change…

Quick Recap of Bingo Zone $0.00 (FREE)
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

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