Is Total Trivia a Scam or Legit
Total Trivia Scam or Legit

Are you ready to play trivia for cash and prizes online? How Total Trivia works basically, there are prizes shown in the dashboard area of your device with a timer counting down to zero with every tournament going on. Whoever can earn the most points via trivia questions, and before the timer runs out, wins […]

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Is Bananatic a Scam or Legit
Bananatic Scam or Legit

Bananatic is a cool website created for casual/competitive gamers. Trade bananas (in-game currency) for various prizes. It’s web design is fantastically constructed for this type of gaming site. Bananatic uses badges and experience points (XP) to represent your status within the Bananatic community. To avoid confusion. Bananatic’s user-interface will walk you through the process of […]

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Is Bingo Zone a Scam or Legit
Bingo Zone Scam or Legit

Bingo Zone claims to be the world’s longest running Bingo service ever online. The website traffic is estimated to receive around 316 avid users per day. Have you landed here today to see whether you can earn real income by participating in Bingo Zone bingo? Well, sorry to disappoint you opportune seeker. Bingo Zone has […]

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Is Paid Game Player a Scam or Legit
Paid Game Player Scam or Legit

Paid Game Player is a kinda crossbreed style of website. In that I mean It’s a funner way of mixing up free downloadable games, and completing online surveys at the same time. You earn points that are transferable into the cash prize draws. In order to play games inside this platform, you need to register […]

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Is Family Clix a Scam or Legit
Familyclix Scam or Legit

Let’s just cut to the chase pal. Family Clix is a Pay-to-Click (PTC) website that steadily compensates each account up to $0.02 every-time somebody clicks on those linked ads, in which will be found advertised within the site. You will be credited for a certain number of clicks (4 clicks to be precise) over the […]

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Is Golden Farm a Scam or Legit
Golden Farm Scam or Legit

Are you intrigued by the cute little birdies perched up in their nests? Six birds must lay some pretty rich omelette sized eggs. Are you trying to figure is Golden Farm Legit or just another online scam. The mechanics of this website are straight forward but can leave newcomers confused. Table of Contents Jump to… […]

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