Is GoldenClix a Scam or Legit

GoldenClix be thy name so don’t wear it out. Just another Pay To Click (PTC), advertise your business website. Nothing more, nothing less.

These types of sites are found in large quantity online. Just need to search for PTC companies and you can see for yourself. They all practically perform the exact same functions and are becoming a real eyesore.


How much is GoldenClix Goldmine worth? Around = $98,589


Getting paid for clicking business ads and cheating advertising agencies is just some of the cunning activities performed inside Golden Clix.

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# Goldenclix Review
# About Goldenclix
# Dashboard Features
# Advertising Costs
# Is Goldenclix a Scam
# Pro’s VS Con’s

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Just as the company logo implies, the website is coloured with a gold tinge and is riddled with advertisements banners all throughout, just like the rest of em’.

This account summary can determine whether Goldenclix is a useful strategy to earn cents on your clicks.


Receives on Average of – 14,272 visitors each day


Let’s look at the benefits of advertising through Golden Clix’s system. Do you think this is going to be a worthwhile experience and pay out on time?

Only you can decide with some trial and error.


Goldenclix Review

*Brand: GoldenClix
Goldenclix Review*Website URL:
*Founder: Designed by 33brushes
*Year Founded: 2012 (footer)
*Domain Age: 5th/JAN/2013
*Address/HQ: Kept hidden
*Contact Methods: Open a ticket | FAQ’s page | Forum
*Training: 21.03%
*Support: 35.85%
*Website: 31.37%
*Software Tools: 16.92%
*Success Stories: 33.33%

  • Wooden = $0.00 (Free) | lifetime
  • Silver Monthly = $22.50 | 30 days
  • Bronze Half Year = $25.00 | 180 days
  • Bronze Yearly = $45.00 | 1 year
  • Silver = $109.00 | 180 days
  • Enriched Uranium = $229.00 | 180 days
  • Goldy Half Year = $460.00 | 180 days
  • Golden = $800.00 | 1 year

*Up-sells: Constant redirects to join other platforms
*Verdict: Waste of vital energy that could be put to good use elsewhere


About Goldenclix

How does it work: Sign up, confirm registration and log into your new account. Click on numerous ads in your main menu area to display different businesses advertisements.

Then click on these advertisements and await for the loading process to complete. Confirm that you have completed the action by filling out the captcha code.

Shortly after this, your account will be credited with income and points. Once you complete enough clicks and reach the payout minimum threshold you can claim a withdrawal.

About Goldenclix

As a free member (wooden). You need to have 1000 points before a withdrawal can take place, also $2 is the maximum amount per withdrawal, you can make numerous withdrawals but remains capped at this amount.

If you are a paying member, no points are needed for withdrawals. But you need to have at least $5 in your account every time for a successful transaction.

Depending on your membership status. You earn different amounts per every click successfully conducted. Payments are processed within 10 business days. So waiting up to 2 weeks for a $2 payment is not ideal at all is it precious.

Goldenclix’s Dashboard

Goldenclix has a range of clickable features when logged into your account. Unfortunately when you click on any of them for the first time, a full screen advertisement will pop up which makes this opportunity seem scammy.


These are the navigational menu icons:


  • Account Summary.
  • Add Funds.
  • Upgrade Account.
  • Withdraw.
  • Banners.
  • Contest.

Goldenclix Scam

  • Personal Settings.
  • Forum Settings.
  • Advertiser Panel.


  • Direct Referrals.
  • Rented Referrals.
  • Rent Referrals.
  • Buy Referrals.


  • PTSU History.
  • Order History.
  • Deposit History.
  • Withdraw History.
  • Login History.


Goldenclix Advertising Costs

Is Goldenclix Legit

  1. Paid to click ads = $1.00 for 1000 credits.
  2. Login Ads = $1.00 per 1 day.
  3. Banner Ads = $1.00 for 250,000 credits.
  4. Fixed Advertisement = $1.00 for 10 seconds.
  5. Paid to Signup Offers = $2.00 for 10 credits.
  6. Featured Link Ads = $2.00 for 1 month.
  7. Clixgrid = $1.00 for 5000 credits.
  8. Featured Text Ads = $1.00 for 150,000 credits.
  9. Special Packages – To be announced.

Is Goldenclix a Scam

I’m under the assumption that all of these PTC websites are unethical. If you advertise your company through Goldenclix. The people that are going to be clicking your ads are members of Goldenclix.

These clicks will only last on your pages for a few seconds or so. Which could actually harm your site quality and rankings. Google’s algorithm is smarter than you may think.

*NOTE: As mentioned with a similar article in regard to Familyclix PTC site. Once you login to your account you are constantly hounded to join other platforms in order to use this crappy system.

Is Goldenclix a ScamEach actionable click opens a pop-up pretty much always before you can access a specific section of your account. For instance. I click on menu heading ‘upgrade account’ it redirects me over to another program/system to join.

This time around, I am continually forced to join up to the company Bitbux. I bet even if I sign up to Bitbux I will continually be forced over there! So damn annoying Goldenclix.

Considering this business model is all about advertising you better get use to this type of behaviour.


Final Word


  • Earn over 1¢ per ad click.
  • Simple sign up phase.
  • Can earn extra income for any referrals you bring here or purchase within.
  • One of the easiest methods for MMO.
  • Uses Payeer, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin.


  • Poor user retention when advertising your business on Goldenclix.
  • You’d earn better income completing surveys on sites like Opinion World.
  • Higher tiered membership levels are quite expensive.
  • This website isn’t Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) secured.

Goldenclix Payment Proof

I’m fed up with the amount of PTC websites launched every month. A lot of them end up failing. But some legitimate PTC’s manage to get some regular business happening.

Goldenclix Goldmine seems better than most PTC style websites, but I just don’t think it’s a smart way of going about your daily business online.

Golden Clix uses ad services mainly from Mellow Ads. Since you will only be compensated for a few clicks per day. These advertising companies are not aware of disingenuous clicks. That is why you can only have 1 person using Golden Clix with the same IP address.


Don’t Get Bogged Down With These PTC Websites. They Are All Too Similar to Each Another & Many Are Marked As Online Scams. Unfortunately People Are Susceptible to the Mere Idea Of Earning Revenue By Simply Clicking a Button. Don’t Fall For This! Instead, Get Educated By the Best in The Industry Over At…


Goldenclix Reviews


Read Why Getting an Education Before you Earn Online is the Smartest Route to Achieve Success Online.


How to Start Smart Online


Any questions left will be replied to. Do you agree with this review of Golden Clix? Get involved in the chat below. Remember that by sharing you will give this platform positive/negative exposure.

Goldenclix – Goldmine is more interested in mining your bank account…

Quick Recap of GoldenClix $0.00 (FREE) - $800.00
  • Training
  • Support
  • Website
  • Software Tools
  • Success Stories

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