Is FreeSkins (FreeCash) a Scam or Legit

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  • 69.1%
    Training - 69.06%
  • 75.8%
    Support - 75.8%
  • 81.4%
    Website - 81.42%
  • 55.7%
    Software Tech - 55.73%
  • 87%
    Success Stories - 86.98%

Brief Summary:

Free Skins has been operational for a short-time now and are already undergoing major branding changes. Free Cash be thy new name. What do you think about this sudden change. Do you like it? Anyways, Freeskins is just your above average Get Paid To scheme that has a good track record of paying it’s members.

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FreeSkins is a newly developed GPT (Get Paid To) site that has been managed by the same owners as Gain.GG since 2020.

You can see that they have put much emphasis on their user interface with clean design as well as easy navigation.

Comparable to the concept of any other GPT site, you earn your rewards by completing all the surveys and jobs available online. is a site that promises to earn free money and skins by completing surveys and activities.

It is a non-biased way to earn money.

At least that’s what they promise.

Now, whether or not they deliver on their promises, we still can’t say for sure without taking an in-depth look at the site.

So this Freeskins review will help you do exactly that.

It will examine if the site is really legitimate or if it is a scam that you should stay away from.



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Free Skins Review

*Parent Company: Almedia Online LLC
Free Skins Review*Brand: Free Skins
*Alternate Known Names: Free Cash
*Domain Name:
*Domain Age: 1st/JUN/2005
*Hosting Registrar:, LLC
*Launched: 2020
*Domain Authority: 20/100%
*Linking Root Domains: 271
*Ranking Keywords: 15
*Spam Score: 1%
*Website Asset Value: $48,575,000
*Address/Headquarters: 30 N Gould Street, Ste N, Sheridan Wyoming, 82801, United States
*Contact Methods:

  • Live Support Chat
  • email:

*Social Media Presence:

  • YouTube | Freeskins – 436+ subscribers

  • Facebook | @freeskinsme – 9,982+ likes, 9,999+ follows

  • Twitter | @freeskinscom – 12+ followers

*Resources Offered:

  • Get paid with PayPal, Bitcoin, Gift Card & skins.

  • Get Paid To (GPT) complete simple tasks i.e. surveys, offers and play games.

  • 24/7 live support.

*Community Size: 375,000+
*Payment/Payout Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
*Cost/Price Tag: $0.00 (Free) Sign in using Google or Steam
*Compensation Plan: Earn once completed activity
*Affiliate Program: More a referral program than anything
*Up-Sells: No
*Training: 69.06%
*Support: 75.80%
*Website: 81.42%
*Software Tech:55.73%
*Success Stories: 86.98%
*Verdict: Safe to use, but they are changing their main emphasis of earning skins to purely cash like incentives

What Is Free Skins About

It would seem that Freeskins are currently undergoing rebranding called Freecash.

Free Cash from Free Skins!

I think it cheapens the image and looks more scam like due to these changes. is a website where users are rewarded for completing simple activities and jobs online.

Did you know there is no restriction to the availability of offers you can complete and the strategies can earn credits as quickly as possible.

Collecting the credits obtained is easy, safe and fast.

There are several ways in which users can withdraw the credits obtained; CS Skins: GO, Fortnite V-Bucks, Amazon Giftcard, Crypto, and more.

About is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that recently launched in 2020 and has gained considerable traction.

You can earn coins, which can be switched for a wide variety of items.

Since its inception, the site has accumulated more than 367,000 users who have completed around 1.5 million offers and paid almost $300,000 to its users over the course of the year.

That’s a lot of money paid, which would definitely make one of the best money-making sites online.

Additionally, the site has a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, confirming that Freeskins is a highly desirable GPT site among its users but there is talk that a lot of these testimonials are paid for.

These activities can consist of taking surveys, watching videos, downloading applications, and more.

Coins can be earned by completing offers, and most offers do not require purchase.

Coins are the virtual currency, which are used to represent your balance on the site.

You can switch these coins for a variety of rewards that are displayed on their Withdrawals page.

Every 1000 coins have a value of $1.00 USD.

Click on one of the available offer panels to see a list of offers that you can complete.

Each offer will display a short description and the number of coins awarded for completing the task.

Make sure to complete everything that is mentioned in the description.

Most offers will award coins within five minutes unless otherwise specified; but, in rare cases, offer credits can be delayed for up to 48 hours.

How To Make Money With Free Skins

FreeSkins offers many ways to earn opportunities to win and be rewarded.

Let’s take a look at the different methods:

Earn Free Skins

1) Completion of the research work:

One of the most prominent methods to gain money at Freeskins is to participate and complete their paid surveys with different rewards.

They work as a survey router, and survey offers will come from other panels, namely YourSurveys, Revenuewall, as well as Theoremreach (to access this survey site, you need to get 3000 coins first) to prove your worth.


2) Offer bulletin boards:

If you really want to make money from this site, you must visit the offer wall section to complete your paid offer.

Typically, the deals will ask you to take a survey or quiz, play games, download a mobile app, sign up, and much more.

Remember to read the qualification criteria carefully before starting the offer.

One wrong step in the bidding could affect your rewards claim.

Like, FreeSkins also has its own bargain wall that gives you free coins, starting at 10 when you click the request button.


3) Leadership awards:

If you love Free skins, you can compete with other fans by earning as many coins as you possibly can.

It is calculated on a daily and monthly basis; for example, if you are on top of the competition, you can earn as much as 10,000 coins as a reward for daily ranking.

As for the monthly champion, they can win a whopping 100,000 coins ($100 USD).


4) Additional starting points:

Free skins reward members by giving them a 100 coin bonus when they sign up, but they must enter a promo code.


5) Paid surveys:

Another way to earn money at Freeskins is by taking their paid surveys.

And just like your paid offers, the paid surveys will come from other platforms.

Their paid surveys work a lot; in a way, they are very similar to offer walls.

The only difference is that instead of paid offers, you will have access to different surveys.

When responding to a survey, you must first create your profile.

This is to determine which surveys they will send you.

Once you are through answering all the questions on your profile, you will see the surveys available to you.

Each survey will tell you the estimated time it takes to complete and the reward you will get for completing it.

So assuming you are short on time, you can simply choose surveys that don’t take a long time to complete.


6) Reference scheme:

You can also receive additional rewards when people sign up for FreeSkins using your unique referral link.

As clearly stated on their website, you will earn 5% of what your referral earns.

Please note that it will not be deducted from your winnings; it is an added bonus given by Free skins.

Who Is Free Skins It For

Freeskins.comFreeSkins is open to all international members as long as they are over 13 years old.

Which makes sense, because how many adults will be here trying to earn skins for there games, really!

Majority of users over 1821 yrs would likely be working.

Those who are impatient, could afford to purchase new skins within the game itself instead of unlocking skins naturally through in-game achievements.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings

The withdrawal options are quite amazing.

There are so many options that I would be surprised if there were people who had trouble getting paid.

Free Skins Download

  • Bitcoin from $0.01 (10 coins) with 0% fees.
  • Ethereum from $0.01 (10 coins) with 0% fees.
  • PayPal from $5 (5000 coins).
  • CS: GO skins starting at $1.02 (1020 coins).
  • V-Bucks to spend in Fortnite game starting at 1000 V-Bucks / $10 (10,000 coins).
  • Steam gift cards starting at $6 (6000 coins).
  • Amazon Gift Cards (Germany, Canada, UK, US) Starting at $5 (5000 coins).
  • VISA prepaid cards.

Is Free Skins a Scam

The site is relatively new; hence you shouldn’t blindly trust it.

However, we can say that Freeskins is one of the legitimate CSGO skin sites.

Is Free Skins a ScamIn confirmation of this, we must say that the site has a very good rating of 4.8 out of five possible stars on TrustPilot, an impressive score.

Overall, Freeskins offers a slick website, a versatile service with multiple withdrawal options for everyone, they have a great support network, and best of all, Freeskins is legit and definitely not a scam.

Needless to say, the owners are always looking to improve the platform and make it better for users.

It also shows that the company is trying to maintain transparency with users, which is often one of the strongest turn signals of a site’s legitimacy.

If you still have questions, ask current users about their experience with the site. You can use live chat for this purpose.

Final Word


  • Constant in rewarding completed offers.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Free registration bonus.
  • Live Chat On-Site.
  • Daily free bonuses available.
  • It has a very user-friendly site.
  • Offer decent rewards.
  • Low payment threshold.
  • Offers payment through PayPal.
  • Offers good support.


  • Recently opened site.
  • Minimum payment starts at $1.
  • Limited membership options offered.


Probably you are undecided on whether or not to use Freeskins; I strongly believe that you should.

You get much value from your time at Free skins.

For one of the highest paying survey sites on the internet, you can enjoy an amazing community, excellent on-site support, payouts, and picks for the best deals on any GPT site, as well as other great benefits that can make the site a dream to use.


If YOU Are Using Free Skins Purely For Those Gaming Skins Rewards Then Great. If YOU Are Using Freeskins For The Sake Of Earning PayPal Credit Then YOU Are Doing Yourself No Favors In The Broad Scheme Of Things. Realistically, It’s Not That Strategic Participating In Free Skins For Income Gain. You’re Better Off Starting Your Own Internet Business. Newbies Encouraged To Get Started.


Free Skins Legit


It’s time to get serious about your online earnings. Let me demonstrate by showing you personal earnings to date as an internet earner. See what is possible and take a chance on your success.


This Sites Earnings Report


Before wrapping things up you could drop a response or share this on social media. Hopefully we’ve helped you decide if FreeSkins (FreeCash) will aid you on your online journey.

Since changing FreeSkins to Free Cash has tarnished it’s original branding and reputation…



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