Is NeoBux a Scam or Legit

NeoBux: $0 (FREE) - $890/year
  • 65.4%
    Training - 65.38%
  • 67.4%
    Support - 67.37%
  • 72.1%
    Website - 72.09%
  • 73.1%
    Software Tech - 73.11%
  • 79.6%
    Success Stories - 79.58%

Brief Summary:

If you are contemplating to get involved in PTC at Neobux, then be prepared as you need to promote your profile link to a world wide audience. To truly earn anything significant in PTC practice you need numerous affiliate referrals and even purchase rented referrals. Without them, you can expect to earn $1 per day.

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Neobux Review

*Parent Company: NeoDev, Lda
Neobux Review*Brand: NeoBux
*Domain Name:
*Domain Age: 10th/MAR/2008
*Hosting Registrar:, Inc
*Launch Year: 2008
*Domain Authority: 85/100
*Linking Root Domains: 55.2k+
*Ranking Keywords: 136+
*Spam Score: 15%
*Website Asset Value: $205,000,000
*Address/Headquarters: IP Dpt. R. Eng. Ferreira Dias, 924 E10 4100-246 Porto. Portugal
*Contact Methods:

  • email –
  • internal messaging – create support tickets

*Social Media Presence:

  • Facebook – @neobuxmakemoneyonline, 1,604+ likes, 1,586+ follows
  • Twitter – @NeoBux, 54.7k+ followers

*Resources Offered:

  • Forum

  • View advertisements

  • Complete marketing surveys

  • Complete offers

  • Advertise your business

  • Referral system

*Community Size: 2.5 million +
*Payment/Payout Currency: United States Dollar (USD)
*Cost/Price Tag:

  • Standard = $0 (free)
  • Golden = $90 / year
  • Emerald = $290 / year
  • Platinum = $290 / year
  • Sapphire = $490 / year
  • Diamond = $490 / year
  • Ultimate = $890 / year

*Minimum Payout: First payout $2, followed by $3, $4, $5, $6, $7, $8, $9 then it’s $10 as a minimum withdrawal amount
*Maximum Payout: $1000
*Affiliate/Referrals Program: Yes
*Up-Sells: No
*Training: 65.38%
*Support: 67.37%
*Website: 72.09%
*Software Tech: 73.11%
*Success Stories: 79.58%
*Verdict: One of the longest reigning PTC sites

What Is NeoBux About

Like other PTC sites, NeoBux is not a way to make money fast online.

Most people will say that earning cash online is easy and anyone can do it.

Neobux was opened in 2008, it is an innovative PTC (Paid to Click) site and this is not the PTC site you were familiar with.

Neobux is definitely the innovation in PTC that can really win.

What Is NeoBux AboutThe ability to rent referrals is particularly useful for those who are unwilling or unable to obtain direct referrals.

You get paid when you click on advertisers’ ads, usually $0.01 per click.

That doesn’t sound like much, but if you use a good strategy, particularly with the “Rental Referral” magic, you’ll be on autopilot collecting money 24/7.

There is no need to advertise elsewhere, search and chase referrals to sign up; you can simply rent them for your hard-earned money.

You don’t need to invest anything out-of-pocket if you don’t want to, and you don’t even need to spend time on advertising.

The best, of course is to get both types of referrals, direct and rented; the more referrals you have, the better and of course the higher your daily earnings!

The advantage of direct referrals is that you have them “forever” if they stay active, and the most interesting part is that you do not have to pay anything for them on a monthly basis.

Ways To Earn Money With Neobux

There are many ways to make money on Neobux and that is: Neobux is not the place where you can make a lot of money.

But, if you stay consistent, you can earn a pretty decent amount.

The way to make more revenue with NeoBux is to keep an eye on your referrals and try to get as many as possible.

When you sign up, you get a special link through which you can promote yourself online and you can target people.

The wider the network, the higher the profit.


1) Click on the ads:

Just log into your Neobux account and click “View Ads.”

Click on the orange box and then on the red dot within it.

A new tab will open.

You will have to wait until the “O” in the Neobux logo appears to complete the upload and you will be credited.

Repeat this process to keep on winning.

Ways To Earn Money With Neobux

2) AdPrize display:

After viewing each ad, you will receive 1 point and 3 AdPrize opportunities.

Viewing the prize announcements gives you the opportunity to instantly win a free Golden membership, points, or cash prizes (such as $0.01, $0.50, $1 up to $50).


3) Fulfillment of offers:

Bidding on the Neobux platform can earn you points and coins.

The dots indicate the Neobux currency that can be used to recycle/extend referrals, Golden membership, or increase the direct referral limit by one.

Coins are Neobux Coins that can be converted to cash.


4) Conducting surveys:

You can as well get paid by doing online surveys, just like any other paid survey site.


5) Execution of mini works:

There is also another option to earn by completing mini-jobs.

It refers to a series of simple instructions that you must follow in order to get paid.


6) Referral:

There are two types of referrals: Direct and Rental. Direct play an important role in increasing your income and they are real people who signed up through an affiliate link.

After signing up, they will become your direct reference for life.

You will earn commissions for your clicks, point/coin/mini job offer completion, advertising, and account update.

Note: You can only refer to others after you have been a Neobux user for at least fifteen days and have clicked on at least 100 ads.

It sounds great, but it’s actually far from the truth because it’s hard to get a referral without a website, and they may give up after a few days.

So, on this journey, we will explore the option of referral for rent.

Where do these rental references come from?

They are those members who have registered directly without a contact person and are available to rent.

For those who want to be successful on Neobux, renting referrals is the easiest way to earn a decent income, but you will have to invest some money to get them.

In our Neobux strategy, we will use this rental reference to see if we can really get something out of it.

Neobux Adprize

Whenever you see an ad on Neobux, you will end up earning pennies, points, and a variety of possibilities in the AdPrize system with limited time to take advantage of those opportunities and earn additional rewards.

NeoBux AdPrize

You can find AdPrize on the “View Ads” page, click the number shown on the blue button, view a new page of ads until the time is up, and then you can win a prize.

That is all.

The reward can be cash or points or free gold membership.

Method Of Withdrawal

You can withdraw your earnings on Neobux using the following electronic withdrawals:

  • AirTM
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

These are the current payment methods at Neobux.

Remember that the minimum amount paid is $2 on the first withdrawal.

This amount will increase by one dollar for each withdrawal up to a fixed minimum amount of ten dollars.

Thereafter, the minimum amount will always be $10.

Is Neobux a Scam

Is NeoBux a ScamIt is a legit pay-per-click site but with low-income potential and an inauspicious future.

When you request a payment, you will be paid immediately or within a few days.

However, the company has doubts for some users, and I think the reason comes from their rented referral system.

Most beginners start testing the system without understanding the potential risks, and after losing their investment, they call Neobux a big scammer.

It depends on the number of active referrals you have.

The more active referrals they click or take actions = the more commissions you will generate.

This base can be applied to all types of PTC; it is considered the main key to multiply your earnings from all PTC programs.

Final Word


  • Stable and Genuine: Neobux was launched in March 2008 and is a legitimate site that pays.
  • Quick installment: pay instantly in your electronic wallet.
  • Minimum Withdrawal – Starts at least $2 and pegs at $10 after multiple withdrawals.
  • Get jobs online with no obligation – you can sign up for Neobux for free and start earning today in NeoBux.


  • Low Profits – It’s hard to make a lot of money from these sites.
  • Referencing it’s TOS – You must provide daily updates to get the correct earnings.
  • Limits on referrals: There is a breaking point for the direct and rented referrals that you may have.
  • Uncompromising Future – There is no way to make money from these platforms in the long run.
  • Expensive upgrade: $90/year for the Golden membership could be expensive in the first place and the cost for the Ultimate membership is $890/year.
  • Account Suspension – Your account will be temporarily suspended after 30 days of inactivity and permanently suspended after 60 days.

NeoBux Legit

The ad clicking world for a few cents or credits per click is notorious for scams and short durations.

They show up from time to time; however, most of them (98% based on previous experience) never payout or missing in action after some period of time.

Neobux, however, is one of the most legitimate PTC companies out there.

You do not need any unique knowledge to work on this PTC site.

You just need a computer or laptop and an internet connection.

Then you are ready to learn, which is minimal effort and earning is a daily process.


Revenue Can Be Made With PTC Sites Like NeoBux With Relative Ease. But It Takes A Lot Of Referrals Clicks to Truly Make Significant Income. There Are Other Ways To Earn Revenue Online & We Recommend You Comparing Your Options.


NeoBux Download


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We figure that this post has given some indication to whether you want to sign up to Neobux or try something else. Do you have a question? Do you have an opinion regarding the NeoBux company. Leave them below in the comments and don’t forget to share.

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