Is Purkle a Scam or Legit

Is Purkle a Scam or Legit

One thing comes to mind when I read out the title of Purkle. It’s unique, memorable and a very brand-able name which to me, quite sounds like a infection. Damn son, I caught a case of Purkle on the weekend. In actual fact, sources say that Purkle can be referred to as the mixed colours … Read more

Is JuryTest Networks a Scam or Legit

Is JuryTest Networks a Scam or Legit

Does Jury Test, the online mock trial system get you paid for completing a case as a registered Juror? Yes! Do you get paid for putting forward a case as an attorney, claims analyst or litigation manager? No! Today you will gather all you need to know about Jury Test. After reading this post, you … Read more

Is Online Verdict a Scam or Legit

Online Verdict Scam or Legit

Here it is y’all, an unbiased review of Online Verdict which is one of those mock jury websites. For those of you who are a law buffs, There are two ways in which you can earn using this online service. (1) Participate as a qualified online Juror. (2) Complete questionnaires from a variety of registered … Read more

Is Project Payday a Scam or Legit

Is Project Payday Research a Scam or Legit

There’s a common misconception. The original Project Payday site was not actually working while writing this post. Project Payday had transferred over to the newer brand – Project Payday Research. Recently, I re-checked to see if Project Payday Research is still an active survey panel. What I found out is that both Project Payday and … Read more

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